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Everlane Sustainable Clothing Review | Good Basics for Your Wardrobe?

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Whether you’ve been researching sustainable clothing companies, looking into better basics for your wardrobe, or both, you’ve probably seen Everlane mentioned again and again. Started with an aim to make a positive change and provide exceptional quality coupled with radical transparency, Everlane has since become a go-to for women (and men) looking to invest in their wardrobe. Sounds great, but what are their clothes actually like? Find out in my Everlane sustainable clothing review!

Everlane launched in 2010 and has since been a huge success in the fashion industry for its modern basics. They aren’t big on trends and fast fashion and instead, make it their mission to design clothes that last, using high-quality materials such as organic cotton and Grade A cashmere.

Everlane is one of the top ethical brands as they thoroughly vet their factories before partnering and make sure the workers in these ethical factories have fair wages and a good working environment.

Their radical transparency comes into play as they are very honest about the working of their supply chain. From where they source their materials, to what factory things are made, how much transportation costs, and even how much they mark it up.

In a fashion world of ethically questionable practices, cheap clothes, fast fashion, and excessive consumerism, many people have appreciated the quality and sustainable practices of Everlane and the higher standard they hold themselves to.

Why I started shopping from Everlane

Though I care about fair trade, ethical fashion, and workers having a decent living wage, admittedly, I got into Everlane not necessarily because it was one of the top sustainable fashion brands, but because I was looking to invest in my wardrobe and I wanted high quality, but still accessible clothing items. As you may know, I’m very passionate about good wardrobe basics, as they are the foundation of any timeless wardrobe.

Frustrated with how long my cheaper clothes would last (or really, didn’t last), I started looking at sustainable clothing brands as I knew they created better quality clothes. Yes, Everlane marks up their clothes (it’s a business after all), but I find it to be a pretty fair price for the quality you are getting. They are still not cheap, however, so I like to shop clearance and wait for sales.

Now that I’ve purchased several pieces and worn Everlane for about a year, I thought it was time to do a review!

Everlane Sustainable Clothing Review

tee | trench coat | jeans (not Everlane) | boots


Hello, my name is Carolyn and I’m a basic tee addict. Ha, but really though…

I love basic tees and I’ve purchased several from Everlane. Overall, I think their tees are good but pretty basic. Yeah, sure, it’s a basic tee so you shouldn’t expect much, but they are on the thin to average side.

That being said, they have lasted longer than my tees from H&M, so I think for under $25 it’s a good buy and I’ll continue to purchase!

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trench coat

This trench coat is one of my favorite items in my wardrobe, so I’m sure you can guess this review will be favorable. It is double lined but not very thick, which is ideal for an in-between weather outerwear option like a trench coat. I will admit it seems a little overpriced, but the fit is spot on and it doesn’t look cheap.

It will be a well-loved item for any woman with a classic, Parisian aesthetic!

Since my clothing items are older, this trench coat seems to be their newest version.


loafers | boots

As I said, my clothes are about a year old, so, unfortunately, the boots are almost sold out (if they aren’t already). I took a chance ordering these somewhat pricey boots on final sale (so no return), but it paid off.

Such supple leather, so comfortable, and so well made they convinced me to order more shoes-so the loafers came next. Though the loafers run a little narrow and I wished I sized up, the quality is apparent and they’re still a well-loved item in my wardrobe.

So, to answer the question. Does Everlane have good basics for your wardrobe? Definitely yes! I think they are a quality option if you are looking for good wardrobe basics. However, even though they mark their clothes up less than other retailers, some may still find them to be a little pricey. Waiting for sales or shopping clearance is not a bad idea!

There are a few other sustainable brands that use eco-friendly materials, reduce their carbon footprint, and have a good environmental impact on the world such as:

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Everlane has more affordable prices, while Eileen Fisher is on the higher-end side. Everlane has similar styles to Madewell, and I find myself shopping between the two as they are a pretty similar brand.

Though some of these brands are more open about their production process than others, all of these would be a great option for those looking for the best sustainable clothing brands!

Whether you wear strictly sustainable materials or not, I think we all can appreciate the power of some good wardrobe staples. Shopping less, but purchasing higher-quality materials is usually the better choice for a long-term, classic wardrobe. If you want to see the top wardrobe essentials you should have, then keep reading!

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Everlane Clothing Review


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