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Budget-Friendly Fall Window Boxes

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Happy October! Can you believe it?

This morning I woke up somewhat frantic realizing it was October and we hadn’t made any fall family activity plans yet haha. I know we have time but you know what they say…if you don’t schedule it then it won’t happen! Last year we were in the middle of fixing up and selling our home and we still managed to fit in some fall fun here and there so I’m not that worried. Yet a year later here we are again still fixing up our house. It’s just a different one this time. Oh, will it ever end? 😉

My take on fall decor is pretty simple. I like to have touches here and there but I don’t like having to spend a lot of money on it or spend a lot of time cleaning it up. 😉 That’s just my personal opinion though but I sure do love looking at big and dramatic fall displays on other people’s homes!

This fall I decided to focus my efforts on our fall window boxes instead of our porch/stoop. I wanted to give you some inspiration on putting together your own fall window boxes as well as some tips on how to keep it budget-friendly!

Fall Window Boxes

Shop clearance plants

I found mums for only a couple of bucks each by shopping the clearance section at Walmart. Even though this isn’t technically clearance, make sure to check a budget-friendly grocery store (like Aldi if you have that) since they’ll have seasonal items at a great price.

Split up plants

Not all plants can be split up but some can and that saves you even more money when you can get 2 for 1!

Check your garden first

Do you have mums, sedum, succulents, or other plants similar to that already growing in your front garden or backyard? Try breaking up a few if you can. Then you can buy less at the stores!

Consider buying artificial

I opted to go the artificial route for my gourds, pumpkins, moss, and leaves because, in the long run, it will be cheaper since I can reuse them.

Stock up on inexpensive fillers

In my personal opinion, what makes window boxes look so good is the overflowing abundance. By the way, look out for my Charleston, SC post if you want great examples of that! Now, my fall window boxes aren’t exactly there, but I was able to fill in dead space with artificial stems from Walmart for only 97 cents each. Then I split those stems up even more with wire cutters. Stock up on fillers like this to fill in dead space. It’s a lot cheaper than buying tons of plants!

My total cost was around $50-$60 dollars which is pretty good considering I have 3 window boxes and one is pretty long at 11 feet. And most of the stuff I can reuse next year and in the next house as well. Because it has to have window boxes now that I’ve got a taste of how fun they are. Yay for budget-friendly wins though, am I right? More to spend on yummy fall snacks like apple cider donuts and caramel apples. 🙂

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fall window boxes


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