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10 Fashion Hacks for Plus Size Ladies Over 50

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Dressing well to look great applies to any age—even if you’re over 50 without a “society approved” waistline. There are many ways for a mature, plus-size lady to look chic and alluring, and show off that youthful joie de vivre. Why? Because confidence and attitude know no size or age. Here are 10 fashion hacks for plus-size ladies over 50 that would work amazing whether you are in your 50’s, 60’s, or even in your 70’s! 

Better yet, they are easy on the budget, too. Because who needs designer brands when it’s the style that matters?

Fashion for Plus Size Over 50

1. Dress fearlessly bold and colorful

Many people think getting older and looking frumpy go hand in hand, but it definitely doesn’t have to be the case. Dress to impress by wearing a bold and colorful item of clothing or accessory. Whether it’s a fire-engine red jacket, neon-pink handbag, a pair of purple sneakers, or a canary yellow polka-dot blouse, it’s your choice.

Even though I personally tend to not wear a lot of colors, I love seeing older women rock a bold and colorful piece. It instantly sets you apart! Wearing a bold color that pops will break the monotony of any type of outfit and will instantly turn your outfit into stylish and fashionable. Also, it screams fearless, and simply oozing with confidence! Never shy away from statement colors and see the difference it makes on you.

2. Great pants, ma’am!

Pick a pair of pants that fit perfectly. Tailor-made pants, with a precise cut and design, speaks volumes about the kind of lady you are. A very respectable, very put-together modern kind of woman.

I’d recommend you’d get tailored looking pants in a stretchy fabric in dark colors. It goes with almost any colored top and after all, you want to be comfortable! It would be great if you get pants in three cardinal colors of class and sophistication: black, charcoal gray, and navy blue. These dark tailored pants will look elegant or chic with a silk blouse, or a shirt and jacket. Even a tank top would look amazing on these pants.

Once you have the basics, get a pair in a bold color to add some personality to your look!

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3. Go wild with animal prints!

Animal print looks chic and stylish on a mature lady. It adds sass to your overall look! This sophisticated print will even look better if worn a little loosely. Stay away from super clingy/form-fitting pieces.

Just pick 1-2 areas you want your animal print to go, whether it be a top, pants, scarf, or a handbag. Don’t wear it from head to toe, because you’re not going for a wild-animal-escaped-from-the zoo look. 😉 Keep it minimal, subtle, and classy!

4. Monochrome for a slimming effect

A monochromatic outfit gives an appearance of a crisp, seamless look from head to foot, giving you a slimmer appearance. This chic, classic look will make you look elegant in a jiff.

Pick neutral colors like brown, gray, or white. If you pick gray, for example, make sure you wear various shades of this color. It also helps if they’re in different materials or fabrics. Try it and see the transformation!

5. Try a pencil skirt

In the entire kingdom of skirts, it’s the pencil cut that is the most flattering. Whether you’re a pear shape, an apple, or a square type, this curve-hugging skirt is a must-have in your wardrobe.

Pencil skirts are usually made of stretchy material. Although they look tight, they’re actually very comfortable to wear. With a length that falls just below your knees, with your hips and waist defined, it’s just alluring and never tacky. Even your teenage grandkids will envy your skirt. 😉

Pair with a tucked-in button-down blouse, or a tank top and jacket, and some pointy shoes. You will be turning heads for sure!

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6. Dark, dark jeans

Jeans are a staple clothing. Don’t shy away from jeans even if you think you’re too old for them or even if you think you may have a few pounds to lose! But do pick the right color. Go for the darker ones. Dark blue or black jeans would look amazing on you, and instead of adding a spotlight to your body, they can slim out your thighs.

7. Wrap Dress for a Feminine Touch

This is a must-have for any body type and size. If you’re on the heavier side, the wrap dress will do wonders for you. Its V-shaped neckline will make your top area slimmer, and the “wrap” style will accentuate your waist. The wrap dress also flows in an A-line pattern just below your knees, perfectly covering your thighs.

This dress comes in many colors, patterns, and fabrics. If you’re going for solid colors, go for black, maroon, brown, or navy blue. These shades will make you look slimmer. Simple yet sexy!

8. Shorts rule

Who says you cannot wear shorts? Nobody. This is why you should not avoid this basic item of clothing. Plus-size women over 50 can look ultra-chic and fresh with a pair of high-rise or medium-rise shorts, or loose-fitting boyfriend-style shorts.

Pair your shorts with a crisp jacket, a pretty sweater, and a gorgeous bag, and you’re all set. You may want to go for Bermuda shorts, sleek shorts, or chino shorts. These styles of shorts are always safe and stylish when they fit right.

9. Embrace dainty prints

Large prints may have intimidated you for a long time now. You’ve always feared that you might appear wider. Step out of your comfort zone because you will be amazed at how prints and patterns can actually make you appear slimmer!

A good thing to keep in mind, if you’re going for printed dresses or tops is: Pick the smallest prints, like tiny polka dots. Avoid giant prints, like large drawings of abstract art and big sunflowers. Generally, dainty prints will make you slimmer.

10. Subtle accessories for added oomph

When you reach the age of 50, accessories can be a major deal. Upgrade your look by picking subtle yet elegant jewelry pieces, like rose-gold, silver, or pearl. Make sure they are very thin or small pieces of jewelry. Medium-sized can work, too.

Once you’ve crossed over to the middle-life territory, consider leaving behind chunky jewelry—especially if you’re a very curvy woman. Generally, large statement necklaces can make you look even bigger.

Just keep in mind though that “dressing your age” is complete baloney. It’s a matter of picking clothes that flatter your body whatever size it is— whether it’s a mini-skirt (to show off those shapely gams), a cheetah-patterned coat (to look fashionable), or a pair of black stilettos (that screams sexy and confident)!

As an added tip, find the best haircut and hair color to improve your overall look. Your hair is your crowning glory and should look great all the time to complement your wardrobe. Short and layered hair is generally a good style for mature ladies.

But remember, have fun, experiment with styles, and don’t take dressing up too seriously. Life is too short to hide in safe and boring clothes. Dress up and flaunt your beauty, ladies!

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