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Need Help? Here’s How to Wear a White Button Down Shirt!

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This is the last part of the series where I style my cousin and answer her fashion questions, with the hope that I’m answering some of yours too! First, I showed her new ways to wear a chambray shirt, then we dove into easy tips to elevate your look, and now, here are 6 ways to wear a white button down shirt.

I’m a big fan of these shirts because not only do they work for more professional occasions (given), but they can easily elevate a basic outfit, and/or add a cool outfit juxtaposition such as when they’re being paired with a baseball cap! You’ll see that example below. Let’s get into it!

6 Ways to Wear a White Button Down Shirt

1. white button down shirt + cardigan + jeans + flats
Sweet and simple. This is a great outfit combination for all ages, as it would look classy on anyone! It looks even classier when you pair a white button down shirt with colors in coordinating shades, like cream, beige, light pink, and tan.


2. white button down + cropped sweater + jeans + loafers
A white button down can be preppy chic when worn under a cropped sweater. The cropped sweater makes the outfit look more stylish and less professional, so pay attention to silhouettes! Boxy isn’t always bad. Roll back your sweater so you can see the button down cuffs for some extra style.

3. white button down shirt + denim jacket + black jeans + sneakers + baseball hat
One way to have fashion flair and not just good fashion sense is to mix and match different styles. In this look, we’re mixing casual (denim jacket, sneakers, & baseball hat) with polished (black jeans & button down). The end result is cute, casual, yet stylish all at the same time! When shopping, look for a relaxed button down fit so you can stay comfortable all day.

4. white button down shirt + sweater vest + jeans + boots
Yes, sweater vests are in and a great piece to have for fall and winter. Consider getting one in houndstooth for that preppy, chic flair. You have so many layering possibilities!

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5. white button down shirt + midi dress + slides
These shirts are great for knotting/tying over a dress in the warmer months. It adds the right amount of layering without getting too hot and as we all know, layering adds interest and style!

necklace | dress

6. white button down shirt + black blazer + jeans + ankle boots
A blazer + button down combo is no surprise, but pairing it with a statement can be! Whether that be leopard print ankle boots or a red hot purse, don’t forget about adding something unexpected to your outfit.

I tried to cover a good amount of different outfit ideas in this post! You can wear your button down shirt under something, over something, or by itself. It can be classy, casual cool, or simple and sweet. The possibilities are endless and that’s what I love about these versatile pieces.

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