French Country Armoires

Enhance Your Home With These 9 Elegant French Country Armoires

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Much like a fireplace, French Country armoires are the perfect focal point in a bedroom. They are a work of art and exude an elegant old-world charm in interior design. If this is your first time hearing about a French country armoire, here is a little history lesson:

What are French Armoires?

An armoire (pronounced as aarm-waar) is a French antique wardrobe or cupboard that is movable. It has two large doors that feature cabinets, spacious drawers, and adjustable shelves for storing clothes and linen. The word is believed to be derived from the Latin word “armarium” which refers to a cabinet designed for storing weapons and armor.

The Evolution of Armoires

The first armoire dates back to medieval times when they were very tall and wide and sat directly on a floor since they did not have any feet. Armoires were also painted in simple styles inside and out. Some featured detailed designs like elaborate hinges and decorative sculpting.

By the renaissance period, the appearance of armoires had drastically changed. They were now lighter, taller, and had enough space to hang clothes – much like armoires that we use today.

In the 17th century, French royalty like Louis XIV hired cabinet maker Andre-Charles Boulle to build luxurious and elaborate armoires. The famous artisan was the first one to use tortoiseshell and brass marquetry to create armoires.

Other standard features of armoires were embellished panels, sinuous feet, and emblems depicting religious scenery. Boulle also used materials like oak, walnut, chestnut, rosewood, and sandalwood.

French Country craftsmen, on the other hand, created armoires that were simple in design and made from indigenous wood. Over time, the armoires changed. Feet were added and the designs changed with the fashions of the time.

What are Armoires Used for?

They were used by French aristocrats to store clothes and other personal belongings because, at the time, they did not have built-in cabinets or cupboards. Just like the royals, you can keep your precious clothing in this French bedroom furniture.

Over the centuries, the use of armoires has changed. Now that built-in storage units exist, armoires are used for different purposes like storage in a dining room or living room. You could also use French Country armoires to store your crockery! This statement piece will help you achieve a French Country kitchen look.

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Characteristics of the French Country Armoires

Distressed wood tones: Just like most French Country furniture, country armoires boast distressed wood tones like an aged white finish. This gives the cabinets some character and an authentic French rustic look.

A blend of function and form: French Country armoires are tall and provide extra storage in a room. But they are not just practical. French Country armoires are also beautiful and set a charming tone in a space.

Decor style: Country armoires boast different styles. This includes ornate details, heavily embellished carvings, and mirrored doors.

How to Pick the Right French Country Armoire

Adding French Country armoires is the perfect choice for your home! But the question is, which one would be the right wardrobe? Here are some things to consider:

What do you want to store?

Are you looking for the perfect place to keep your linen, blankets, or crockery? Any French Country armoire can work for any of your storage needs because they are so versatile.

What is your style?

There are a variety of French Country armoire designs to choose from. If you want one with a feminine look, opt for one with elaborate carvings. And if you want a cabinet that looks like it came straight from the Versailles palace, an 18th-century armoire style would be the perfect choice for you.

How much storage do you need?

If you want to keep a lot of your personal belongings, you might need a French Country armoire with many interior shelves as well as lots of upper cabinet space.

Now that you have a good understanding of French Country armoires, it’s time to pick one! To help you make your search easier, we scoured the internet to find the best designs.

French Country Armoires

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1. This first French Country armoire will be the star of the show in your living space. It has been masterfully crafted from cedar wood, which was beautifully painted and sprayed with a protective coat.

2. Complete your bedroom with this pine-washed French Country armoire. The bleached finishes provide the perfect amount of age and charm. This antique armoire is truly one of a kind.

3. This third design will impart so much elegance to your space. It is made from reclaimed pine and has a louvered cabinet door that features four adjustable shelves.

4. The Louis XV-styled armoire has a stunning appearance that is sure to elevate the look of your dining room or living room. It is constructed from solid oak and boasts beautiful carved detailing, brass hardware, and dovetailed drawers. Not only is it a striking cabinet, but it’s also practical! Thanks to the cubby holes, four drawers, and shelves.

5. How beautiful is this fifth French Country armoire? The does not hold back on style. It features crown top molding, bun feet, and raised paneling. The combination of engineered wood and khaki grey creates a timeless style.

6. The two-door armoire has beautifully carved detailing. It is embellished with grapes, flowers, foliage, and harps that make it irresistibly chic. The armoire is supported with sophisticated cabriole legs.

7. The grand presence of this French Country armoire will be the perfect finishing touch to your space. Two cabinet doors feature glass which helps bounce in a lot of light in a room. Inside the cabinet are curtains to conceal the content of the cabinet. This will make it great for storing personal items.

8. Need an armoire that doubles as a mirror for getting ready? This style of the armoire is not only a space saver, but the mirrors on it will bounce light and make the room look and feel bigger.

9. This two-door armoire boasts a country fresh cream/off-white hue. The classy cabinet also features two drawers at the bottom for extra storage space. This is a great place for storing board games and blankets for game night.

Whether you’re looking for a cabinet for your family room, sitting room, or bedroom, French Country armoires are the best choice to give your space a rustic and chic flair!

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