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18 French Country Kitchen Chairs That Will Instantly Give Your Space a Charming and Classic Look

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If you love French Country decor, then your home isn’t complete without French Country kitchen chairs! I know it sounds like an overstatement, but classic French-style chairs have a lifetime use. They not only provide a certain je ne sais quoi to your dining space but they’re a practical necessity too. No matter where you reside, French Country kitchen chairs can add that Provence aesthetic to your kitchen or dining space. There are endless options of French Country kitchen chairs to choose from, and it may sound like a daunting task, but to help you out, here you’ll find a thorough guide on key elements to look for when picking the best chairs as well as 18 French Country kitchen chairs to choose from!

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Key Elements of French Country Kitchen Chairs

Curved Features

When buying a new set of chairs for your dining area, it can be easy to get confused between French Country style chairs and farmhouse chairs. They both have a natural-grain look and of course, there can be overlap, but generally, they are different.

Farmhouse chairs have a laidback and overly rustic style. Modern farmhouse styles are also characterized by more straight lines and a clean look.

A set of French Country inspired dining chairs on the other hand have weathered finishes and a refined appearance. You will often find the chairs have curved lines, such as curved wooden frames and curved leg styles.

Provence Style

It’s helpful to know where exactly French Country chairs are inspired from. French Country style chairs pay homage to Provence. The essence of the French countryside can be defined by elegant and ornate designs. This elegance is characterized by traditional elements like distressed wood and a neutral color palette.

Natural Materials

The hallmark of French Country kitchen chairs is natural materials. This includes artfully crafted mahogany, pine, and birch wood. Another frequently used natural material is oak. These natural materials provide plenty of durability for the chairs. The chairs also often feature rattan material for the seat and backrest.

You’ll notice that the natural materials for the chairs have a weathered appearance and nothing is too polished or perfect. This gorgeous finish is designed to create an effortlessly authentic, lived-in feel.

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Classic Upholstery

For a classic touch, French Country kitchen chairs are upholstered with high-quality fabrics. These chairs tend to have plush seating made from natural linen. The overall effect is supposed to make your dining room table feel homey, welcoming, and elegant. The upholstery usually comes in a classic pattern like checks and stripes to add character and color to the dining space, but you’ll also frequently find a natural and neutral color too.

Warm Color Palette

A neutral and warm color palette is an integral part of French Country kitchen chairs. These muted colors exude a welcoming look and timeless taste in a dining space, such as brown, washed grey, creamy hues, and occasionally even a color like pale blue.

Notable Kitchen Chair Designs

Many French kitchen chairs include armchairs that can be placed at the head and foot of the table. The most notable armchair design is the iconic Louis XVI Armchair. This design features a natural wooden frame and soft seats made from upholstered fabric-usually in linen.

Parsons chairs are another popular chair design in French Country kitchens. They are fully upholstered dining chairs that feature a tall, straight backrest and an armless design. These chairs are usually upholstered with linen. You can utilize them for your kitchen island or dining tables. Another classic French Country kitchen chair design is Queen Anne style chairs. They have ornate designs, upholstered seats, and a ladder-style backrest.

A design element that is also common with French Country kitchen chairs is cross backs. These X backrests are simple yet graceful. Not only would they look great in the kitchen, but in the dining room too.

We also can’t forget the iconic rounded backrest too. These design elements are found in nearly all French Country kitchen chairs. The iconic round shape adds a classic touch to a chair but this design element also works for extravagant dinner parties.

A Blend of Rustic and Elegance

Mixing rustic and elegant elements is the most representative of the French Country style. Shabby chic finishes like weathered wood finishes are mixed with polished styles, including upholstery and ornate designs. The purpose is to make the chairs not look too showy but more relaxed with graceful touches.

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Artistic Leg Styles

A popular leg style you find with French Country kitchen chairs is cabriole legs. This popular style refers to knees curving outward and ankles curving inward. Another key leg style you will see is slender fluted legs. As the name applies, this style consists of rounded channels or grooves that are carved vertically into a straight leg. This style looks amazing on side chairs with ladder backrests and the iconic round backrest.

The next leg style is the saber leg. It refers to legs flaring out in a concave shape (something like a curved sword or a saber). The final most popular leg style, though not exclusive, for French Country kitchen chairs is trumpet legs. This design is quite thick compared to other leg styles. The design also features flares that are upward and outward on a narrow base to mirror the look of an upturned trumpet.

As you can see, a lot of details go into finding the right French Country kitchen chairs. But to get you started, we’ve curated some beautiful picks. A simple addition of these chairs will instantly give your space a charming and classic look. Choose one of these timeless designs to transform your dining space!

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