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How to Dress like a French Girl with These 13 Quintessential French Girl Outfits

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French girl outfits – the magical place where style meets effortlessness to create a special mix of sophistication and (apparent) nonchalance. The appeal of French fashion is undeniable; more than just a style category, it’s a cultural phenomenon that has intrigued and captivated the fashion world for decades, and for very good reason. The big secret? Let’s find out together! 

How to Dress Like a French Girl

French style is often characterized by its simplicity, timeless elegance, and the seemingly innate ability of French women to effortlessly throw together an outfit that exudes both comfort and class. It’s both a philosophy and an outfit formula that revolves around embracing individuality, investing in high-quality basic items, and mastering the art of looking polished without appearing overdone.

Fittingly enough, there’s a certain je ne sais quoi about French fashion that goes beyond labels and trends: it’s really about cultivating an intentional wardrobe that stands the test of time and shines the light on natural beauty.

With this iconic style in mind, we’ve compiled 13 quintessential French girl outfits, with pieces ranging from classic cashmere sweaters to blazers and trench coats. Each ensemble is a testament to the timeless charm and impeccable taste that defines French fashion, following the same principles mentioned above. Get ready to infuse a touch of Parisian chic into your wardrobe – after all, who wouldn’t want to channel that effortlessly stylish charm?

French Girl Outfits

1. sweater + flare pants + ballet flats + tote

french girl outfits

sweater | pants | shoes | tote

French style is all about the basics, which is why we’re starting off with this true fashion staple and focusing on neutral colors. Combining the effortless style of classic French looks with high-quality items, this outfit follows the true blueprint of this style. 

Start off with this organic cotton sweater that features a classic silhouette and a subtle cream color. Pair it with these righteously famous beige flair pants to maintain an overall chic and understated look. 

For shoes, these simple leather ballet flats tie the outfit together with their neutral tone and sleek design. Run all of your errands in unparalleled style with this French favorite tote as your final touch – refined, casual, and perfect for your belongings, all at once. 

2. sweater + mini skirt + stockings + knee high boot

french girl outfits

sweater | skirt | stockings | boots

Ever heard of a French capsule wardrobe? A heightened focus on quality investment pieces makes French wardrobes notorious for their capsule quality; among themselves, quality staples are often easy to mix and match to create endless classic looks, and this next one is a perfect example.

This cable knit funnel neck sweater kicks things off with its rich texture and high neck detailing. Underneath, pair it with a striped wool-blend miniskirt that can peak out from your sweater and create a continuous silhouette. 

Wear with a pair of classic black stockings and knee-high black boots for a simple yet undeniable French composition. 

3. tee + bootcut jeans + long trench coat + ballet flats + bucket bag

french girl outfits

tee | pants | coat | shoes | bag

Among our favorite French staples is the trench coat. This super versatile piece can completely change or make an entire outfit with its strong presence and large size – so why not make it the star of the show? 

Begin to build the foundation of your outfit by pairing some dark bootcut jeans with a box-cut tee. Remember, the trick to these simple basics is a perfect fit and, of course, unmatched comfort. 

Pair the base with some cap-toe ballet flats to add some visual interest to your outfit without straying from the understated and classic feel.

Over the top, throw on your long trench coat and wear it open for a full view of every element present in your look. Instead of choosing a slightly more traditional beige trench coat, going with a slightly different color (while still remaining neutral) is a great way to add some variety to your outfits without straying from the desired aesthetic. To finish everything off, add this ultra-chic black leather bucket bag for a true blend of the modern and the timeless. 

4. knit cardigan + cashmere t-shirt + jeans + ballet flats

french girl outfits

cardigan | t-shirt | jeans | shoes 

When it comes to the ideal French girl look, it’s all about elevating even the simplest of outfits with interesting and timeless pieces. Switch out your regular plain t-shirt for this cashmere version that features a relaxed fit and ultra-comfortable wear.

Not only will you be able to achieve that laidback elegant feel, but you’ll also add some subtle, interesting texture to create a complete look. 

Layer your tee with a button knit cardigan – its straight design and fine knit fabric continue to offer the same understated qualities as the shirt, while its v-neck detail contrasts beautifully against it. 

These super high-waisted jeans are all about the right fit. Their design, meant to accentuate your waist and hug your figure in all the right places, complements the look perfectly by continuing to reinforce a timeless silhouette and easygoing mood. 

For shoes, these ballerina flats are just what we needed. With a rounded toe design and a fastening strap, this choice ties our outfit together with cohesion, style, and that idyllic French charm. 

5. dress + stockings + turtleneck + pump

french girl outfits

dress | stockings | turtleneck | shoes

One thing is for sure – a great little black dress is a necessity no matter where we are around the world. 

For our French-inspired version, we’ve selected a dress that embodies many of the principles that define this style category. From a seemingly simple design to a flattering fit and chic accessories, we’ve got it all covered just for you.

This lined LBD features a low-cut v-neck, button detailing on the front, and both shaping seams and mock front pockets. While subtle, these details work not only to give you a great fit but also to make this blazer dress a closet staple. 

Pair your gorgeous Parisian dress with a classic black turtleneck for warmth and additional style points without compromising on the fit. 

To round it all out, complete the look with a pair of black stockings and slingback pumps for a classic touch. 

6. faux leather jacket + cashmere sweater + jeans + boots

french girl outfits

jacket | sweater | pants | shoes | bag

We bet this cool French girl outfit is just about to win a place in your closet for good. Super versatile, adaptable, and, of course, composed only of the best staples, this casual look takes another “basic” pairing to the next level. 

To begin, throw on a simple black cashmere crewneck for a comfortable and fool-proof first layer. 

Pair your sweater with these slightly cropped blue jeans. Perfect for showing off your shoes, these pants feature a slight flare leg that brings an interesting shape to your look while still being subtle and flattering. 

Throw on this faux leather jacket over the top for a complete look. This luxurious piece brings in two timeless textures within a neutral color palette, working to reinforce the premium quality of the entire look with its materials and ideal fit.  

These gorgeous leather booties also get their moment in this outfit, matching the tone of the jacket and bringing its own special flair with a square toe and an elegant, skinnier “block” heel. 

7. white shirt + flare pants + Mary Janes + shoulder bag

french girl outfits

shirt | pants | shoes | bag

Whether you’re going for a casual lunch with your girlfriends or attending an end-of-year dinner party, this look is one you can rely on. 

Composed of – yet again – high-quality pieces, simple designs, and intentional details, this outfit continues to show just how simple the principles of French style really are, and how they hold up no matter what type of event you are dressing for! 

Here, begin your outfit with these black flare pants that feature a simple fit that tapers out slightly at the bottom. Designed to flatter and lengthen your legs, this cropped piece also allows you to create balance with the other elements in your outfits by making room for details to shine. 

On top, this white shirt leans on the romantic, balancing the simple silhouette of the pants. Along with its timeless design, ruffle detailing makes this shirt a perfect choice for a French-inspired outfit.

While often following the same understated feel of the Parisian style, these subtle feminine details such as ruffles or lace certainly have a very special place in the realm of French fashion. When used subtly and with intention, these pieces are able to truly shine and claim their place within this coveted aesthetic. 

For shoes, these Mary Jane heels pair beautifully with the delicate features of the shirt. Finish off the outfit with this stunning short-handle shoulder bag for a touch of gold and cohesion. 

8. blazer + tee + jeans + leather flats + leather hobo bag

french girl outfits

blazer | top | pants | shoes | bag 

Much like trench coats, blazers are yet another must-have item when it comes to French girl style. Extremely versatile items, these classic pieces can complement an outfit in hundreds of different ways depending on their size, color, shape, and material.

For the first piece, start the base of your look with this micro-rib crewneck tee. This fitted top brings some subtle texture to your look while also making for a very flattering fit. 

On the bottom, these medium-wash jeans balance the black in some of our upcoming pieces, while also bringing a new shade to the outfit. High-rise, these straight-leg jeans are specifically designed to “lift and tighten”, ensuring a fit you’ll fall in love with. 

Throw on your oversized blazer at the top, using that boyfriend fit to bring all of your pieces together. Rather than relying on bright colors as an accent, using other neutral shades to diversify the color palette is a great way to escape the beiges and blacks without straying from the Parisian look.

Stay on brand with your accessories! This large navy bag is just what you need to keep your outfit interesting yet perfectly classic, while these oh-so-French Mary Jane flats champion some of that European charm without detracting from our main pieces.

9. cashmere sweater + flare pants + loafers + sunglasses + bucket bag

french girl outfits

sweater | pants | shoes | sunglasses | bag

When it comes to patterns, stripes are known to be particularly beloved by the French. More specifically, the Breton stripes – navy stripes on a white background – are what got this pattern its fame in the country, dating back to sailors in the 19th century. Today, the love for this blend of casual and chic has translated to different colors and varieties. 

This striped cashmere sweater brings its own rendition of the French stripes, along with a chic mock neck detail that brings even more sophistication to the piece. 

Pair your cozy sweater with these fitted flare pants. Made from double-knit fabric, this piece is designed to hug and flatter, featuring a clean waistband and tapering at the bottom. Perfectly balanced, these black pants are also slightly cropped at the bottom. 

For shoes, some classic loafers bring in just the right amount of elegance while also working seamlessly with the other more modern items in the composition. 

Add the final touches with a pair of cat eye sunglasses and a gorgeous black bucket bag for sophistication throughout. 

10. v-neck sweater + satin skirt + square toe mule + shopper bag

french girl outfits

sweater | skirt | shoes | bag

If there is a perfect way to wear satin skirts, the French have it figured out. In keeping with the simple silhouettes we have been seeing, this outfit also works with pieces that contrast in fabric and proportions.

This midi satin skirt gets us started by establishing a flowy base. Pair it with a v-neck gray sweater for some subtle contrast and a layered feel. Tuck the bottom of your sweater slightly into your skirt, adjusting until you reach that effortless and casual fit. 

In this outfit, the shoe works alongside the main pieces to contribute an undeniably French feel – these square-toe mules blend a lot of the characteristics from some of the most popular shoes in France, resulting in an elevated chic touch to the outfit. 

For an even more complete and chic result, this leather bag makes for the final element for true balance, bringing together the colors of the look and the gold hardware elements included. 

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11. flare-sleeve top + flare pant + ballet flat + necklace

french girl outfits

top | pants | shoes | necklace

From brunch to work and even dinner, this outfit can be worn for a number of occasions for its simplicity and understated sophistication. 

Start off with these organic flare pants that offer a mostly straight feel with slight tapering on the bottom. Not only does this silhouette make for a versatile piece, but it also brings forward a perfect blend of casual and chic for the everyday. 

On the top, this pleated flare-sleeve top brings new texture and a delicate touch to this simple combination, while also matching the subtle flare element of the pants on the sleeve. 

Continue to work with the cream and black contrast by donning some ultra-classic black ballerina flats as your shoe of choice. Effortless and undeniably chic, this perfect-for-anything choice will have you thanking your future self a hundred times over!

It’s all about the little things. Accessorize with a gold necklace for a delicate touch that can balance out the colors of the look and contribute a dash of visual interest to your ensemble. Just like it is for many of us, simple gold jewelry is another known staple to the French woman’s wardrobe! 

12. wool coat + cashmere sweater + jeans + booties

french girl outfits

coat | sweater | pants | shoes

As classy as it gets. We all know how much we depend on long wool coats to stay stylish when the weather gets rough, and it turns out that the French feel the same. 

This beautiful wool coat is the perfect piece for this look, falling on top of the outfit with elegance and weight. Both the texture and the quality of this piece elevate this otherwise simple ensemble into an ultra-elegant combination. 

First, begin with this cashmere sweater; its timeless texture and material bring immediate comfort and elegance to the look, while straight black jeans balance it out with a slightly more modern, yet also classic, feel. 

For shoes, these black booties are the ideal choice for their pointed-toe detail. Not only do they elongate the silhouette, but they also add a special touch by peaking elegantly out of your jeans.  

13. jacket + long-sleeve shirt + long satin skirt + flats

french girl outfits

jacket | shirt | skirt | shoes

Merging two very different staples of the classic French wardrobe, this outfit balances both structured and delicate pieces to create a blend of timeless flair. 

Start off with this long satin skirt, bringing some color and texture to your ensemble. Both the material and the length of this skirt, along with its simple silhouette, make this piece easy to complement with other timeless components. 

On top, pair it with a long-sleeve shirt. This simple and very understated touch allows the shirt to match the delicate nature of the skirt and bring the two base pieces of the outfit together. 

Then, throw on this single-breasted blazer, incorporating your structured element to balance out the outfit and bring that touch of French elegance. These beautifully shaped Mary Jane flats reign it all in, showing just enough to bring one final sweep of chic to your look. Voilà! You’re ready to stroll down the streets of Paris and fit right in. 

Ready to Bring Out Your Inner French Girl?

As we come to the end of our look into French girl outfits, it’s worth taking some time to reflect on the lasting charm and timeless principles that define this captivating style. Beyond the curated ensembles and carefully chosen pieces, French fashion teaches us a valuable lesson in the art of intentional living – a philosophy that extends far beyond our wardrobes.

It encourages us to embrace our unique identity, invest in quality over quantity, and master the delicate balance between effortlessness and elegance. After all, while fleeting trends can certainly be fun to experiment with, true classic style resides in the enduring appeal of long-lasting pieces that will stay with us for years to come.

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So, whether you’re strolling along the Seine or navigating the streets of your own city, remember that French style is more than just clothing, it’s a mindset and a way of approaching life with grace and authenticity.

As we immerse ourselves in the world of French fashion, let’s not only adopt the iconic outfits but also the underlying principles that turn each ensemble into an effortlessly chic look. In the spirit of the Parisian aesthetic, here’s to cultivating your very own French girl wardrobe and a life that exudes sophistication!

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