front yard ideas on a budget

8 Front Yard Ideas To Revamp Your Space On a Budget

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A great way of transforming your home into a sanctuary is by starting with a beautiful front yard. It is the space that not only welcomes guests but welcomes you when coming home after a long day, so you would want it to be just as inviting and relaxing as your backyard! Though landscaping can get expensive, creating a breathtaking front yard doesn’t have to cost you too much. Even on a tight budget, there are inexpensive ways to give your outdoor space the attention it deserves. Check out these ideas to get started!

1. Paint Your Front Door

front door

The front door is the focal point of your front yard. It is one of the first things people notice when they approach your house, so it is a great idea to make it look as welcoming as possible! If your current door is a little outdated, consider revamping it.

An easy way of doing this without breaking the bank is by painting your front door. Though bright colors certainly make a statement, you can use neutrals like brown, black, and even sage green if you are not a fan of bright colors. These hues are timeless colors that will enhance your home’s curb appeal.

On the other hand, if cheery hues are your thing, go ahead! The best way to make this work is by keeping features like window trims and the exterior walls neutral to make your door pop. Front yard benches and outdoor planters in a coordinating color are also a good way to complement your front door.

Another good idea would be to match your flower beds with the color of your front door. This is an easy trick to use to make your front yard have an instant cohesive look!

2. Add Flower Pots to Your Front Door

flower pots by front door
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You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your front yard a welcoming place and a few outdoor planters are an easy and affordable way of sprucing up the looks of your front house!

Whether you have a small front yard or a huge front yard, plants or flowers in pretty pots are the best options for creating a fresh look on your front lawn on a budget.

Depending on your home style, you can either go for stately manicured boxwood or overflowing flowers. For the right overflowing look, it’s good to remember the formula of something tall, something full, and something low.

If you have little time and patience to create DIY front yard planters, you can head over to your local nursery or even a home store like Home Depot or Lowes to purchase planters that are already designed for you.

Sometimes this route is better as these plants are usually more mature and you don’t have to spend months waiting for yours to grow and look full!

3. Install a Water Feature

water feature front yard
source Interior Design

Water features in the front yard don’t have to be gigantic Vegas-style fountains or resort-style wall fountains. And though a water feature sounds expensive, it doesn’t have to be!

You can create the best front yard with a budget-friendly water fountain that doesn’t cost you thousands in expensive installation. The best thing about these water features is that they add a touch of serenity to your front yard.

Not sure where to add this feature in your front yard? Your water fountain can be placed in a rock garden to give your front yard design a natural look.

4. Revive your old furniture

painted front porch chairs
Source Southern Living

Updating what you have is one of the best front yard ideas on a budget! If you have existing porch benches or wicker chairs that look old and tired, you don’t need to go out and spend a lot of money on new furniture.

You can easily transform your existing furniture with a little DIY. Give your benches a new coat of paint, repair a couple of old legs, and add fresh pillows. These low-cost ideas will make your seating area on your front porch or stoop look brand new!

5. Build Window Boxes

french country cottage

Though building and installing window boxes require a bit of work upfront, the results will last and you’ll reap the rewards for years to come.

This DIY project acts as an accessory for your front yard and allows you the opportunity to switch out the design for all the different seasons. Windows boxes always give your exterior a little more character and the flowers you fill them with can liven up your home!

If you’re not up to the task, you can always buy ready-made window flower boxes. Just make sure they fit your window perfectly for a custom look!

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6. Add Solar Lights

lights front yard

Outdoor lighting will illuminate your exterior and a great way of doing this is with solar lights. The best part about solar lights is that you don’t have to worry about racking up your electricity bills, making this a great budget-friendly idea.

Since solar lights do not require plugging in, you can place them anywhere on your front porch or yard. Hanging twinkle lights can add a touch of whimsy to your front yard while a beaded chandelier instantly classes up your outdoor space.

7. Plant Perennials

perennial garden
Source My Cottage Garden

Give the front of your house visual interest by adding new plants to your flower garden. Buying flowers can get expensive, but the perfect ones to plant are perennials! They last for more than two years, so you don’t have to worry about them wilting after just a few months. A variety of perennials will give your garden long-lasting beauty.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can only plant perennials exclusively. A few annuals each year can give your front yard color and growth right away, though you shouldn’t base your whole garden around annuals unless you want to keep redoing it each season!

8. Try Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

front yard garden edging
Source Digs Digs

Don’t have the budget for a professional landscaper? That’s fine! There are cheap landscaping ideas that will improve the curb appeal of your house. For example, neatening up the sides of your lawn is one of the most simple landscaping ideas. All you need is a yard edger to clean up the look of footpaths.

Additionally, laying out a flower bed border is also a simple yet impactful way of elevating the look of your front yard. Don’t underestimate the power of fresh mulch or rock and keeping the weeds at bay either to revamp your space.

Achieving a beautiful landscape may look expensive, but the reality is that you can use these 8 front yard ideas on a budget to create an inviting entrance for you and your guests!

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front yard ideas on a budget


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