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4 Fun Kid-Friendly Things to Do in Minneapolis

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Traveling with a kid does not mean that you’re stuck eating at Chucky Cheese the whole time (is this place even still open?) or on the flipside, ending up frustrated trying to do your “normal” activities pre-kid when (let me just keep it real with you) that’s probably not going to work!

Instead, try to do activities that both kids and parents can enjoy! Enter 4 fun and kid-friendly things to do in Minneapolis!

4 Fun and Kid-Friendly Things to Do in Minneapolis

1. Como Park Zoo & Conservatory
1225 Estabrook Dr, St Paul, MN 55103
Hours: 10-6pm Fee: Free, Donations accepted
This place is my #1 recommendation! You can start with the pretty gardens outside to casually stroll through. I can’t speak for all kids, but at least I know my kid likes to sit in his stroller and look around while us parents do all the work pushing him around! 😉

como park conservatory Minneapolis Minnesota

Then when you head inside, you get to walk through many beautiful greenhouses along with seeing some snakes and fish. Both toddler and adults found it fun!

un and kid-friendly things to do in Minneapolis
como park conservatory Minneapolis Minnesota

Then once you’ve seen all that the inside has to offer, you can head outside the back to the zoo! I love that they’re connected because you get to see a lot without packing and unpacking the car…now that’s a parent’s dream!

I didn’t take as many photos here, as we were busy walking around, but Will kept trying to reach out to the giraffes and it was so cute!

The zoo is full of exotic animals and definitely gives off a carnival feel. I can only imagine that older kids would love it even more!

2. Midtown Global Market
920 E Lake St Office-G10, Minneapolis, MN 55407
Midtown Global Market is an internationally themed indoor public market selling food, crafts, services, and clothes!

It’s fun and interesting for parents, but it makes a great place to eat with kids for many reasons.

1. You have a wide variety of options…perfect for those picky eaters!
2. It’s loud, so if your kid is screaming not everyone is looking at you. Just ask me how I know that…haha.
3. You pick what you want to eat and sit down cafeteria style. This means you have no one waiting on you just in case your kid is throwing a tantrum and you need to make a mad dash! Ask me how I know that one too haha.
4. There’s a kid center for your kiddo to play if he or she is just feeling too restless and doesn’t want you to finish your meal 😉

3. Stone Arch Bridge
100 Portland Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55401
The stone arch bridge used to be a railroad and it’s a classic thing to do in Minneapolis! There’s a park right next to it and usually, a lot of festivals happen in this downtown area. It’s the place to be! But since it’s outside, it’s kid-friendly too!

4. Walk around downtown
I know this activity seems vague, haha, but you’re already in the downtown area if you saw the stone arch bridge and if you keep exploring then you can find some other cool and new spots!

downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota
downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is huge and I know there are tons more you could do. This is just the starting point to get those gears grinding on ideas to do so you can have a successful and fun family vacation for both the kiddos and parents!

downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota
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