gender neutral Christmas gift ideas

Gender Neutral Christmas Gift Ideas for Adults That Anyone on Your Christmas List Will Love

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The holiday season is just around the corner and that means one thing: Christmas presents! It’s time to find the best gifts for your family members or friends. But instead of tirelessly going through gift guides for both men and women, cut your search short and opt for gender-neutral Christmas gift ideas for adults. If you need a little help, below you will find gifts that anyone on your Christmas list will love.

1. Apple AirPods

If your family members are Apple users, this is the perfect present for them. Whether they have lost their old Airpods or have not bought a pair for themselves, they will appreciate this gift. Your loved ones will have a good time listening to their favorite tunes with the adaptive EQ feature, which will automatically tune music to their ears.

What’s to love:These AirPods are amazing! I have never owned a pair until now! The sound is amazing — they let you know when you get a text or an alert on your phone. I was just on a flight back from California, and thank god I had these! There was a family with two noisy kids sitting behind me, and the air pods did the trick! I arrived home with no headache! I highly recommend these!

2. Diamond Weave Turkish Cotton Towel

Turkish cotton towels are one of the best unisex gifts. I mean, who wouldn’t want super soft towels for the beach or just everyday life? They’re absorbent, thick, and stylish. The towel comes in various colors like coral, mint, and salmon, but the best gender-neutral colors would be grey, white, or black.

What’s to love: “I love these! They’re super nice. I bought one set and came back for a second set of different colors. We are using them as bath towels. The softness is good, and I’ve read it will get softer with more washings. They’re so absorbent and so lightweight. They take up minimal space, so they’re so easy to take places.”

3. Double Flip Belgian Waffle Maker

I think we can all agree that a waffle maker is a fun appliance to have that not everyone will buy themselves. Even better, it is a great unisex gift. Everyone loves warm, crispy waffles, right? This stainless steel waffle maker can make 2 Belgian-style waffles. It has an easy-to-handle rotary feature for even baking on the top and bottom. Another feature your gift receiver will love is the audible alert. When the waffles are done, your gift recipient will immediately be alerted.

What’s to love: “I love, love, love this waffle iron. Now, my fiancée and I can have Belgium waffles cooked within minutes. I love the alarm that tells you when the iron is hot enough and when the waffle is ready. My fiancée cooked one for a visitor of ours, and the visitor love the iron. Next week my fiancee is going to visit that person and is taking the waffle iron with her.”

4. Vitamin E Lip Conditioner

Lip balms are the perfect gift for everyone. Yes, even men need high-quality lip balm. No one should be walking around with dry lips! So what better lip balm to get than the Jo Malone vitamin E lip conditioner? Vitamin E helps to protect the lips from the damaging effects of the environment. Honey is another key ingredient in this luxurious lip balm; It is infused to bring a hint of flavor to the curative treatment.

What’s to love: “I say like manna from heaven because this lip balm seems to last and last and last!…Can’t recommend this highly enough!!!”

5. Portable Insulator Sleeve Wine Chiller

wine chiller

The last thing anyone would want is to sip on warm wine. So help your best friend or relative keep their bottle of wine nice and cold with this wine chiller. It has a vacuum-insulated design that ensures that your wine remains cold. The sleek and modern design is also perfect for displaying in the kitchen.

What’s to love: “Would make a beautiful gift for a wine lover & I suspect our friends will be wanting one once they see us serving in ours. Really keeps white wine & champagne nice & cold. Every bottle we’ve tried so far has fit just fine as the top adjusts to the height of the bottle. Very, very pleased!”

6. Holiday Luxury Chocolate Gift Box

You can’t go wrong with a chocolate gift box; It’s a great gift idea for anyone. The box is filled with 44 chocolates wrapped in foil wrappers in a variety of colors. Your gift recipient will discover iconic GODIVA chocolates like Cherry Cordial, Milk Lion of Belgium, White Chocolate Raspberry Star, and other holiday chocolate truffles.

What’s to love: “Everyone in my family enjoyed the chocolates! Liked that I could use the box once empty of chocolates to store some small Holiday decorations to pack away for next year.

7. Black Treat Pouch Fanny Pack

The perfect way to spoil an animal lover this Christmas is with this minimalist dog treat pouch. It is a practical gift that your gift recipient will appreciate. They no longer have to carry pet treats in a plastic bag because this bag has convenient storage. It can be carried in two ways: as a fanny pack or a crossbody bag.

What’s to love: “I was very hesitant about spending the money on a treat pouch, but this is better than I imagined! So comfortable, stylish, & easy to use! The clasp gives it a tight close but very easy to slip one hand in to grab a treat, and the pockets are perfect for phones, keys, & cards. Worth every penny!”

8. Nike Air Force Sneakers

A timeless gift like a classic pair of these unisex Nike sneakers will never go out of fashion. Gift whoever is on your list these cool sneakers to elevate their sneaker collection!

What’s to love: “Crazy comfortable. Really. Genuinely the best pair of shoes ever! Stylish and very durable. Keep them clean if you worry about that kind of stuff, or not, they’re still great either way. Totes get them if you can.”

9. Bamboo Cheese Board

If your friend or family member loves entertaining, then they will love serving up treats in this dual cheese board and charcuterie tray. With an extra round fruit tray and a slot for cheese utensils, this board has everything you need for your next get-together!

What’s to love: “This is the cutting board I’ve been waiting for! It is solid and comes with many pluses, knife, forks and a spreader. In addition it comes with reusable name tags and markers. It’s solid wood and cleans well. My brother saw it and I’m ordering one for him.”

10. Glass Jug Water Bottle

Whether they love hiking or doing pilates, gift your favorite health-conscious and active person with this water bottle. Unlike other water bottles, this one has an ultra-wide mouth that makes it very easy to add ice and clean. Your loved one can sip without tipping the bottle when the straw is attached. Plus, a glass bottle is better for the environment than a plastic one.

What’s to love: “I love how large this jug is without being too heavy or hard to hold. The versatility of having a straw vs chug/sip function is super helpful! On easy days I like the straw, it was surprisingly easy to use without having to lift the entire jug. On days that I’m sweating more or needing to chug after a good hike, I like to remove the straw so the flow is faster.

11. Fine Glass Chess Set Game

Board games that will double as home decor is always a good idea. A great place to put this fun gift would be on the coffee table. Beyond using it as home decor, this game can be played at a Christmas party to make the night even more entertaining.

What’s to love: “Got it for my boyfriends birthday and he loved it was so excited to play…!”

12. Vintage Nike Cincinnati Crewneck Sweatshirt

You might have bought ugly Christmas sweaters for your family last year, but try something different and chicer. A great idea would be this unisex crewneck from Urban Outfitters as it’s a versatile and classic piece. They can wear it to the grocery store or the gym.

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These gender-neutral Christmas gift ideas for adults are your solution to quick gift shopping. You don’t need to go through too many gift guides for men and women to find the perfect gift!

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Gender neutral Christmas gift ideas for adults
Gender neutral Christmas gift ideas for adults
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