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35 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples Who Have Everything

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Shopping for the couple who have everything is difficult. You want to give them a good gift, but you know that they already have everything they need (and then some). And if they do need something, then you know that they’d just buy it themselves. Practical gifts, such as slippers or bakeware are useful, but probably not best for your family members or friends that already have everything. This year, the perfect present is a unique gift that’s also meaningful. Now is the time for thoughtful gifts that foster quality time. Sound like a tall order this holiday season? To inspire your gift-giving, I’ve rounded up some of the best gifts for your favorite couple they’re sure to love.

1. French Tart Baking Kit (Amazon)

The perfect gift is something that encapsulates the happy couple’s personality, interests, and hobbies. Does the couple love to travel and frequently reminisce about their adventures through France? Then this French tart Baking Set would be perfect for them. From a perforated tart ring set to a piping bag — this set has everything the couple needs to make classic French Tarts.

Maybe the couple loves baking but they don’t have any ties to Paris. Try this Italian dinner-themed kit or this Swedish Kanelbullar Cinnamon Buns kit instead!

2. Date Night Box (Etsy)

“What do you want to do tonight? I don’t know. What do you want to do? I don’t know.” That conversation may sound familiar and chances are, it’s one the couple you are shopping for frequently still have. Take the guesswork out of their date night plans (and eliminate this pointless conversation altogether) by gifting them a date night box.

There are so many options, depending on the couple’s personality. Does the couple like health, wellness, and spas? Then get this his & hers date night massage kit, complete with massage stones. Or maybe the couple loves games shows, trivia, and laughing together. Then they’d love this game show date night box. Or maybe the couple would rather relax and have a quiet conversation. Then this pottery date night box with conversation cards has numerous positive reviews.

Last but not least, if you want to play it safe, you can always gift them a box of date night cards that will last a whole year!

3. Custom Group Portrait (Etsy)

When someone has everything, one of the best types of gifts to give is a sentimental gift (or experience, which we’ll get to). If you’re best friends with this couple and have shared a lot of happy memories, freeze one of your favorite memories by getting a custom group portrait done.

This gift is very affordable and all you have to do is print it off and find a nice frame. It’s fun, unique, and thoughtful!

4. Experience Gifts (Etsy)

Experiences always make great gifts. Especially if you’re trying to shop for someone that has everything! A great way to get started in thinking of the perfect experience to gift is to think about what the couple likes to do together in their free time. Go to concerts? Laugh? Read? Brew beer? Travel? Relax? Creative hobbies? Think about their personalities then pick an experience gift based on that.

If they like to brew or drink beer, you could schedule a tour for them to visit their favorite brewery. If they like to travel, you could plan a little day trip to a neighboring town, scheduling and picking out all the best places to eat and things to visit (with maybe some money for gas thrown in).

If they like to laugh, you could book tickets for a comedian that’s going to be in their area. And if they love concerts, then book their tickets and/or arrange travel for their favorite artist that’s going on tour. If they like to relax, book them a couples massage at their local spa. If they like to be creative, book them a pottery class or a painting. You get the idea!

You can print off the tickets or make a coupon and present it in a nice gift box.

5. Family Name Sign (Etsy)

A family name sign is a sweet way to combine something meaningful with home decor at the same time. This personalized sign could go in the living room. And to make it even more sentimental, you could add their wedding date to it.

6. Custom Watercolor House Portrait (Etsy)

If your couple has just moved into a new house or recently bought their first home, then they’ll love this housewarming gift that is memorable and beautiful. This watercolor painting of their new home is the perfect way for them to remember this new chapter of their life.

7. Gift Card (Amazon)

It’s not the most unique idea, but it always works whenever you’re in a pinch and can’t think of anything special or have enough time to order something. The couple that has everything will appreciate being able to purchase what they need or want on their own time too.

Don’t know whether to get them a gift card for clothes, food, or home supplies? Take care of all these needs at once and just get them a gift card to Amazon!

8. Babysitting (Etsy)

If this couple has kids, then a great gift idea would be to volunteer your time so they can have a date night. There’s no better way to get a couple with kids what they really want (alone time) and it doesn’t have to cost you a thing. (Besides a few hours of your sanity.)

9. Food Gift Basket (Harry & David)

Consumables are always a good idea! And everyone’s got to eat, right? Even the couple with everything. Muffin baskets at the office are always a hit, so why not take that up a notch and get a seasonal gift basket filled with pears, popcorn, cheese, and meats? Unless they have certain food restrictions, a food gift basket is always a hit.

10. Personalized Charcuterie Board (Etsy)

Does the couple you’re shopping for like to entertain and host dinner parties? While it’s likely that they already have a charcuterie board, it’s less likely that they have one that’s customized and personalized to them.

You can get something special engraved like their wedding anniversary or another special date, though even just their names are great. The best thing about this idea is that not only is it useful, but it makes for a special gift too! And one they will love bringing out at their next dinner party.

11. Personalized Camping Mugs (Etsy)

If your favorite duo loves to hike and camp, then this is one of the best travel gifts to get them. Not only will this personalized gift remind them of their travels while they’re sipping on coffee at home, but they can bring the mugs with them on their next camping trip too.

12. Scratch-Off Poster (Etsy)

From top movies to watch to a national park checklist, there’s a scratch-off poster for every interest! This is a fun activity for couples to do together. Plus, if they’re in a movie rut and don’t know what to watch, then a scratch-off poster provides endless ideas too.

13. Meal Kit Service (Blue Apron)

Meal planning and then following through on that meal plan is a lot of work for anyone, but especially if you’re gifting something to a couple that’s always busy. A meal kit service, like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron, can take out a lot of the guesswork of meal planning and grocery shopping for the couple.

14. Adventure Together® Map Mountain (Etsy)

For the couple that adventures together, help them commemorate their adventures with this personalized map art print featuring all of their favorite places. This gift is also the perfect choice for couples that have moved around a lot and have made meaningful connections anywhere around the world.

15. Gourmet Chocolates (Godiva)

If the couple has a sweet tooth, they’re sure to appreciate this gift even more. Most people can’t resist picking up a candy bar at the gas station, but to gift something special, splurge and get them chocolates that they probably wouldn’t get themselves!

16. A Service That Makes Life Easier

If you’re wondering how to make a couple smile this holiday season, gift them a service that makes their life easier. This could be a cleaning service, hiring a cook, or booking a session with a professional organizer.

The best part is, you don’t have to hire this out if you don’t want to! If you’re skilled in a certain area, whether that be baking, organizing, or styling, you could gift them a few hours of your time.

17. Personalized Vinyl Record (Etsy)

For the music lovers, gift them something that speaks to both of their interests: love and music. This custom plaque with a personalized album cover is a perfect way to display their wedding song or any song they find meaningful. One reviewer who gifted it as a baby shower gift said that it made the couple burst into tears!

18. Card Game Storage (Etsy)

A personalized game storage to hold their cards is a good idea for the couple that loves to entertain or relax at the end of the day by playing a friendly game of cards.

19. The New Newlywed Cookbook: 100 Recipes for Every Couple to Cook Together (Amazon)

Give the newly married couple some fresh ideas to start off their marriage on the right track by getting them this recipe book.
They will enjoy connecting over some mouth-watering meals. It features 100 recipes for a romantic date night in. So whether they want to take turns making breakfast for each other or having fancy dinners at home — this cookbook has it all.

20. Luggage Tags (Etsy)

These personalized leather tags are handmade with distressed leather. They are hand-cut, hand-stitched, and hand-finished. It’s a great way to add personality to the couple’s travels.

21. Anniversary Wine Box ( Uncommon Goods)

Help elevate their love story with this wonderful gift. You can customize the anniversary wine box with carved initials of the lovebirds, which will be engraved in the heart. The best part about this unique present is you can add the anniversary year. Plus, this holiday gift offers three compartments of wine (not included), which they can happily open on their anniversary.

22. Custom Christmas Ornament (Etsy)

Every year it’s fun to add a new ornament to the tree, so you can never have too many. Especially when it’s meaningful.

23. Cocktail Maker (Crate & Barrel)

There’s a new way to have cocktails, and it’s a lot easier than having to play bartender. If the couple likes unwinding with a cocktail or two, consider gifting them this automatic cocktail maker. The cocktail capsule includes all they need to make a delicious drink. All they have to do is press a button.

24. Gift Certificate for Professional Photos

Maybe they haven’t had any couple photos taken since their wedding or updated their family photos since they’ve had the new baby. If that’s the case, gift them with a certificate for a photo session with their local photographer. This is a gift that they will appreciate for years to come!

25. Romantic Date Night Painting Class (Uncommon Goods)

It is no secret that being creative is the key to a romantic relationship. So for the couple’s next date night, they can spend 90 minutes painting scenic destinations. This gift does not require any prior art experience. It has instructions and all the tools needed to paint.

26. Ice Cream “My Love For You” Collection (Harry & David)

​If you’re looking for cute couple gifts, get a scoop of this next gift. The sweet collection features four gourmet ice cream flavors. From chocolate cake, vanilla bean, sea salt caramel ice cream with brownie bites to coffee caramel ice cream. The best part about this gift is each tub of ice cream has a romantic message on it.

27. Forever Together Photo Coasters (Uncommon Goods)

Spoil your favorite married couple with these photo coasters. They will be a great addition to their dining collection. Get pictures of their engagement or wedding day customized on the coasters. There is also the option to have captions with a love quote and their wedding date. The couple will have a great time reliving their wedding memories as they enjoy a drink.

28. The Couples Game (Uncommon Goods)

Are they the type of couple who love to host a games night? Gift the playful couple this fun game! It features 150 questions like “What is the most boring thing we like to do together?”, “what should be our theme song when we enter a room?” and other funny questions. The game also includes 2 dry erase boards and 2 dry erase markers so they can hide their answers until the reveal.

29. Love Talk Conversation Deck (Uncommon Goods)

Take their love to the next level with these love talk cards. The cards have 72 questions that build up as you go, So this love-filled game will surely help them explore the depths of their love.

30. Couples Dressing Gown (Amazon)

Looking for a great wedding gift to get for your best friends? Say hello to these robes. They will love wearing these cozy waffle robes while enjoying an at-home spa date night.

31. The Personalized Anniversary Journal (Uncommon Goods)

This kind of gift is perfect for young couples who only have digital copies of their wedding pictures. You can help the two love birds commemorate the most important day of their lives in this classic black anniversary journal. It features custom pages to help them remember their most romantic moments. Add their names and anniversary date on the front cover for an extra personal touch.

32. Holiday Favorites Assorted Tea Gift Set (Nordstrom)

If the couple you know loves tea, they will appreciate this sumptuous collection of tea from Palais des Thés. It contains nine limited-edition holiday teas. This includes green tea with fruity notes to green tea with chocolate pieces.

33. Personalized Deluxe Wine & Cheese Tote (Uncommon goods)

This is a great Christmas gift for a couple who love picnics! The deluxe set comes with a high-quality wine tote bag with thermal insulation to keep wine chilled. It also includes 2 wine glasses, a customizable cheese board, 2 napkins, and more!

34. Personalized Garden Tool Caddy (Uncommon Goods)

The garden-loving couple is going to be delighted to receive this on Christmas day. Have their last name engraved on the garden tool caddy for a romantic finish.

35. NLUS 2 Pack Kitchen Cooking Aprons (Amazon)

The couple who cooks together stays together! So help them maintain their love for cooking with these 2 chic aprons. They have spacious pockets to help them store cutlery while cooking.

These ideas aren’t just reserved for Christmas gift ideas! They can also work for weddings, engagements, or anniversaries. Or just tuck them away for any special occasion. Need even more ideas? Up next: 30 Personalized Gift Ideas for Her That Are Unique and Special

Gift ideas for couples who have everything


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