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My Honest Good American Jeans Review

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If you clicked on this post then you are probably like me, hearing so much about Good American Jeans and wondering if they are worth all the hype or not. Are they just popular because Khloe Kardashian made them? Did she actually make them or just slap her name on them? Are all the influencers saying they’re amazing just because they’re getting paid to? Well, I decided to finally find out for myself, and no, this isn’t sponsored! I bought the jeans with my own money. Now let’s get into my Good American Jeans review!

Good American Jeans Review

If you don’t know anything about Good American then I’ll give you a little background…

Why the brand got so popular: Well first, it’s a Kardashian haha. But also, Good American Jeans is one of the few denim brands that focus on body positivity and have body inclusive sizing, meaning that no matter your size and whether you’re short, tall, slim, or curvy, you can find a pair of jeans for you. They have a wide size range, ranging from 00-24! People love that with this inclusive range of denim, women of all shapes can find a great pair of jeans.

Fun fact: A lot of people don’t know this, but Khloé Kardashian is not the only founder. She co-founded the brand with Emma Grede, a marketing agency owner who later got into business with Kris Jenner and ultimately, Khloe Kardashian as well.

Ordering: On her website, you can see all types of women modeling the jeans (not just Khloe’s sisters) and you can also see what the jeans look like ON women of different sizes. I think that’s really cool. I was also impressed by the website because there’s so much info, tips, and different jeans styles. You have the typical “Khloe” jean style full of holes and rips, but then you have classic styles as well. I ordered the classic Good Straight for in a size 4.

First impressions: At first, I was underwhelmed. I don’t know about you, but I consider the jeans to be a little pricey starting at $99 (and going up to $215+). I opened up the package and the jeans reeked of chlorine (I wonder if this was due to Covid?) and they looked just like normal jeans haha. I mean, everyone acts like they’re magic, so I wasn’t quite sure what I was expecting.

Also, they looked tiny. I got a size 4 (I wear a 2-4) and I really thought they weren’t going to fit. I also considered returning them for a brief second because they looked like one of my favorite H&M pairs and I didn’t need both.

But I decided to follow through with my planned review and I slipped them on. They weren’t as hard to get on as I had thought. I really thought I’d have to do some wiggling, but these jeans stretched with me.

I may have been underwhelmed at first but I loved them more and more the longer I wore them. They’re stretchy jeans (at least my pair is) and they felt so comfortable on my body. Sitting down wasn’t an issue and I could actually see myself wearing these to travel. They remind me of the styles I like at H&M, but they are 1000% times comfier.

Also, my butt looks really good in them if I do say so myself. 😉 The jeans seem to lift up my booty and make it look rounder all at the same time. I don’t know, is that even possible? Haha. This pair has a good waist; they curve around my butt without any gaps in the back of my waist. I’m a fan of the high waist and these seem to hug me in all the right places.

One of my favorite things I love about these jeans is that they fit over my boots well. I love wearing boots under my jeans during fall and winter and these jeans didn’t move or get stuck awkwardly!

Final thoughts: They’re not magic jeans, but they are really, really good jeans. They feel like high quality and not only are they comfortable jeans, but they’re stretchy, classic, chic, and make your booty look good. I mean, what else could you want? So let’s get to the only thing that makes everyone hesitate: the price point.

I feel good about my investment. The jeans I got have both style and comfort and I can see myself wearing them for a long time, even more than my other jeans because they are more comfortable.

However, $99 is the cheapest that jeans start at and you know this is a spend conscious blog and I’m a spend conscious person, so I don’t think I could say you need to go and drop $200 on jeans unless you are used to spending that anyway and just haven’t found the right pair of jeans yet. Then, by all means, go crazy!

Also, if you have a hard time finding something you like and you’ve been buying cheaper pair after cheaper pair of jeans and not really liking anything, then you should definitely consider getting a pair of their jeans. That will be a way better use of your money in the long run. It’s better to have 1 pair that you love than 5+ pairs that are just okay!

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With that being said, some people can not or do not want to spend that much money on jeans, let alone on pairs starting at $100. Here are some good and more affordable options.

Affordable options: As I’ve said before, I’m a big fan of H&M jeans. I have lots of pairs and they’ve held up for me and the styles are awesome while being crazily affordable. A lot of their jeans do not have a ton of stretch, though, if that’s what you’re looking for.

I also have American Eagle jeans that I love. They’re pretty affordable and they’re crazy stretchy as well. I do not have Old Navy jeans but I have heard good things about them so it’s worth checking out!

But check out Good American now because they have a deal where you get $30 off your first pair!

Unsurprisingly, Good American is now branching out to a full range of clothes. Just like their jeans, you can expect a good fit and larger sizes. Another review, perhaps? 😉 😉

Did this blog post help you decide if your next new jeans are going to be a pair of Good American jeans?

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good american jeans review
good american jeans review


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