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Home Build | Morning Fall Land Tour

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On Saturday morning we had a nice hot breakfast, put on warm clothes to combat the chilly fall air, put tea in our travel mugs, and headed out the door to have the best family hike we probably ever had.

Why was it so amazing?

Because it was on OUR land!

Now that the land is officially ours, we weren’t going to waste any time getting out and exploring it! Before we put in an offer, Titus walked along the property to get a rough idea of what we were getting into, but I didn’t. I gave birth to Max not too long ago and doing some hiking did not sound appealing. At all haha.

So Titus showed me pictures instead and I got an idea of what it was like, but being able to explore it and see it all with my own eyes was completely different. In a good way!

Now that I was able to explore it, I wanted to share a fall land tour- in pictures. And for those that want to follow along with this process, I have a highlight on my Instagram called “home build” and you’ll be able to see the videos I took here too!

Okay, so let’s start!

The pictures below make it look a little worse than what it is, but the land does have a pretty significant drop-off right away. But, we wanted a walk-out basement anyway so it will get built right into that slope.

Coming out the back of the (future) house you’ll be surrounded by vegetation…and greeted with a slope haha. Time to strengthen those thigh muscles I guess! The plan is to bring in fill dirt to create somewhat of a flat backyard. But fill dirt is expensive. So it will not be the biggest flattest backyard you’ve ever seen, but that’s okay with us. We never host backyard grill-outs or anything. Actually, we don’t even own a grill. Just enough room for a patio and a level spot for the boys to play is enough for us. But they are only getting older and I just know they’ll want to be running around the trees!

Through the trees, you can see the beautiful view. It just keeps going and going and eventually backs up to a farm. We’ll never have to worry about our backyard butting up to other neighbors. Our current lot size is about .30 and I can see 12 neighbor’s backyards at once, so walking through this land made me feel like we owned a state park!

A very long-term plan would be to add stairs going down the slope to make it easier to walk. Then the stairs would open up to this beautiful flat sanctuary!

fall land tour custom build lot

Soon after walking down the slope, you are rewarded with flat land, pretty views, and a dry creek bed.

The ruggedness of the land is one of my favorite parts. I love the feeling of being lost in nature.

We already found some wild blueberries and I think it’d be so fun to walk the land just throwing out wildflower seeds randomly. Then you can be surprised by beautiful flowers that pop up. 🙂

Eventually, our land ends (of course), but the woods keep going that lead to a farm. And if you were to keep going even beyond that, you’d hit a river. So basically, nature for days!

I’m so excited to see how the land changes with the seasons. Since we’re probably not building until the spring, I think a winter land tour should be next!

fall land tour custom build lot

All in all, it was a beautiful, cozy, and sunny morning. The sun was shining and the golden leaves were falling. I had many “pinch me” moments because being able to have nature, peace, and privacy was always the dream. And walking through what felt like a state park had me saying over and over again, “I can’t believe this is ours.”

And hey, if for some reason the build doesn’t work out at least we’d have the land! It’d be a pretty expensive playground and hiking place haha…but it wouldn’t be the worst thing. 😉

If you’re new and wondering why I’m even touring some land, then you probably want to check out the post below!

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