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How to Be Stylish (According to French Women)

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French women aren’t the authority on fashion, but their opinion sure doesn’t hurt. They’re doing something right after all! Want to know what their take is on how to be stylish? Forget trends, fads, and the latest It bag. According to French women, being able to mix designer, cheap, and vintage is what makes someone truly stylish.

I learned this (and more) through my interviews with authentic Parisian women, but keep scrolling for my outfit take on how to be stylish!

My outfit take on how to be stylish

scarf (Oscar De La Renta/thredup) designer
top (h&m) cheap
jeans (h&m, similar) cheap
shoes (Armani/thrifted) designer
earrings (passed down from mother-in-law) vintage
blazer (thrifted from the men’s department) vintage from what I could find out

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I went with one of the chicest outfit combos I could think of: high waisted jeans, block heels, blazer, and a silk scarf. Truly one of my no-fails because it’s so classy and chic!

stylish Parisian chic outfit

I really did feel extra stylish. I’m team go the route of putting together a look and not just buying one. Sure it requires more effort, but the end result is worth it.

stylish Parisian chic outfit

This look is really versatile too. It gives me magazine editor vibes now, but you could easily switch out the shoes for whatever mood you’re in or whatever activity you have planned. Sneakers would be a fun contrast and really cute. Over the knee boots for fall and winter. And for spring/summer I would just do some flats.

stylish Parisian chic outfit

Do you agree with their take on how to be stylish?

I do! More because I think true style is mixing and matching and putting together a unique look. Not just buying a head to toe look from the same store without even putting your own spin on it!

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