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How to Dress like a Parisian Woman (Interview)

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Have you been enjoying these interviews so far? I know I’ve been getting so many style tips and outfit ideas! Aloïs Guinut, author of Dress Like a Parisian, is going to shed some light on how to bring je ne sais quoi to your style as well as tips on how to dress like a Parisian woman!

How to Dress like a Parisian Woman

Alois Guinut

Aloïs Guinut is a style coach and personal shopper who uses her education and experience in fashion to help others pick out the right clothes and find what makes them unique! It doesn’t matter if it’s a high-end designer or an affordable department store, she knows exactly where and how to shop for the right things.

Outfit wise, what is a dead giveaway that someone is a tourist in Paris?

Outerwear gear. Wandering in Paris is not hiking 🙂 There are lots of comfy sneakers out there. – On the opposite side, too much pampering. Like the full face of makeup + iron straightened or curled hair … basically anything that makes you look like you spent too much time on it :)- Displaying aaaaalll the brands. Visible Chanel + visible Vuitton ironically make you look like a foreigner. No more than one visible branded item at a time.

What is your go-to outfit?

I am very much into jeans (for décontraction) and a shirt (a shirt always upgrades an outfit). If my shirts are not ready (I hate ironing), I go for a T-shirt/ jumper and jewels + belt to dress it up. And always stylish shoes! I wear a lot of platforms since they are eye catching and easy to walk with. I also tend to throw my trench coat over anything. For instance, over short dresses to make them more ready for the city (and drizzle). Never fails to give you more allure. In the winter I have a beautiful tailored navy blue coat. 

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Are there any things a Parisian would never wear?

As I said in intro: too much labels that are visible. If a Parisienne wears some Vuitton it will be a bag that does not look brand new and that she will mix with an outfit that contains no other labels. Same for a luxury watch or the Chanel slingback for instance. Only one at a time. The worst fashion faux pas is to have two logos on the same outfits. Wearing obvious « rich items » in France is considered tacky… maybe it has to do with the revolution and getting rid of the privileges… 

What’s the most expensive and least expensive thing in your wardrobe?

The most expensive: a Saint Laurent Muse bag I inherited from my mum. Then, as something I bought for myself, my APC blue coat. The less expensive: a one euro silver knitted cardigan I bought on a yard sale. Looks lovely worn with nothing under and tucked in high waisted blue jeans.

If someone is on a budget, how should they balance buying quality and what they can afford at the moment?

Honestly I think this is really rare for people in occidental countries to REALLY need clothes (most people have enough to wear at least for a year). So I recommend to take time, spare, and go for quality. It will last you longer and make you look a million. Plus the purchase will be a thrill. Especially when it comes to basics. And if you want to inject some fun in your wardrobe at low price and low impact on the planet, go vintage and second hand! Tons of websites and shops out there 🙂 Half of my own wardrobe is not first hand and the more eco conscious I get, the more it increases. 

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What do you personally do when you’re feeling uninspired with your wardrobe?

Throw on my go to outfit mentioned above ahah. Also: add jewels to a basic outfit. Go for a statement lip. Put on some fun shoes with a basic outfit. Do a cool color combination (a monochrome, opposites, neighbour colors, etc…)

If someone wanted to start their closet over to be more Parisian chic, where should they start?

Get the basics! And build from that. Basics are versatile timeless pieces that go with everything. But find YOUR OWN basics. For instance, the trench coat is one of my basics but maybe it does not suit your style/ personality. Maybe a jean jacket will be YOUR mid season basic. Or a sleek black light coat? Anything is a basic as long as it is both versatile (meaning it can be worn with a lot of things) and atemporal (meaning you cannot tell what year it is from.  Those Valentino nude studded heels? Not an atemporal – though they are versatile – because you CAN tell they date from 5 years ago…). 

Do you ever buy trendy pieces? If so, how do you know when to jump on a trend?

I buy trendy pieces only when I have a crush on them (apparently you do not say a crush for clothes but it makes sense to me so I will keep saying this!). Meaning I really like them and they match my overall liking pattern so I will still wear them 5 years from now and won’t want to get rid of them as soon as the trend is gone. Therefore I never go for items that are too widely spread on a short period of time and scream what year they are from … I also wait and do not jump in with the crowd since I may not want the item once everyone has it. 

dress like a parisian
How to Dress like a Parisian Woman

So many great tips here! I love the tip about trends and asking yourself if you’d still wear this 5 years from now to know whether or not you should buy something. I want to start doing that!

Is there anything you want to start doing/wearing after reading this interview?

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dress like a Parisian woman


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