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How To Build Your Confidence as a Woman

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Do you ever wonder how confident women manage to have high levels of self-esteem? It’s like they were naturally born with it. They are not afraid to make eye contact with new people, they carry themselves so gracefully, and they’re comfortable in their own skin. They have a confident attitude that leaves anyone with low self-esteem wishing they could be the same.

Confident women make it look so easy. But anyone with a lack of confidence would disagree. When your mind is filled with negative thoughts about yourself, approaching people or new challenges can be pretty terrifying.

And if you’ve had people constantly pointing out “how quiet” you are, it is never a good feeling. It doesn’t help build healthy self-esteem. Thankfully, there are several ways you can start confidence-building techniques to help you become the best version of yourself. Below, you will find out how to build your confidence as a woman.

1. Work on Your Posture and Body Language

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First things first, focus on your body language and posture.

One of the habits of confident women is that they make conscious efforts to keep an upright posture. Clinical psychologists have concluded that this is the best way to help give you high self-esteem. So stand up straight and don’t slouch. Don’t let any negative self-talk make you slump over and hide yourself.

Not only is good posture a sign of a confident person, but the right body language is as well.

Do you tend to look down a lot when talking to people? Keep your chin up and try to keep eye contact with people. It is an effective way to make yourself more attractive in romantic relationships and a powerful way to make connections in your professional life.

Another body language that is also a sign of confidence issues is fidgeting. Fidgeting may feel like the comfortable thing to do to cope in unfamiliar scenarios. This is why it’s tempting to do this when you are in new environments.

However, it can affect the way you interact in social situations. It also makes you look anxious. So the next time you need to attend a work event or a casual gathering, take a new approach. Try folding your arms instead. This can be a great way to look self-assured.

2. Surround Yourself With Confident People

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Cut off toxic relationships that affect your mental health. The more you stick around with anyone who doesn’t agree with a self-improvement mindset, the less likely you will feel confident doing great things. (In the case of family and close friends, perhaps a heart-to-heart conversation is needed to let them know how their actions are impacting the relationship.)

Instead, focus on having an inner circle of female friends who portray high-self confidence. These women usually have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to positive self-talk and taking on leadership positions.

When you hang out with these women, you subconsciously pick up their confident behavior. And eventually, you will start to believe in your own abilities.

3. Work on Your Smile

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When it comes to building confidence, it is not always about what you say but how you smile as well. The way you smile can instantly change the way you feel and look!

Keep in mind that you don’t need to have the most perfect smile. You don’t need to full-out grin either. Just a polite smile can work. However, if you think you have an awkward smile, take small steps by practicing in the mirror. Find the best angles that compliment your features.

Practicing smiling regularly is also a good way to build your confidence as a woman. Some women choose not to do this because they think it is a sign of weakness.

However, a straight face may give negative connotations of a woman who doesn’t have high self-confidence. So try to smile frequently as it helps to give off an aura of a poised woman.

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4. Cultivate Timeless Style

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Building your confidence as a woman is also about dressing the part. As the cliché goes, “When you look good, you feel good.” Your physical appearance plays a big role in your self-esteem, so put the effort into the way you dress.

Consider following a timeless signature style. Putting on classic and fashionable looks will give you higher self-esteem and make you brave to go out and meet new people.

5. Know When To Say No

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Learning how to say no is a good way to learn how to build your confidence as a woman. If you realize that you say “yes” to people because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, it’s time to change.

You may feel guilty at first, but over time you will realize how your confidence will boost. Plus, you will no longer have to stretch yourself too thin and you can say “yes” to the things that truly matter.

Saying no can be hard, especially to loved ones. Fortunately, there are different ways to say no in a non-offensive way to a family member or your best friend.

For instance, if you are busy and can’t go to dinner, you can say “Now is not a good time. How about another time?” And then suggest a date that works better. You have prioritized your obligations, but you’ve assured them that you still care.

6. Don’t Dwell on Past Mistakes

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It can be tough to admit, but the inner critic in your head can be a reason why you have a lack of self-confidence. You might remember small things you did in the past that were embarrassing and those negative memories can stop you from being a confident version of yourself.

But don’t let your past mistakes define who you are. Emulate confident women by having positive thoughts about yourself. Try to remember your achievements and best moments-this is a good way to improve low self-confidence as it reminds you that you are capable of good things.

7. Fake It Till You Make It

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It takes a lot of hard work to become a confident woman every day, so it is okay to fake it till you make it on some days. As cliché as it sounds, it works. You would be surprised to hear that a lot of confident women admit they do this.

So even if you don’t feel fully confident yet, it’s okay. It can’t happen overnight so don’t be hard on yourself. For now, you stand confidently and continue working on having a positive attitude in the meantime.

8. Accept Compliments

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When it comes to learning how to build your confidence as a woman, it is not always about how you reach out to people. It is also how you accept compliments.

Don’t deflate your confidence by not accepting compliments from friends, family, and strangers. Use those compliments as positive affirmations!

Plus, it can be frustrating to try to give someone a compliment and have them keep rejecting it. Rejecting compliments can actually come across as insecure-not humble.

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Lack of self-confidence: many women struggle with this, but that doesn’t mean you can’t develop good self-esteem. These 8 tips will teach you how to build your confidence as a woman if having low confidence has held you back from accomplishing new goals, making friends, and finding joy.

The 9th step to building your confidence as a woman is making yourself prettier without makeup!

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