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  1. We are repairing an old house for the last six years and everything needed doing as it hadn’t been lived in since the 40’s/ ’50’s. We have used antique timbers and nearly everything old except for the wiring, plumbing, underfloor heating and window glass from Poland who do the rippled effect that 18th c glass has. We have used limewash and used organic floor oil and we will look for limestone tiles for the front hall.
    We are both trying to get that natural feel and many people say it looks like it has always looked like that! Huge effort and hats off to you acheiving that look as well. We have veered off white for windows and tried to match the brick or stone with a dusty tonal look and it looks ok! Reclaim yards are your friends as well as auctions for tiles, wood, sinks, downpipes and ‘brown furniture’. Good hunting!!!

    • The repairs you’re doing of the old house sound so cool. Thank you for sharing all of that with me! It sounds very natural and authentic and I’m sure it looks amazing in person. I hope to visit some reclaim yards soon!

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