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How to Rock a White Pants Suit

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Everyone knows there’s power in a suit and as a woman, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of wearing one! Who else feels like they can conquer the world?! Plus, not many things can be stylish, professional, versatile, and classy all at once, but yet, a white pants suit can do that. In this post, I’ll be diving into how to rock one, where to buy them, where to wear them, & more!

How to Rock a White Pants Suit

A white pants suit may not be a clothing item you think you need in your closet, but it’s actually more versatile than you think. Even if you don’t think you’ll ever have a place to wear a suit, you can still break up the pieces and get lots of mileage out of them!

Where to wear them

As a bride- Untraditional wedding outfits are becoming more of a thing lately. Gone are the days of everyone wearing a white princess ball gown. More and more you’ll see striking black lace dresses, jumpsuits, and you guessed it, white pants suits! If you really want to be different and bold you can wear this in lieu of a dress, otherwise, it’d be stylish to wear it for the reception or as a going-away outfit.

The office- Dress for success and let your coworkers know you mean business while also letting your boss know you’re ready for that promotion! A pants suit in the office is incredibly classy, professional, and a way to be remembered as the girl that kicks butt at work and in style.

Classy happy hour with friends- If you and your friends love to go out to nice places, then a white pants suit will prove to be a good piece. You’ll see how to make it work for night when you get to the section on how to wear them!

Out and about- If you break up the pieces then you have unlimited outfit potential and can wear it anywhere from shopping to church.

When to wear them

Ideal for summer, but can also be worn in winter as well. The perfect look for your “winter whites”!

What type of style to get

This is up to you! For work, you may want more of a classic, structured silhouette. Though if you plan on wearing this to more casual places or wearing the pieces as separates, a slouchy/more relaxed fit would be better.

What to wear with them

Wondering how to accessorize and what colors to pair with it? White and gold always look good together.
The color nude/tan is also a good color complement as well. As is black. You can stick with the neutrals for a classy look head to toe, or add in pops of color for something fun and vibrant. That’s the benefit of white- you really can’t go wrong with it!
You can also go for a monochromatic look by wearing shades of white, cream, and beige together for something chic and elevated.

How to style them

With all white as a bride

white suit as bride

With a graphic tee and sneakers

white pants suit outfit

With a bodysuit or lace bra underneath

white pants suit outfit
white pants suit outfit

With classy and timeless accessories

white pants suit outfit
white pants suit outfit

With the pieces broken up for a stylish twist on cute and casual

white pants suit outfit
white pants suit outfit
white pants suit outfit

Where to buy them

You know how to wear them and why you need one, now, it’s time to shop! Click on what you like in the widget below or follow this link to Express to see all the gorgeous white suits they have right now. Banana Republic has a lot of great white blazers, though they are pretty pricey.
Asos has more affordable options that are still chic. Mango sells chic separates as well, with most being under $100.

If you want to be polished and look like a sharp dresser, consider adding a white pants suit to your wardrobe. Looking for other ways to look classy? Check out the related posts below!

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