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  1. I absolutely LOVE this! Realizing what’s more authentic can be super helpful in dictating what you actually like and how you want to imitate the style. I enjoy finding inspiration – and you’ve certainly inspired me with these cozy farmhouse kitchens!

  2. Loved seeing the real deal on authentic French kitchens. I never did care for the over the top, grandiose American version. My idea of a country kitchen should be a cozy gathering place to prepare a meal with family and friends to help. The kitchen does not have to be too large or stark in color. Color and texture can be found in warm, worn wood, copper, pottery, old baskets and functional items. Now, if I can environment, I would be smiling.

  3. Carolyn, I live upstairs in an old farmhouse. We’ve rented here over 30 years and raised our son here. With 70 year old metal cabinets and crooked floors, but so peaceful. All the rooms were originally bedrooms, long and narrow so very difficult to decorate and be functional. Your post on real French country kitchens made me actually love my kitchen, nasty cabinets and pealing wallpaper and all. I have the original farmhouse sink and big kitchen with our kitchen table. We have no dining room so that’s it. I also have radiant heat with the metal radiators along the floor. Love the constant temperature, I just painted them the same color as the woodwork. I’m enjoying your blog. It’s relaxing. Thanks.

    • I’m really glad you are enjoying my blog, Mary! I love that you are embracing your home and finding things to love about it. I know many people (myself included) that would love to live in a farmhouse! So much character and quirky things to embrace 🙂

  4. I absolutely love these kitchens. My dream kitchen doesn’t have an island or a bunch upper cabinets (I’m short so they are wasted space). I like the idea of having shelves next to the stove but some uppers for food/dish storage. I want to have space next to my stove for prep not on an island so I won’t make a mess on the floor moving things “across the room” to the stove. And I definately don’t want to eat at an island – give me a breakfast nook with a bay window to watch nature while I drink my coffee each morning.

    • I’ll take that breakfast nook with a bay window any day! These kitchens are some of my favorites too. Our dream kitchens sound similar!

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