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Style Lessons to Learn from The Devil Wears Prada Outfits

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When she was hired to work on a movie based on one of the most prestigious magazine offices in the country, the film’s costume designer Patricia Field clearly knew she had to bring her A-game!

Even though The Devil Wears Prada came out 14 years ago, it still serves as an iconic film that offers a glimpse into the fast-paced world of luxury fashion magazines. While this film is beloved for its endlessly quotable lines (“Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.”), it also is well-known for its inspiring and seemingly unattainable looks, worn by Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep (along with Stanley Tucci and Emily Blunt-the whole cast, really!)

But are you thinking that you could never look like you work at a high fashion magazine? Think again. Here are some real-life style lessons and tips to learn from The Devil Wears Prada outfits that will have you ready to take the streets of New York in no time.

The Devil Wears Prada Outfits

Style Lesson to Learn: Faux fur is fashionable and glamorous

Though faux fur may seem like a thing of the past, it will never be outdated. Fur is extravagant and might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you can’t deny that it’s such an easy way to look instantly glamorous. When you wear a fur coat, you mimic Miranda Priestly and you know she would never look anything but elevated, especially since she’s rumored to be based on the famous Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour. Throw this statement piece on over a simple dress, suit, or even jeans and a t-shirt for a luxurious finishing touch.

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Style Lesson to Learn: Tweed blazers will never go out of style

Andy/Andrea’s big makeover is easily a favorite moment of the film, and it just goes to show that a tweed blazer can make you look like you “leveled up” and make you look classic at the same time. It’s no wonder that this outfit symbolizes Andy’s turning point as she embraces high fashion and breaks into the fashion industry, as it’s perfectly luxe and stylish to this day. Andy’s blazer, mini skirt, and show-stopping thigh-high boots won’t soon be forgotten in terms of movie outfits.

To update this look to the modern-day, simply swap the sequin top out for a more minimal tank, tee, or button-up and switch out the knit bag for a structured leather tote or even a mini bag.

the devil wears prada outfit tips

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Style Lesson to Learn: The classics will never let you down

A lot of people may think that classics can be basic and boring, but if they’re good enough for the editor-in-chief of a high fashion magazine, then they should be good enough for you too! In the photo below you’ll see lots of classic elements that all look so chic when paired together. Miranda’s trench coat looks fabulous with the equally timeless blazer and button-down…you’ve got to love the layers she has going on! I’d probably skip the belt in this decade, but it still stands that this outfit is fabulous and can be updated to reflect current-day trends.

I’m a big fan of Nigel’s plaid suit set (classic prints like plaid are always in) and Andy in the back looks equally chic in her classic colors, layering, and pearl necklace.

the devil wears prada fashion

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Style Lesson to Learn: You’re never fully dressed without a beautiful coat

One of the cardinal rules in the world of fashion is that your coat should always be a chic and stylish extension of your already chic and stylish outfit. After all, what’s the point in wearing a killer outfit if you cover it with an unstylish coat? You can go for more of a statement (like Andy’s green coat with leopard accents) or classic neutral tones, like a belted white or camel coat. Typically, a longer option will give you a more chic and elegant look, but whatever you choose, just make sure you put some thought into your coat! It might just be the best way to elevate a winter outfit.

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Style Lesson to Learn: Layering will set you apart

One thing that this film consistently teaches us is that Chanel will never go out of style. However, a head-to-toe Chanel outfit is obviously not in everyone’s budget. But one takeaway here is that is layering is a great way to add detail and a unique style to your look! One of the most notable The Devil Wears Prada outfits is her white button-down, off-shoulder sweater, and layered necklaces. This style may not be as hot these days, but it’s a great example of how layering can elevate your look and give you that “fashion girl” style.

Style Lesson to Learn: When in doubt, wear black

Have an event coming up and feel stumped on what to wear? When in doubt, take a tip from every New York City fashionista and wear black! Don’t be afraid of looking like everyone else, either – there are so many different silhouettes and details that make a dress special. Plus, how you wear it and what accessories you pair with it are just as important for creating your own style. And you don’t just have to save your black ensembles for special events either. A head-to-toe black outfit is universally flattering, slimming, and stylish.

devil wears prada outfit

Even though this film has no shortage of great lessons to teach, it especially continues to be an amazing commentary on the fashion industry and give us amazing style advice. From the “Cerulean Sweater Monologue” to Andy’s iconic montage scene, The Devil Wears Prada is packed with plenty of great fashion moments that continue to stand the test of time. By following the fashion tips this movie gives us, you’re sure to look timelessly fabulous in no time.

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The Devil Wears Prada outfits


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