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  1. Wow! Much applause for this post. It certainly resonated with me, as I’m someone who appreciates luxury, but doesn’t always have the funds to back it up. I’ve been looking to turn my wardrobe into a truly classic, timeless wardrobe (inspired by you, my friend)! I’m also bent on having a calm, quiet morning fueled by my favorite: coffee. I also try to end the day with tea and a bath whenever I can. Love love reading through all your suggestions!

    • Thank you so much for the kind words! I’m really happy it resonated with you. I just wanted to get the point across that luxury is self-defined and it doesn’t require having a lot of money. Love that you end the day with tea and a bath. I do that too!

  2. I love these suggestions (and actually feel a lot calmer after reading this post)! We get so caught up in the chaos that we frequently forget to make ourselves feel special!

  3. I appreciate posts like this so much. I am always looking for more ways to spice up my own appearance and the appearance of my home. I always refrain from buying super nice things and instead I bargain shop at different places. However, I just feel like I have really bad taste hahaha so I did take some good tips from your post and I appreciate it!

    • Haha I am sure you don’t have bad taste, but I can relate to bargain shopping at different places! Pretty much my way of life!

  4. LOVE THIS! I’m loving the photos & this advice is so so good! I can really appreciate how you said that you don’t shop new often, which I can so relate to, it’s such a common misconception that you constantly have to have the newest/trendiest things, especially when you’re a blogger, but that’s simply not true. I love working with what I already have! And you’re so right…a bouquet of fresh beautiful flowers does wonders!

    -madi xo |

    • Love what you said! I also think the “average” person doesn’t shop a ton and would like tips on how to wear what they have. Maybe I’m just saying that because it’s my focus, but I feel like I got that from somewhere haha!

  5. What a great post! I couldn’t agree more that luxury is different for everyone. I’m the one who chooses home reno over a designer purse and if I can snag a high end anything at a consignment store, I’m gonna do it. My coffee in the morning is a real pleasure, too. And enjoying a glass of wine (or two) in the evening with good friends is just the relaxation I need after a busy day. To me, that’s luxury.

  6. I love this post! especially right now if ya get what I mean. lol. Hopefully making some of these changes will give me some that ‘feel good” boost I need!

  7. Wow this is an amazing post! Totally agree that a luxury is how you define your life to be. Self-care and spending quality time with family and friends are so important.

    • Remembering to spend time with family and friends is important yet hard when you’re self-employed and the business growth depends on you!

  8. I completely agree! As a blogger there is so much pressure to consume so that you have new things to write and talk about. But the downside is that can lead to a lot of waste. I’ve been trying to repurpose old things and just cut down in general and I find it makes me much less anxious to have less stuff around. great post!

  9. I would just love to learn how to have this kind of life and and have really nice things and start having different things but not having to pay a real fortune for it.

  10. Awesome post! I too love Audrey and French style! Luxury can definitely be affordable, I agree that we define it for ourselves!

  11. I recently discovered your blog and now I’m finding myself going to post after post. Thoroughly enjoying your content and hard work!

  12. I laughed when i read that you kill plants. I used to be afraid of having plants because I thought I could kill them but… I get you two suggestions. The first one is to get succulents and cactus, they don’t need too much attention, I water them when I remember they exist, maybe every three weeks and they are alive, still grows. The cactus should not be that hurtful thing that gives the desert image, I have a little one with red flowers and it’s very cute. The other suggestion is orchids. You buy the plant and put it out of the pot, wash the roots carefully and place it in a glass vase (transparent) with water. Mine has one year old and has flowers all the whole year. You need to change the water every week, I like to keep the vase clean because it turns green so I carefully take the plant out, wash the vase, place the plant back and fill it with water again.

    I hope it helps you to have something alive at home 🙂

    • Wow, thank you so much for the tips! You’re making me want to have an orchid now. Can’t wait to try my green thumb out again 🙂

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