how to organize your purse

How To Organize Your Purse In a Cute and Functional Way

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This post may contain affiliate links.

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With the arrival of spring comes spring cleaning. It’s time to air out our homes, rotate our closets to have weather-appropriate options, and remove any dust that accumulated over the colder winter months. Many women like to switch up their handbags too because it is a fashion statement that can make or break all those super cute new spring outfits. If you are looking for some ways to make your purse as organized as your home (after some deep spring cleaning that is), then keep reading for my tips on how to organize your purse!

how to organize your purse
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How To Organize Your Purse

Dump it all out

The crucial first step of this process is to remove everything in your current bag. Go ahead girl this is the fun part, just dump it all out! 


Once everything is out in the open it is time to go through this pile and separate the important items from the garbage, like the crumpled gum wrappers, old receipts, empty lip balm tubes, and broken bobby pins. Yep, all that junk!

This is a good time as well to remove any duplicate items that you have collected since the last purge. Do you really need 15 hair ties lost at the bottom of your bag? This will help with removing all the clutter and leaving you with just the essentials! 

It is also important during this step to categorize your essentials into piles of “like” items. It will help in the next step to have all similar things together.  For example, keep beauty with beauty and cards with cards.

Clean it out

If you are keeping the same handbag instead of switching into a new one, now is a good idea to clean it out. Literally. A great way to do this is to wipe down the inside with a cleaning wipe and dump/vacuum out all the crumbs. Keeping the inside fresh and clean will make keeping your new organization system easier since you won’t want to dirty it up again!

With all the garbage thrown away and your piles created it is time to organize now. Yay, you are doing awesome! 

A key tip in keeping things organized long after your purge would be to invest in some pouches to help compartmentalize. I like to have four or five pouches (either different colors, ones you can personalize and label, OR pouches that are see-through) with the below groupings:

  • Catch all or essentials. Having all your essentials in one place will allow you to move from bag to bag without leaving anything behind. Some of my must-have things include: Chapstick, a stain stick, shout wipes, Pou-Pourri, hand sanitizer, a mask (thanks COVID), a wet brush, and hair ties.
  • Beauty and hygiene. This makeup bag is nice to have but not necessary: tweezers, lipstick, lip gloss, hand cream, mirror, powder and brushes, small toothbrush and toothpaste, and floss. 
  • Electronics. I always carry this pouch with me because there is nothing worse than having a phone with less than a 10% charge! This pouch includes headphones, a portable charger, and a charging cord.

These small bags and pouches that are grouped and organized with your must-have essentials make all the difference in how to organize your purse!

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For my fellow mamas, you know that your bag becomes the FAMILY bag in almost every situation. I like to carry the below things with me everywhere to keep everyone fed (no one wants a hangry little human) and happy (teething is real and Motrin has been my best friend these last few months). 

  • Medicine bag. Only include this pouch if you are going somewhere for the day. It’s not necessarily needed for short trips out of the house. I like to include vitamin C, pain medicine, teething oil, and saline drops. You can also include contacts and a pillbox.
  • Drink and snack bag. I like to keep some quick and easy-to-grab things in this pouch such as granola bars, veggie straws, applesauce, and crystal light single servings.
  • First aid kit. Only carry this essential item with you if your handbag is on the larger side. If carrying a smaller bag this might be something you feel comfortable leaving in your car.  

These other essential items are also important to have for an organized purse:

  • Wallet. To help save space, try to have a wallet that can carry a lot (debit card, business cards, paper money, loose change, etc) and has plenty of storage but is not too thick. By having a small and sleek wallet you can free up more space in your handbag. If you are someone who has a lot of cards (credit cards, store cards, gift cards, reward cards) there are apps that allow you to carry everything electronically without taking up space.
  • Keys. Only keep keys on your key ring that you absolutely need. Office keys or spare keys to get into your parent’s house should go on a separate key ring that you can leave in your car as to not clutter up your handbag.
  • Sunglasses.  
  • Phone. 

Put it all back

Now it is time to place everything back in your bag. The best way to start is by putting the bigger items in your bag first and building the smaller items around them. 

By storing items vertically, it will be easier to see what you have without having to dump everything out. It will be simpler to grab all the things you need, treating the zipper pouches like file folders! 

Another tip would be to keep the things that you reach for the most in the most convenient spot for you. I like to keep my cell phone, wallet, and catch all bag right in the front since I remove those the most. I keep my keys in the inside pocket, so I know exactly where they are located at all times.

Once this rewarding process is complete, with Outkast “So fresh, So clean” playing in your mind, you can feel accomplished. Shop the widget below for the things that I love and carry with me. 

Purse Organizer Ideas

A few extras:

This purse organizer insert is one of the top rated ones on Amazon! And how adorable is this bag for moms?

Hope this was helpful, until next time dolls  

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how to organize your purse


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