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Brahmin Handbags Reviews (Are They Worth It?)

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Though the Brahmin name may not be as familiar as say, Hermès or Prada, it’s a brand that’s quickly taking over the entry-level luxury market for their high-quality luxe leathers. If this is your first time ever hearing this brand or perhaps you’ve been debating for a while if you should add this stylish bag to your wardrobe or not, then keep reading for my Brahmin handbags reviews!

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You can’t consider purchasing a new item unless you know how much it costs. Brahmin purses are in the low to the middle range for luxury handbags, ranging from $150-$500.

What makes Brahmin special?

This American company uses luxurious materials from Italy and beyond to create its shoulder bags. They’re known for the embossed detailing to create their signature alligator design. Their look is similar to the Givenchy Croc-embossed Leather Satchel and the infamous Hermès Crocodile Birkin handbag but at a fraction of the price. And since the Hermès Crocodile Birkin starts at $55,000, well, a Brahmin bag is a steal!

Where to Purchase

If you live in the South then you’ll have access to a Brahmin outlet store or boutique to check out these bags in person, but if not, thankfully they are sold at most online department stores, such as Dillard’s, Nordstrom, and Macy’s, and of course, Brahmin itself. Amazon is also a great place to purchase a Brahmin bag. You get free shipping and easy returns- not like you’re going to need it though!

Amazon is where I picked up my Duxbury Satchel Convertible Top Handle Bag and I was instantly impressed when it arrived. The high-quality craftsmanship was apparent right away and as a lover of structured bags, I was hooked. Brahmin products have lots of attention to the little details, such as pockets for your ID and credit cards and a footed bottom to protect the bottom of your bag from getting extra wear and tear. But as a lover of classic bags, it was the shape, color, and subtle gold detailing that sold me.

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From a style eye only, I’d recommend sticking to the neutral colors. A neutral crocodile embossed bag has a rich look and rivals Hermès, while a rainbow-colored crocodile bag embossed bag looks, well, fake. If you get a neutral one then not only will the quality stand the test of time, but the design will as well.

Another style tip to keep in mind: I’d recommend ditching the shoulder strap. Though I love shoulder straps in general and I’m all for convenience and comfort, in a beautiful purse like this, wearing it shoulder style would only cheapen the look. It’s best to be worn as a top handle.

Best Sellers

So you’re interested in a bag but not sure what one to get? It’s never a bad idea to check out the best sellers and see what other women are loving! At Nordstrom, the highest-rated reviews are the ‘Medium Asher’ Leather Tote, the ‘Melbourne – Large Duxbury’ Satchel, and the Caroline Croc Embossed Leather Satchel. Personally, I love the style and colors of this one and this one.

And just incase the crocodile look isn’t your style, make sure to check out their “Smooth” line.

brahmin handbag

Other Customer Reviews
“They are worth the money and I will continue to repurchase. I am not an avid Brahmin customer but I do have one bag from them that is about 15 years old and you would never know it! They hold up extremely well so while they are high end on price, you definitely get that in quality.”

“If you can be “in love” with a purse, then that is what I am! I never spend this much money on a purse but I am now a Brahmin convert. Not only are the purses beautifully made, they are so functional. No more digging around looking for what I want in my purse. The first time I used it, a woman stopped me as I was walking by her and said “that is a beautiful purse, is it new?” She said over time they “wear in beautifully.” So here’s to collecting Brahmin purses; they have so many wonderful styles and colors I can hardly stop at one!”

Brahmin Handbags Reviews Conclusion- Should You Buy One?

If you like the style and you’re ready to invest in a handbag, then yes. You’ll be getting a genuine handbag from handcrafted products. The quality will last so you can feel better about the higher-end price tag and your cost per wear. Whether you’re looking for a shoulder bag, crossbody bag, or yes, even a tote bag for new moms, this may be one for you that’s worth investing in. However, they aren’t cheap, and if you love the style but not the price, consider getting one of their wallets instead!

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Brahmin Handbag Review
Brahmin Handbags Reviews


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