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How To Finally Organize Your Room (and Keep It That Way)

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If you have ever opened your bedroom door only to stare at a pile of clothes on your floor space, you are not alone. You promise yourself that you will clean up your messy bedroom tomorrow, but tomorrow gets pushed to next week, and at worst, next month.

Keeping a bedroom a place of relaxation is hard when you have to juggle other obligations. After a long day at the office or taking care of family, no one has the energy to tidy up a messy room.

But all hope is not lost! The good news is that keeping a clean and organized bedroom is possible without too much effort. An easy way to do this is by having an organizational system in place. From a storage bench and jewelry organizer to a shoe rack, below you will find out how to organize your room in the best way.

1. Storage Bench for Your Bedroom

Love buying cute blankets and throws but don’t have much space to store them? Try finding a storage solution for these items. A great idea would be to invest in a storage bench.

If you have a small room, this will be a great way of creating extra space. Not only will this hold extra blankets and throw pillows, but putting a storage bench at the end of your bed will also give your whole room a chic hotel aesthetic. This storage unit can also double as a cute place to put on your shoes in the morning too.

2. Use Decorative Baskets

When there is no space for a bench to organize your decorative pillows, opt for stylish decorative baskets instead. They are great to use when you need to put pillows away as you turn down your bed to get ready to sleep. Not only are baskets a practical way of storing pillows, but you can use baskets for miscellaneous odds and ends too.

Aesthetically pleasing storage baskets will give your beautiful bedroom a visual boost. They offer space to hold a lot of home accessories and these baskets can sit on your dresser, under your bed, on your shelving, or even just on the floor.

3. Install Shelves

Using floating shelves is a simple way of creating a well-organized room, especially for a small bedroom! If you have too much stuff on your nightstand or vanity, put those items on floating shelves instead.

To make it look like you hired interior designers, arrange your items by mixing your necessities with accessories, books, and white space. You can place the books vertically and horizontally to create a professionally decorated look.

The shelves provide enough space to store a lot of your things, plus they make the most of your wall space too. Not only does this provide more storage and keep the floors clear, but you can put your books, a vase, pictures, and other items you want to proudly display.

If you are unsure where to put your shelves, the perfect spot to place them could be above your dresser or bedframe.

4. Add Additional Storage Space for the Desk

A lot of people can attest that the home office or work desk quickly accumulates papers and knickknacks. This clutter makes it incredibly hard to find stationery and important papers you need daily.

The best way to create a tidy space is with a desk organizer! Extra storage space for office supplies or everyday items will keep all the clutter at bay, especially if your desk is already short on space.

Supplementing with this storage box is a stylish and practical way of organizing your desk. This box features four compartments for pens/pencils, a calculator/phone, notes, and eyeglasses.

5. Get a Jewelry Organizer

A large collection of jewelry is an invitation to clutter. To keep you from detangling your necklaces or losing your earrings, arrange your accessories with some boxes. It is one of the best ways to know how to organize your room as these little accessories can end up everywhere if they don’t have a home.

Spend little time looking for your precious jewelry by placing them in these shadow boxes. The boxes double as beautiful wall decor in addition to extra storage space. The luxe gold lining and linen lining will give your room a charming touch!

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6. Consider a Cable Box

The next best way to learn how to organize your room is by preventing wires from getting tangled and becoming a clump on your floor.

Not only does this ruin the look of your room, but it can be hazardous. Thankfully, cable boxes exist to keep the wires in your room organized and out of sight.

Thanks to this cable box, your phone charger and laptop cord no longer have to get tangled up together. Plus, this modern-looking box will hide away your cords and wires so that your floors are clear.

7. Don’t Forget a Laundry Hamper/Laundry Basket

Piles of dirty clothes on the floor can ruin the entire look of a room. The obvious solution is to get a laundry basket, but it is important to get one that has style and functionality.

Transfer your laundry to a chic hamper. Don’t forget to choose one that has a lid so you can hide away your clothes in a stylish way.

8. Consider Transparent Bags for Seasonal Clothing

Knowing how to organize your room for the seasons is also the key to a tidy and relaxing space. And one way to do this is by organizing your seasonal clothing in clear bags.

For example, if it is summer, you may want to store your winter clothes and make room for your summertime outfits. Clear wardrobe bags keep things together yet accessible, so you don’t forget what you have. These allow you to put away some of your seasonal clothing and make space for what you need every day.

On top of seasonal clothing, these bags can be used to keep your precious clothing like your wedding dress.

9. Make Space for a Shoe Rack

Shoes can take up large space in a bedroom, especially if you don’t have proper storage for them. To keep your footwear neatly arranged, get yourself a shoe rack or cabinet.

Just because you don’t have a walk-in shoe closet doesn’t mean you can’t display your shoes in style. This compact shoe storage bench can hold up to 16 pairs of shoes. Not only does it majorly clean up floor space, but it looks good too.

10. Use Closet Organizers

closet organizer

You can’t organize your room without organizing your closet! Help keep your closet from spiraling out of control with a closet organizer. Not only do these organizers take advantage of vertical space, but they allow you to see what you have and give you easy access to reach for things while on the go.

Utilizing hanging storage behind your door can give you more space to organize your most cherished footwear too.

11. Keep Your Dresser Tidy With Dividers

Maintaining the tranquil state of your bedroom is not only about keeping the floors cluttered free. It is also about how well you organize your drawers.

Incorporate these dividers in your nightstand or dresser to keep your items in place. What you will love about the dividers is that they are adjustable so they can fit any sized drawer.

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Knowing how to organize your room translates into a stress-free and spotless environment. So whenever you want to tackle a disorganized room, follow these 11 tips.

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