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7 Best Jewelry Boxes for Earrings to Arrange and Showcase Your Favorite Pieces

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Your most cherished earrings deserve the best jewelry boxes when they are not on your ears. Having the best jewelry organizers are a vital part of keeping your jewelry pieces arranged neatly, and ready to grab for special evenings out or for busy mornings.

Whether you own a larger jewelry collection than most people (I am guilty too), or if you travel a lot and carry pieces of jewelry in your purse — consider investing in the best jewelry box for earrings.

When shopping for your own jewelry box, there are several factors you have to keep in mind.

First, you have to pick the right size jewelry box to store all your fine jewelry because they come in different sizes. You also have to select one with proper storage such as large compartments for different types of jewelry like your favorite necklace. Removable drawers are also a handy feature as they will allow you to easily add or remove earrings. And mostly, earring slots in a jewelry box are essential for stopping earrings from getting tangled and lost.

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for your friend, or you need a small jewelry box to keep all your favorite handmade pieces — we’ve got you covered!

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1. Homde Jewelry Organizer

The elegant look of this box will be the perfect home decor for your dresser top. It’s also the best jewelry box for earring lovers that need ample storage for their pretty pieces.

Boasting an impressive star rating of 4.5, this jewelry box features three drawers. The first drawer has three removable six-hole earring cards. Additionally, the bottom drawer stores large rings, while the top compartment has drawers that keep delicate chains.

This small jewelry box also comes with a window that allows you to see all your favorite pieces.

What people love about this jewelry box: “This is a great jewelry box that far exceeded my expectations! I love being able to see my earrings through the front. It’s very well made and very unique.

2. HerFav Acrylic Jewelry Organizer Box

Your enviable collection of earrings deserves the perfect place to be kept securely, so why not consider this pick? It has a fancy velvet lining and an acrylic shell to show off all of your cutest pieces.

This little jewelry box also comes with three storage compartments that have enough space to help you store different sizes of earrings, such as studs and larger items like hoops.

What people love about this jewelry box:Perfect for smaller jewelry. I have probably 30 pairs of stud earrings and needed a better way to store them. This worked perfectly, and I still have room to spare. I love the clear box so I can see what I’m looking for. It doesn’t feel cheaply made and there’s tons of room. Especially with the other drawers for larger pieces. Definitely recommend. It doesn’t take up a lot of space either.

3. Stackers Blush Supersize Jewelry Box Collection

This cute blush pink jewelry box from the Container Store is the right jewelry box if you have large collections of earrings. Built with a cruelty-free, vegan leather exterior, this jewelry box has stackable trays to allow you to keep unlimited jewelry.

It also features a grooved base so that the large compartments stack securely. And if you want, you can easily add on more compartments as your collection grows.

What people love about this jewelry box: I was tired of searching through my old jewelry box for earrings and am thrilled with the new STACKERS I purchased! To have my earrings all separate (I put 2 pr in each compartment) is such a time saver and I’m now wearing earrings that I haven’t worn in quite a while. I added a lidded top and a deep STACKER as well and I’m very pleased!

4. AKOZLIN Large Jewelry Box Organizer

Who said you need a full-length mirror to put on your earrings? You can use the mirror from this jewelry box to help you style your favorite piece of jewelry.

It has six versatile pull-out drawers that can store earrings, necklaces, chains, bracelets, and more. The jewelry cabinets also feature luxe pillows to keep watches.

What people love about this jewelry box:I researched a lot of jewelry boxes before selecting this one. Glad I got this one. It has plenty of drawers. And side panels to hang necklaces. The top opens up to a place where I can keep my pierced earrings. Very handsomely made — so I don’t mind having it out on the counter of my bathroom. I think it will last for years.

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5. Plush Velvet Travel Jewelry Organizer

This travel jewelry case is what you need for your next vacation. It features a variety of roomy sections to organize and keep your necklaces from tangling. And most importantly, it has an earring stud plate that is conveniently located next to the mirror. So whenever you need to fix your earrings at the airport, this travel case will help you out!

What people love about this jewelry box: Absolutely love this! I went on a trip for a week and this helped me stay organized. I wear multiple rings and there were just enough spaces for them. Plenty of room for earrings, necklaces, bracelets! If you’re going on a trip, definitely get this jewelry organizer. It’s not too big or too small. It fit perfectly in my luggage bag.

6. Minggoo Jewelry Organizer Box

If you are into a natural and earthy aesthetic, then this wooden jewelry box is a great option for you! It features five compartments and a big pull-out drawer jewelry box for storing earrings, rings, bracelets, and bangles.

Did we also mention that it has a linen cloth-covered inside? This will keep your jewelry well protected against dust, scratches, and other damages.

What people love about this Jewelry box: “Couldn’t have found a better jewelry box! Love, Love, Love it! The distressed color and size are perfect. I lift the lid with a large mirror and I put my rings as well as earrings in the compartments. The drawer holds my watches and bracelets. Couldn’t be happier.

7. Misaya Earring Jewelry Organizer

How chic is this jewelry organizer? It has 15 small slots and a transparent shell to show off all your beautiful earrings. What we also love about this box is that each partition and drawer are easy to adjust. So you can customize and adapt to fit your needs.

What people love about this jewelry box: “I was hoping to find something simple easy to use to separate my earrings to make it easier to find them quickly. This box has many spots so I can separate all my earrings. And it is in a nice-looking acrylic box with drawers, so I can have it in the bathroom and easily see which earrings I want without having to spend time hunting. I’m quite happy.

By choosing any of these 7 jewelry boxes, you will not have to worry about misplacing your favorite earrings or getting them tangled.

Now that you have sorted out your jewelry collection, it’s time to organize your work closet!

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Best Jewelry Boxes for Earrings


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