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How To Wear the Latest Fall Trends in a Classic Way

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It’s just like clockwork: with a new season comes a new set of trends. And though trends aren’t something we talk about much on this blog, many women are ready to have a bit more fun with fashion this year! As you know, last fall was all about matching lounge sets and staying home, but now, we have places to go and people to see- and more than just on a video call!

When aiming for a classic and timeless wardrobe, we don’t want a closet full of trends, of course, but incorporating a few trendier pieces here and there can be a great way to update your look, try something new, and have fun with fashion. If you’re feeling a bit stale in your style lately, then trends are just one way you can shake it up!

  • Don’t get something you don’t like just because everyone else is wearing it
    Each year, there are about 5-10 things that are considered “what’s hot” and really become popular. Only pick the ones that you actually like! Otherwise, you’ll lose your personal style and individuality. Not only that, but you’ll feel like you’re faking it or forcing it everytime you wear this item. This inauthenticity will show!
  • Only buy things that are realistic for you to wear
    Let’s use the cutout trend as an example. Do you actually have a time and place you can wear a shirt that’s cut to your navel? Even if you really like it, it’s best to make sure that it’s actually practical for your wardrobe. Otherwise, you’ll buy something only to never wear it. Been there, done that! You don’t want your wardrobe to frustrate you, and that’s when happens when it’s full of things you can’t actually wear.
  • Pick the trends you buy wisely
    Some of the best “trends” to get are items that aren’t really trends at all, just certain styles that become more popular during a specific time, such as florals in spring and sweaters in fall. These are practical pieces that are easy enough to incorporate into your wardrobe. An example of an unpractical trend is the mini/micro bag. Cute, but it’s not something that fits into many people’s daily lives. Of course, at the end of the day, it’s your money and you should feel good about how you’re spending it. So if micro bags are your thing, then shop away!
  • Be mindful of how much you spend on trends
    Using the micro bag as an example again, let’s say you have your heart set on this piece and really want to try it out, either just for fun or to see if it’s something you’ll actually want to incorporate into your wardrobe more. Instead of buying the designer version, check out a place like Shein. They usually have their version of the latest trend and it’s a good way to try it out without spending too much. When it comes to a “trend” that you pretty much know is going to come back, such as a cable knit sweater, then choose to invest in this item as you’ll wear it year after year.

Some trends you’ll be seeing this fall season are:

  • Gen-Z fashion (low rise baggy pants, furry collars, midriff tops)
  • Saturated shades and vibrant colors
  • Subtle logos
  • Monochromatic/tonal tailoring
  • Faux fur
  • Ski style
  • Cloud style (puffy coats and purses)
  • Leather (& colored leather coats)
  • 70’s fashion (boho florals, printed pants)
  • Knits (sweaters, sweater vests, crochet, cable knit)

And as far as shoes and accessories, you will probably see a lot of knee-high boots, big carry-all totes, and clogs.

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In this post, I’ll be focusing on how to wear cloud-style, leather, knits, and 70s fashion, as I think those are the most practical!

how to wear fall trends

This puffy cloud look is not only fun but very practical as well, seeing as most vests and coats for fall/winter are naturally puffy anyway! In order to wear this in a classic way, find a cloud coat in a neutral color and pair it with your everyday pieces, such as jeans and ankle boots. Avoid wearing a cloud coat out and about with things like leggings, snow boots, and a beanie as this can give off an “about to hit the slopes” vibe. Unless, of course, that’s what you’re going for!

Shop the looks below:

how to wear fall trends

You don’t need much guidance here because, for the most part, knits are pretty classic on their own! However, if you have your eye set on a knit sweater that is more unique or colorful in nature, then just try to pair it with dark or black bottoms to balance out your look. Finish off this outfit with classic elements, such as loafers or a leather watch.

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Shop the looks below:

how to wear fall trends

Whether it’s a leather shoe, coat, or even a scarf, it all goes! Leather is a great texture to have in your wardrobe for the cooler months as it can easily make an outfit look more interesting. To rock leather in your classic wardrobe, avoid the overly bright shades and choose neutral, muted colors.

Shop the looks below:

how to wear fall trends

70’s inspired knits and prints are having their moment. If full-out groovy goddess is not your thing, then just pick 1 funky geometric print to incorporate into your outfit. Alternatively, if you want to rock a geometric print head to toe, then choose a subtle pattern and color.

Shop the looks below:

Though tonal/monochromatic tailoring isn’t pictured, I find that to be another very practical trend, and thankfully, you don’t have to put much thought into it to rock it in a classic way! A 3 piece suit set is not really something you’d see on the streets every day, so I’d recommend breaking up the pieces. For example, if you wear khaki dress pants and have a khaki blazer, then either pair a khaki basic top underneath or a white t-shirt, but skip the crisp button-down or khaki suit vest.

Trends can help shake up your outfit and by putting a classic twist to it, you’re still able to create a refreshingly timeless look!

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how to wear fall trends
how to wear fall trends


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