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minimalist ffrench capsule wardrobe fall

Minimalist French Capsule Wardrobe for Fall/Winter

Have you been wondering what items you should have in your wardrobe this fall/winter season to emulate a French wardrobe? Good news…you don’t need much! Here are the minimal things that you would need for a French capsule wardrobe for fall and winter. Of course, add in your own things such as basic tops, but use this guide to fill in your gaps for your shopping list this season!

Minimalist French Capsule Wardrobe for Fall/Winter

minimalist french capsule wardrobe

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A question you may be thinking is, “So what makes these items French?” Because everyone can wear clothing pieces like jeans and sweaters…not just French women!

That’s true and the reason these pieces make it in this minimalist French capsule wardrobe is that these are pieces that the majority of French girls tend to wear over and over again.

Of course, I can’t speak for all American and French women, but generally, in America, the go-to outfit for women my age seems to be leggings, boots, and oversized sweaters while in France, the go-to fall outfit seems to be cropped flared jeans, ankle boots, a simple sweater, and an oversized blazer.

People in different cultures and places adopt their unspoken type of style and French women generally take on a classy yet simple wardrobe approach. I hope that clears that up!

Why your wardrobe needs these pieces

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Sweater- Whether it’s a chunky sweater, turtleneck, or cashmere sweater, this clothing item is a staple that’s extremely versatile.
Chunky cardigan-
Cardigans can be worn by themselves or as an extra layer. A great go-to outfit is a cardigan with jeans and ankle boots.
Oversized blazer-
Preferably in plaid or a similar print. These blazers are great for adding a classic touch to your outfit.
Sweater dress- Sweater dress + knee-high boots= a perfect combo. Great for dressing up.
Straight leg jeans- Straight/slim leg jeans are classic that will pair well with everything else on this capsule list.
Cropped flared jeans-
Cropped flares are the go-to with ankle boots and they look good with loafers as well.
Midi skirt-
Mini skirts don’t really fly in fall/winter but midi skirts do. Wear with knee-high boots for a classy look.
Floral dress-
Dark florals still look good in colder seasons. Wear with boots and cardigans to make it look weather appropriate.
Trench coat-
One of the ultimate timeless pieces for fall. Wear with pretty much anything for a classic look.
Long coat- No wardrobe is complete without at least one elegant coat. In this case, elegant means something long in a high-quality fabric.
Faux fur coat- These coats are fun to wear because not only are they warm, but they add great texture to your look.
Ankle boots- If you don’t have ankle boots yet then these are a must-have. Get a pair with a walkable heel too so not only will they be versatile, but they’ll be outfit elevating as well.
Knee-high boots- Tall knee-high boots with a heel are a super chic way to stay warm and protect your legs from the winter elements. They can be worn under skirts or dresses and over jeans.
Loafers- Great for fall. You can even wear socks with them too. No, it’s not dorky when done right!

From what I can tell, French women like to keep their accessories simple. A small and simple handbag seems to be the go-to in winter. Accessorize your outfit with gold jewelry and you are good to go!

Before you go, I of course have to leave you with several outfit ideas using the items on this list!

sweater outfit ideas
dark floral dress outfit ideas

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