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I Let My Husband Dress Me For A Week

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There are countless benefits to having a cohesive and timeless wardrobe and one of the biggest benefits is that it makes getting dressed so much easier. Instead of spending hours agonizing over what to wear, putting together a stylish outfit becomes second nature. I think all women should enjoy the perks of being effortlessly stylish and having a wardrobe that just looks good together. (So much so that I even made a course about how to achieve that!)

And though creating outfits has become second nature to me now, I wanted to experiment and put my wardrobe to the test. With the right wardrobe pieces and the right colors, can anyone put together good outfits? Or do you have to have some sort of innate style ability?

My husband volunteered as tribute for this experiment. (Er, graciously agreed after I begged him.)

So let’s see what happens when someone with no style (his words not mine) attempts to style outfits in a streamlined wardrobe. Let the experiment commence: I let my husband dress me for the week!


poncho | loafers (similar) | tee | jeans (similar)

Titus came out swinging with a strong look for a Monday haha. And though the look isn’t necessarily bad in and of itself, it felt like a little overkill for a playdate (and yes, I told him what was on my calendar).

I thought he did a good job making the outfit feel complete (many guys don’t pay any attention to accessories), but I did change into something I felt was a little more relaxed. I kept the jeans, tee, and necklace though!

My Edits

bag | sneakers


tee | chambray shirt (similar) | pants | tote bag | loafers (similar)

For the best kind of appointment ever (not), Titus was looking for something casual yet nice. To be honest, I think he nailed it! Though the pants look fancy, they are so comfortable and one of my new favorite things in my wardrobe.

He added the chambray shirt to “give an extra layer” and “dress down the look” (I think he reads my blog, guys!) and this is a look I’d probably end up putting together myself.

playdate, get together with sister

top (similar) | pants | sneakers

He took my notes when I said the first playdate look was a little too dressy and dressed this day’s outfit down with pull-on pants and white sneakers. Yet, with a classic Breton sweater, it still looks pretty chic!

One small thing is that I like to wear my shirts tucked in, and that’s harder to do with a sweater like this (there are pockets in the front though you can’t see them in the picture). Still, not bad!

dinner with friends

moto jacket (similar) | tee | ankle boots (similar)

He said, “yesterday was casual, I’ve got to make it cool today.” Though I appreciate the sentiment, I felt like this look was a little much for hanging out at a friend’s house eating dinner with our kids haha.

I did change into something more casual by the end of the day (leggings haha), but this could be a nice option if you’re going out to eat with friends at a cool restaurant or getting drinks at a hip bar.

bank appointment

blazer (similar) | shirt | pants | loafers (similar)

I think this is perfect for any type of professional event. Loafers keep it feeling a bit more casual and not too dressy! No complaints here.

home day

sweatshirt | joggers

For a rainy day lounging at home, this seemed perfect!


scarf (similar) | pants (similar) | ankle boots (similar)

The outfits up to this point weren’t bad but this outfit was a miss. Though it technically matches, the proportions are off.

Looser pants are usually best paired with a fitted shirt and especially with paper bag waist pants- it’s necessary to have a shirt that can be tucked in to show off the waist detail. Otherwise, you will add a lot of fluff around your waist.

Secondly, a scarf around the neck is not needed with a turtleneck. It’s not a hard and fast rule and sometimes it works, but in this case, it looks overwhelming and bulky.

I’ve got a reputation to uphold haha, so I kept the pants and swapped out the other items to wear to church.

My Edits

shirt (similar) | pants (similar) | shoes (similar)

Much better! The previous outfit makes me look bulky, while the second outfit shapes my figure better.

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How do you think he did? Any lightbulb moments? I think if you have a curated wardrobe, it’s really easy to put together outfits- whether you work in fashion or retirement. No special fashion sauce needed!

If you want some resources that can help you put together that curated wardrobe, then check out my How to Build a Wardrobe From Scratch store!


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