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6 Investment Pieces To Have by the Time You Turn 50

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When we’re younger, we often gravitate to shopping only at fast fashion stores because of the price tag, and because we’re still figuring out our style and how we want to dress. It’s hard not to get influenced, and trends also typically influence us more when we’re younger, and so we cycle through clothes much faster. (Does this sound familiar?) One of the definite perks of getting older is also getting wiser about how we want to look, and what we feel good about wearing. (And caring less what people think!)

As you gain wisdom about your style and start building a quality capsule wardrobe full of pieces you love and that inspire you, it’s a great time to start thinking about what pieces you want to invest in. If you only have these 6 “splurges” in your life, let it be these! Here’s a list of investment pieces to have by the time you turn 50.

1. Wool Coat

wool camel coat

coat options: camel wool coat, long peacoat, belted coat

Though it may not be applicable to every climate, a wool coat is a great investment piece, because, in the colder months, it’s a piece you might end up reaching for daily! And not to mention the style value that it brings to your outfits. (We’re talking real classy and expensive here.)

When you’re out and about, it’s also the first thing that someone will notice about your outfit. If any piece of clothing sets a first impression, it’s your coat, so it’s well worth investing in one that pairs well with most of your wardrobe, is comfortable, and fits your body well.

If your location doesn’t support a wool coat, you still have some options. Your first idea is to opt for a camel sweater blazer or jacket if that color suits your skin tone. Camel is a color that looks instantly luxe, but black, dark gray, and navy blue work too. Or how about a trench coat? It’s lighter than a wool coat, but still chic and effortless.

Whether you get a wool belted coat, a peacoat, or a light jacket, when in doubt, focus on good tailoring. No, you don’t have to send your clothes to a tailor (unless you want to), but if you purchase an item that looks sharp and well-suited to your body, it goes a long way to elevate your look!

2. Blazer

black blazer outfit

blazer options: structured, oversized, smart

If you invest in a quality, well-made blazer that’s versatile, I can say this: You won’t regret it. There are so many options to choose from, so you can tailor which style, fabric, and color you might want based on the rest of your wardrobe.

No matter which you choose, it will add structure and elegance to whatever you pair it with – whether you’re wearing it over jeans and tee, or with a blouse and trousers to work. Whether you’re 28 or 58, older or younger, a blazer will elevate your look and the way you feel about yourself. Really.

Not sure which colors you should be purchasing a blazer and the rest of these investment pieces in? When adding clothes to your wardrobe, it’s important to follow a color palette to ensure a cohesive wardrobe. Don’t know where to start with choosing a color palette? I created a resource for you that will help you build your wardrobe from scratch!

3. Leather Shoes

cardigan and loafers outfit

shoe options: loafers, ballet flats, or sandals

Shoes in 100% leather are more than worth the price tag, especially as you get older. I know you know this, but comfortable, well-made shoes are so important for your posture and health.

Genuine leather not only molds to your feet over time but holds up well under daily wear and tear, so it will last for much longer than other materials. Plus, leather is actually a very breathable material, so leather sandals in the summer are a great option to help keep cool, too!

Purchasing genuine leather shoes is an investment, of course, but whenever you can purchase a genuine, real material, you’re not only making a wise choice by choosing quality or quantity, but you’re investing in the way you feel about yourself. No, that’s not just some weird justification – it’s true! I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m wearing something that I invested in, the way I feel about my outfit improves, and my confidence grows.

4. Leather Handbag

leather handbag, investment pieces by your 50s

handbag options: shoulder bag, tote, crossbody

On the topic of leather, choosing leather for your handbag material is a great decision for long-lasting durability. It’s a smart investment piece because if you’re using it every day (or even most days), you’ll want a material that will last over time and still look polished, even years into the future. And even if it gets a few scratches, leather can develop a nice patina over time instead of just looking like it’s ready to be updated.

Leather is a classic, timeless material that will never go out of style. Plus, it’s versatile in the fact that it can pair well with both casual and more formal attire. But if you’d rather purchase faux/vegan, there are some good options out there! Just look at quality retailers for a well-made alternative.

5. Straight Leg Jeans

straight leg jean outfit

jean options: madewell, j.crew, everlane

I get it – so many jean styles come and go in popularity, and if you find yourself too wrapped up in the trend cycle, you’ll find it hard to keep up. Though experimenting with your denim style can be exciting, and yes, fashion should be fun, don’t let what’s popular at the moment replace what’s timeless.

Once you find a quality pair of straight-leg jeans, free of rips and holes, you’ll find yourself reaching for them all the time. Straight-leg jeans are easy to pair with almost any style of shoe and are a long-lasting look that doesn’t fall victim to trends.

When you spend more on your jeans, you’re paying for better, longer-lasting denim. Plus, a good fit in jeans is so important, and it will make a big difference in the look and how you feel in them if you spend a little more.

6. A Luxe Accessory

chanel skincare flatlay

accessory options: pearl earrings, watch, necklace, silk scarf

Choosing a luxe accessory that fits your personal style, whether that’s pearl earrings, a high-end watch, a designer handbag, a gold necklace, or a silk scarf, will help pull your style together with a signature piece.

Investing in something that you love and that fits your individual taste will add a unique element to your wardrobe that will always be special because it feels so “you.” If this is your signature style, you’re probably going to want to wear this often, so choosing this item to be a “splurge” won’t go to waste.

You probably already know that there are a lot of lists out there about what to get by the time you’re 30, but investing in these pieces takes time, and it may take until you’re 50 (or older!) to have that “eureka” moment where the style puzzle finally clicks in place for you, so to speak, and you feel ready to invest.

The point is, it’s okay to move at your own pace and it’s okay if your list looks different than someone else’s! That’s what makes style fun – even when we work from the same wardrobe principles, style manifests itself differently because we put our own unique spin on it. So, take the investment pieces idea that resonates with you, and pass on the rest!

Not sure what your signature style should be? Follow this guide so you can start dressing in a way that feels like you: How to Dress Your Style and Choose Pieces That Will Perfectly Complement Your Signature Look


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