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Our European-Inspired Rental House Tour

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It’s been about 1 month of living in this new rental and I can’t quite believe it. I guess time flies when you’re not watching the calendar! To catch you up: 18 months ago we embarked on our dream of building a home. The market was hot with a capital H, so we decided to sell our home at that time since we were going to end up selling it anyway. Our plan was to rent for around 6 months since that was our “very realistic timeline” given to us by our builder. Well…fast forward. It didn’t get done in 6 months (or even 8 – which is what we were really hoping for). We are still working on it!

Of course, that’s just the way things are. It would be unrealistic to build a home and think everything is going to go your way. And to be fair, we took advantage of the delays to tweak the plans and we are building a slightly more complicated and detailed house than what we originally set out to. More details = more time

We are still beyond thankful for the privilege to build a home and even though it’s been a very challenging process at times, we recognize that there are so many who would love the opportunity to do something like this.

As a result of this long process, we’ve had to do a little house hopping. When we sold our house, we couldn’t find a suitable rental right away so we stayed at our empty friend’s house for a few months. That house sold so we signed a year lease at this house. That lease was up and we couldn’t do month-to-month (nor move into the build because it’s not livable), forcing us to find a new place…which leads us to where we are now!

The Bluff House

european house on the bluff

We’ve given each of our rental homes a name and we’ve dubbed this one “the bluff house” because it’s on top of a bluff. It’s a hidden gem and I can’t quite believe we get to be here!

It’s a night and day difference going from our 1400 sq ft college rental that smells like weed and cat pee to an almost 6000 sq ft house on 3 acres! The house we are building is not even in comparison to this house, so it’s fun to play “manor living” for a few months.

Let’s explore the grounds, shall we?

I don’t have a lot of history on the home, besides it was built in 1994 by a couple and then sold to a development group (which is who we are renting it from now). The exterior is just so timeless and beautiful to me and it just shows the power of all the details – such as shutters, grid windows, stucco window trim, a brick driveway, and a terracotta roof, to name a few.

One of my favorite features about the exterior is the courtyard. Anytime it’s sunny you’ll find me outside sitting on my cafe bistro set reading a book or sipping on a drink while I watch the boys play.

I did not photograph every room in the house, but here are some specs as an overview: 5800 square feet with an unfinished basement, 4 fireplaces, 3 garages, 4 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms, 2 staircases, bonus garage space, bonus game room, and 3 acres.

None of this is a brag by the way, because well, it’s not my house haha! I didn’t build it nor do I own it. It just feels like we’re renting a really cool Airbnb and it’s fun to share!


Though some of the features reveal it’s an older home, there’s still a lot more character to love, starting with the foyer. It’s such a grand statement!


There’s a formal dining room as well as an eat-in kitchen. The dining table furniture set was already here. This is where we eat as a family and it has lovely views all around.


We call this the sitting room, though I assume it’s a formal living room. This 2-story home is very traditional with its layout and I can see a lot of benefits to this arrangement.

sitting room

Obviously, I have not really decorated this house nor do I plan to. And even if I wanted to, I don’t have enough furniture and decor to go around!


The kitchen has ample storage and even a panel-ready fridge. One of my favorite features is a bar and sink area hidden behind the wall cabinets. This house was really ahead of its time.

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I didn’t photograph all the bathrooms, but this one gives you a pretty good idea about what they look like.



My office is very bare boned, but it has a lovely view overlooking the courtyard.



We spend a lot of our time in this sun-soaked living room!

The stairs lead to the second level and the bedrooms.


The primary suite is so dreamy. A large bedroom (complete with a fireplace) as well as a large bathroom and a walk-in closet. Wow!

(By the way, we are not usually fans of TVs in bedrooms – this is just a short-term thing.)

And yes, I do soak in that tub. Almost every night!


Though I’m a nature girl at heart, I’ve got to admit, seeing the sun rise over the city is pretty amazing!

The house is in great condition and I can tell a lot of love went into building this home. If you’re wondering how long we’ll be here, well, I am too!

But to best answer your question, we’re in a very flexible arrangement. We signed a 3-month lease and can go month to month after that if we need to. I really have no idea when our house will be done – summer is my guess!

But now that we have the privilege to take a deep sigh of relief because we aren’t getting kicked out anywhere, we are channeling our energy to enjoying the house and property with our boys while we can.

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