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8 Parisian Home Decor Trends (& How To Get the Look)

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When I was in Paris with my cousin, we did as girls do in one of the world’s top fashion capitals- we shopped. And though designer stores like Chanel and Hermès seem to be on every block as Starbucks is to the US, spending our savings on one item is not exactly our idea of a good time.

(But seriously- you have to be invited to purchase an Hermès Birkin bag, and it will set you back about 30k up to 200k+, depending on the style.)

So instead, we had fun exploring Printemps and Galeries Lafayette, massive department stores. And though you can still purchase high-end designers here, spend-conscious lovers rejoice-there are plenty of budget-friendly options too.

Since I study Parisian fashion so closely already, I was interested in wandering through the home levels instead to see what home decor styles were popular.

After all, these are department stores that Parisians actually shop at for their groceries and home decor (I saw many!), even if they do attract a lot of tourists.

Based on my findings in Paris, here are some Parisian home decor trends (and just their standard designs) as well as how you can get the look for yourself!

1. Luxe Textiles

From linen throw blankets to boucle curtains, Parisians are all about the high-quality textiles. But are we surprised? Just like their fashion, they opt for luxe materials.

The right curtains can really transform your space and a neutral hue is usually the best pick as it can complement a variety of styles. But if you want to add some personality, you can choose a subtle print that still adds a punch.

Layering throw blankets on your couch create a collected and homey touch. You can either choose a print that ties in your space or stick with your favorite neutrals.

The most popular prints are abstract and modern or ones that give a vintage, Persian look.

Get the look:

2. Architectural Vases and Pots

Parisian home decor trends

When it comes to the top Parisian decor piece(s) to have (and if an antique gold mirror and marble fireplace are unattainable), then start small with a vase.

Both decoration and practical, this item can be used in a variety of spaces and for different decor styles. Whether you style it with fresh or dried flowers or keep it plain, styling a vase on a mantle or coffee table is such a French thing to do!

Get the look:

3. Velvet Throw Pillows

velvet throw pillows

This luxe material is the perfect way to add an elevated and homey touch to your living room or bedroom.

Not only can velvet throw pillows potentially make your home look more expensive, but it’s the perfect decor piece to experiment with different colors, textures, and prints without committing to a statement couch.

Get the look:

4. Modern Art, Furniture, & Prints

Though I’m in favor of the timeless grand Versaille look that we think of when we think of Parisian home decor, you can’t deny that Parisian home decor is heavily influenced by modern style too.

If you look closely at the picture above, you’ll notice a mid-century modern chair, a bold patterned rug, modern art, and lamps that look like spaceships. Though I personally wouldn’t outfit my home in full-on modern style, incorporating a few pieces here and there is a great way to have a collected look and balance out the grand decor.

Dip your toes into the modern style by incorporating a few fashion-forward modern art prints into your home office. Not to discredit an artist because I know it’s way harder than it looks, but if you’re feeling crafty you can try to DIY a modern art piece. It’s a lot of random shapes and lines that you could probably make look good!

Get the look:

5. Subdued Colors

home department store in Paris

Though Parisians’ furniture may mostly be neutral, it doesn’t mean a Parisian apartment looks like an asylum. Through curtains, pillows, and throw blankets, you can bring in color to create a rich and inviting space.

The key is to choose rich, subdued colors. Just like in French fashion, you’d be hard-pressed to find neon anywhere. Instead, opt for a burnt orange, a rich green, or a calming blue.

Get the look:

6. Candles & Candlesticks

Parisian home decor

Whether you’re using them to dress up a fireplace mantle or a don a dining table, candlesticks add a homey touch and quite literally, a glow to your whole space.

This is such a practical decor piece that you can’t afford not to have. Not only can it be used for entertaining your dinner guests or setting the mood in your bedroom at night, but you can also switch out the candlesticks (affordably) and have fun trying out different styles and decorating for the seasons.

Get the look:

7. Round Coffee Tables & End Tables

home department store in Paris

Part of interior design is playing around with scale and shape. And one new shape to try that can change up the feel of your room is an oval (or a circle).

If you’ve always had a square or rectangle coffee table, consider opting for an oval one instead. Not only is it more kid-friendly should you have a family, but this shape lends a fresher look to your living space and gives some modern, architectural flair.

Get the look:

8. White Couches

home department store in Paris

Neutral couches set the scene for your personal style to shine. This square arm couch style has been increasing in popularity lately, and it’s the perfect pick for a variety of homes.

Usually, certain couch styles already lend themselves to a certain style (such as a rolled arm sofa for a cottage look), but this minimalist style can work whether your home taste is Parisian or farmhouse.

If you like color, you can accessorize the couch with throw blankets and pillows and keep a printed rug nearby.

Get the look:

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Where to get the Parisian Modern Look

If you like this look of Parisian meets modern, then you’ll love shopping at these retailers:

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From earthy colors to abstract artwork and geometric lines, it’s clear that the Parisian style is currently having a lot of bohemian and modern influences. Mixed with their signature gold mirrors and Persian-style rugs, mixing these design styles can create a home that feels unique, cozy, and collected.

To see how you can create an outdoor space that emulates a Parisian garden, check out How to Create a Parisian Courtyard (Using Ideas Straight From Paris!)

parisian home decor trends
Parisian home decor trends


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