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The One Trend Everyone Can Wear This Summer | Coastal Grandmother Style

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If you are short on summer fashion inspiration, then trying out the latest TikTok trend, the Coastal Grandmother aesthetic, is the perfect way to get you out of a style rut. I know what you might be thinking, “I’m too old for TikTok trends.” And yes, most style ideas that come from TikTok are for the younger generation, but this is a trend all classy fashion lovers can actually get behind!

If this is your first time hearing the term “Coastal Grandmother”, it is a fun TikTok fashion trend that was started by Lex Nicoleta. Chances are if you are into minimalist and classic summer fashion, you may already be dressing this way! But now it’s just cool. Gotta love fashion, right?

In a TikTok, Nicoleta described the aesthetic as “Nancy Meyers chic.” Think sophisticated coastal fashion vibes that match a Hamptons-style kitchen that’s complete with open shelving and a vase of flowers on the large island.

If you are familiar with iconic Nancy Meyers movies like It’s Complicated and Something’s Gotta Give, then you are already aware of this aesthetic without even realizing it.

Remember Diane Keaton as Erica and Meryl Streep as Jane? Whether you like these movies or not, I think we can all agree that they had impeccable fashion taste either way.

Diane Keaton Coastal Grandmother style
Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give

These women are the ultimate inspiration behind the Coastal Grandmother style. None of their outfits were trend-driven. The looks oozed coastal minimalism. Their ocean-side style followed a neutral color palette of white, cream, and taupe. And as for the fabrics? The Coastal Grandmother-style muses wore linen, cashmere, and cotton. 

The best part about this style? It’s for all ages! Yes, most of my mature readers would never partake in TikTok trends (I myself don’t even have TikTok), but this is a style that everyone can rock effortlessly- and look chic while doing so. If there’s one trend to get behind this season, this is it!

Are you convinced yet? If you want to live out the Coastal Grandmother aesthetic this summer, below you will find out exactly how to get the look.

1. Bucket Hat

When you think of the phrase “Coastal Grandmother”, images of a woman wearing a bucket hat while taking a stroll on the beach on a sunny afternoon comes to mind. (Kind of like the scene from Something’s Gotta Give.)

If you want to channel your inner Dianne Keaton, accessorize with a crisp white bucket hat. It is a stylish and practical summer staple that adds a youthful touch to your look.

coastal grandmother style

2. Cropped Khaki Pants

Pay homage to Nancy Meyers films with a classy pair of khaki pants. These pants scream the effortlessly elegant vibe of a relaxed and fashionable mature woman who lives by the ocean.

The cropped pants are great for the summer. The hem is not too long to get caught in the water and they are a good length to wear with some casual cute sandals. 

coastal grandmother style 3

3. White Open Front Cardigan

A white open-front cardigan? It doesn’t get more Nancy Meyers than this. Just envision yourself pouring a glass of wine for your guests at your farmhouse-style patio.

This classic outerwear will also keep you warm from the cold ocean breeze, as you enjoy a picnic with your loved ones. 

4. White T-Shirt 

Capture the aesthetic of the Coastal Grandmother by sporting a white T-shirt. You can’t go wrong with a high-quality white tee. It is the perfect top to style with a white cardigan and khaki pants.

5. White Linen Shirt 

No Coastal Grandmother wardrobe is complete without a linen shirt! These white linen shorts are usually paired with matching white trousers to give an outfit a comfy and chic appeal. 

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6. Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater 

A cashmere sweater will forever be the ultimate classic wardrobe staple for a coastal grandmother.

It’s cozy enough to wear on summer nights outside with family, yet it is very fashionable to style with khaki pants or loose linen pants

coastal grandmother style 3

7. Flat Mules or Sandals

Coastal Grandmothers love to keep their outfits relaxed and fashionable. You won’t find them wearing sky-high heels or any footwear that will compromise their comfort. They prefer to wear their favorite pair of flat mules with summer-ready outfits.

8. White Scarf

A timeless white scarf would fit right into the aesthetic of a Nancy Meyers movie. This accessory has the power to make your outfit look extra expensive.

When it is styled with a white t-shirt or linen shirt, the ultimate minimalist beach outfit is formed.

coastal grandmother style 3

9. Linen Pants

Being a Coastal Grandmother is all about enjoying sunsets, drinking summer cocktails, and wearing breezy linen pants. They are one of the best pant styles to wear on a scorching hot summer day because they are breathable and versatile.

You can accompany linen pants with flat mules or sandals and a white shirt for an easy-breezy look.

10. Light Blue Button-Down Shirt 

For days when you want to look fabulously stylish at the farmer’s market or garden, take style notes from the It’s complicated garden scene by dressing up in a light blue button-down shirt. It pairs well with both casual jeans and breathable linen pants. 

This classic blue linen shirt is the best pick for a low-maintenance summer look. It is lightweight, breathable, and has a relaxed silhouette. It’s just what you need to master the Coastal grandmother aesthetic. 

coastal grandmother style 3

11. Retro Sunglasses

Every Coastal Grandmother needs a pair of sunglasses for the summer season. Choose a slimmer oval design for a retro look (à la Diane Keaton) or opt for a classic black design for a luxe summer look.

12. Straw or Woven Bag 

It is easy to see why Coastal Grandmothers love carrying around a woven tote bag. This accessory embodies all the relaxing vibes of the summer. Whether you need a bag to accompany you to the beach or farmer’s market, a woven, straw, or wicker bag is a perfect pick.

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Want to embody a cozy and minimalistic look this summer? Following this classy Coastal Grandmother trend will allow you to do just that.

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