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Parisian Living Room Decor That Will Elevate Your Space

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The living room is more than just a place to binge-watch Netflix shows. Not only is it a place to spend time with loved ones and entertain guests, but this living space can be a great retreat for you and your family as well. The Parisian style has always been the go-to way to elevate your fashion sense, but it is also a style that you can use to transform your living room and make it elegant! If your current living room design and decor pieces are in need of a refresher, update your precious space with this Parisian living room decor.

Before you start adding Parisian living room decor to your space, it’s helpful to have the following architectural details first:

1. Wood Floors: Parquet or Herringbone wooden floors are a common element that you will find in Parisian living rooms and dining rooms. This type of flooring is worth the investment because it is timeless and versatile and will give lots of character and charm to your space. The wood pairs well with both antique furniture and modern furniture too.

2. White Walls: The color palette the Parisians use for their living room is neutral hues. Think white, grey, and a warm off-white. This color palette is a great solution to make a living room look airy and/or modern.

3. Marble Fireplace: Nothing exudes chic like a white marble fireplace. This sophisticated feature is a work of art and will make a big difference in your living room. An ideal accent to pair with a fireplace is a vintage mirror. Other vintage pieces can also be gold candlesticks.

4. Decorative Molding: French interiors boast decorative molding. These features make the living room look elegant and interesting.

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5. High Ceilings: You either have these or you don’t, but an important element to include in your Parisian living room (if you are building new) is high ceilings. If you have a small space, high ceilings will help make your room look bigger. Plus, with high ceilings, you get to add impressive chandeliers!

Now it’s time to scroll on to find Parisian living room decor that will add that certain je ne sais quoi to your space!

1. Gold Mirror

The first thing to do if you want to make your living room feel like it came from a French interior design Pinterest board is to add a gold gilded mirror.

This gold mirror will be the perfect focal point on a fireplace. The traditional design is also the perfect ingredient to give your cozy space a Parisian vibe.

Take interior style notes from Parisian apartments by elevating the look of your living room with a floor mirror. This classic element makes a living room wall look instantly chic.

2. Coffee Table

Considering both function and aesthetics, coffee tables are one of the most important pieces in the room, so it is important to choose the right one to complete your living space!

Think of how a French-style coffee table with glass and antique elements will complement your wooden floors. If your personal style leans towards a mid-century contemporary design, coffee tables with modern and fun elements are suitable for you.

However, if you favor furniture with an antique touch, traditional French coffee tables will work well in your living room. Parisian style is a little eclectic after all, so don’t stress about having everything look picture perfect.

The fun part about coffee tables is deciding what decorations to add! Give your coffee a Parisian flair with a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Real flowers add a sweet and homey touch to a living room. Sentimental items like travel souvenirs are also great pieces to add. It makes the coffee table look like a personalized piece of art.

3. Crystal Chandeliers

The best Parisian interiors always feature a gorgeous vintage-inspired chandelier. Not only do they improve the overall ambiance of your living room, but it also makes a chic statement in a living room.

If you have outdated light fixtures, swap them out for crystal chandeliers with a Parisian charm for an instant makeover.

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4. Chic Couch & Floor lamps

The sofa that you pick for your living room can either make or break your space. After all, it is the piece of furniture that is the center of attention in the room!

Consider switching your outdated sofas for a modern or polished classic design. And since your living room decor is inspired by the city of love, why not add some loveseats to your living room?

You could also layer your space with accent chairs. Finish off your space with classic floor lamps next to your accent chairs for a refined look.

5. Wall Sconces

Bring some life to your living room with wall sconces. These light fixtures will pair well with your crystal chandeliers. Plus, they effortlessly complement luxurious wall moldings.

Pro Tip: Don’t overwhelm your living room with too many wall sconces because they can take away space for other decorations. Be strategic with where you place your wall sconces. This could be a corner of a room that needs more light or above a piece of beautiful furniture that you want to highlight in the room.

6. Luxurious Tapestries

Luxurious floor tapestries, or rugs, bring the perfect balance to a single-hued living room. The bright colors also add a good dose of warmth and comfort in a plain space.

7. Bust

Inject some European historic flair in your living room with a bust. You can display your elegant bust on your fireplace to create a high-end vibe in your living room.

Surround your bust with some vintage candle holders to complete your Parisian-inspired look.

8. Picture Frames

Make your most cherished photos with family and friends stand out with fashionable picture frames! You can hang up this golden set as a gallery wall in your living room or use it as a stand-alone decor piece on your fireplace.

The frames match well with the gold gilded mirrors and this can help your living room look well put together.

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Interior decorating can be difficult. Not only are there countless different types of decor on the market, but it can be hard to know which one will work for a Parisian room. And not to mention, figuring out the technically correct way to place decor in a living room is extra challenging!

Now with these eight Parisian living room decor ideas, you are well on your way to giving your old space the best makeover. After all, Paris is the epicenter of luxury, so it would be one of the best places to refer to when decorating a living room space!

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