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7 Chic Ways to Wear a Brooch (That Aren’t Old-Fashioned)

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The first thing that probably comes to your mind when you think of a brooch is something outdated that only your mom or grandma would wear, right? Though I’d argue that you can still be “grandma chic”, I’d argue even more that there is nothing outdated about a brooch and instead, it’s timeless! If you’re looking for a way to add a classic element to your outfit, consider accessorizing with these 7 chic and timeless ways to wear a brooch. There’s nothing old-fashioned about these looks!

Before we get into the brooch outfits, it’s important to do a quick overview of the type of best brooches to use.

I was lucky enough to find my vintage Chanel brooch used at an agreeable price (birthday present to myself), but it certainly does not have to be designer to be chic.

The best type of brooches to use would be ones that look a little bit more current. Perhaps they are subtle or maybe even sparkly, but they aren’t cheesy. Below are the styles I personally would avoid. But I’d say wear whatever makes you happy!

Proceed With Caution:

  • Cameo Brooch- Some would argue that it’s timeless, but this style has a tendency to lean more towards old-fashioned. Though there are updated versions of this style that can look chic.
  • Animals- Though I think bees and beetle brooches are cool, other animals and insects like a hummingbird, owl, or butterfly can tend to be a little bit cheesy.
  • Anything Gaudy/Overdone- Anything too literal (wearing a snowflake brooch in winter) or over the top (a rainbow sequined daisy) can lean towards old-fashioned and miss the chic element.

Chic Designer Brooches

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1. On a Coat Lapel

If in the fall and winter you find your cold-weather outfits missing that certain something, consider adding a sparkly brooch to your coat lapel.

It’s a subtle way of completing your outfit and since coats with a lapel/collar are generally classier, well, a brooch was just made for coat styles like these!

purse (similar) | coat | jeans | heels (similar)

2. On a Beret

This easy-to-copy outfit consisting of a striped sweater, black pants, ballet flats, beret, and brooch, is the perfect way to add a bit of French flair to your outfit.

Coco Chanel was frequently photographed wearing a brooch on her beret so copying this style tip is perfect for those that love the chic inspiration of iconic Chanel.

sweater (similar) | pants | flats

3. With Leather Shorts

No one will confuse you with looking outdated while wearing a pair of leather shorts! Mixing classy with trendy is a great way to add a current look to these otherwise timeless accessories.

A black and white color combination certainly doesn’t hurt to add that chic element to your outfit as well.

cardigan | shorts (similar)

4. Pinned to a Silk Scarf On Your Bag

For a unique way to wear your brooch, why not style your accessory with an accessory (or two)?

Pinning your brooch to an effortlessly tied silk scarf on your purse is a subtle way to showcase your new favorite accessory.

scarf | pants

5. On a Cardigan

Cardigans are a wardrobe staple, ensuring a spot in almost every woman’s wardrobe. And since this staple item gets worn a lot, it’s easy to think of it as boring.

Banish any doubt of a cardigan being a boring wardrobe piece by adding a brooch to it! There’s nothing quite like a sparkly accessory to make this versatile piece feel new again.

leather pants

6. Pinned to Your Shirt Collar

A brooch pinned to the opening of your shirt collar has the same effect as a necklace while being a touch more unique.

7. Holding Your Scarf Together

Silk scarf, linen scarf, cotton scarf- oh my! Because of the vast scarf styles and ways they can be tied, there is no limit to how you can style this look.

A brooch pinned to a scarf is a stylish way to wear both of these classic pieces.

loafers | pants | scarf

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Additional ideas include pinning it to a denim jacket or a graphic tee. Mixing styles (casual and classic) is a great way to update your look and this timeless piece.

With these brooch outfit ideas, now you can style this accessory in new ways- no more just pinning it to your shirt and leaving it at that!

To become a style expert on elevating your outfit with accessories, it can be helpful to learn the basics first. Keep reading for How to Accessorize and Complete Your Outfit (for Beginners)!

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