playroom wall decor ideas

15 Playful and Fun Playroom Wall Decor Ideas for Every Style

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Now that we’re building a home, for the first time, we’re going to have a real proper playroom! Up until now, we’ve always just carved out a small area in a bigger room or basement, and though there’s certainly nothing wrong with that and more than what some people get, I’m excited to have a dedicated room for my boys that’s decorated for littles, but most of all, I’m excited to have a door to hide away the mess. (Parents, you get it.)

In the search for our own playroom decor, I came across so many cute playroom decorations. If you’re looking to refresh or decorate your playroom or play space, keep scrolling for some of the cutest playroom wall decor ideas. And here’s a sneak peek of what I’m planning for ours:

playroom wall decor ideas

1. Kid’s Picture Display

My favorite way to decorate a playroom is to let the kids decorate it. It’s a great idea because kids of all ages feel involved and more invested in the room. (And maybe more invested in keeping it clean? We can only hope.)

You can choose front-opening picture frames to make a gallery wall or just a simple picture display hanger to easily swap out the kid’s latest crafts. Not all the playroom walls need to be covered in DIY art pieces, but even if it’s just a small area, it’s the perfect way to make the play area feel customized and personal.

2. Plush Animal Heads

These plush animal heads add a touch of whimsy to a child’s playroom. You can collect different heads and create a gallery wall or make a statement with just one!

3. Drawing Board

dry erase drawing board

This double-sided drawing board in its playful wooden house design is not only a fun way to encourage creativity, but it makes for a cute wall decoration too.

4. Chalkboard Wall

A chalkboard wall can make for a fun and versatile wall decoration. Not only is this one of the easier DIY projects to do because all you need are some painting supplies and a can of chalkboard paint, but it’s the playroom wall decor idea that keeps on giving!

Kids can practice creative expression and enjoy creating fun designs. It’s the one area where they can draw on the wall. Alternatively, this accent wall can be used as part of your homeschooling and be a place to practice writing lessons or jot down the lesson plan.

5. Educational Playroom Signs

Some families like to have a dual-purpose kids’ playroom, a space used for both learning and play. However you decide to use your room, it’s never a bad idea to use available wall space to slip in an educational playroom sign or two.

Cute wall decor that doubles as something educational is one of the best fun ways to keep your kids looking at numbers, colors, and shapes!

6. Sensory Boards

An aesthetically pleasing sensory board is a win for all! Plus, a sensory board has many benefits, including helping to develop fine motor skills and encourage curiosity. Not only will it look good on your wall, but it will do good for your kids too.

7. Bookshelves

Necessary and practical items like bookshelves can count as wall decor too! The perfect place to install these is next to some chairs or floor cushions so the kids can easily grab their favorite book and settle in to read.

For a modern playroom, choose white or acrylic bookshelves, and to add a touch of warmth, go for natural wood.

8. Letter Board

Letter boards peaked in popularity 3-4 years ago and though they’re not as trendy anymore, they’re still a popular decor piece. And though maybe you’re tired of seeing letter boards everywhere, this can be a good option for playroom wall decor.

Preschool-aged kids can experiment with spelling letters or you can surprise school-aged kids with a sweet message from mom or dad!

9. Magnet Board

For an alternative to the letter board, try a magnet board instead. You can hang up pictures and cute notes, or you can get some playful fridge magnets for kids and let them use the magnet board to tell stories.

10. Wall Decals

If you want to switch up the look of your decor without committing to painting a wall every time you change your mind, then wall decals are perfect for you.

Affordable and easy to apply, removable peel-and-stick decals come in numerous styles and can match any aesthetic.

11. Aesthetically Pleasing Wall Storage

To maximize your space and wallet, invest in some beautiful storage solutions. From whimsical hooks to wall baskets, storage that is nice to look at is a great way to get decor and organization at the same time.

12. Bunting or Garland

For an easy way to add some instant whimsy, simply hang a garland on the wall. This gives the feeling of an instant party and a playful feeling. Perfect for a playroom!

13. Inspirational Banners

It’s never a bad idea to surround your kids with encouraging quotes or scripture. Even if they can’t read yet, they’re bound to ask what it says…eventually!

Or to add a touch of personalization to a room, go with a customized banner and showcase something meaningful, whether that’s a special quote or the names of your kids.

14. Colorful Clock

A colorful clock is a nice, subtle way to add playfulness and personality to a kid’s room.

When it comes to flooring and wall colors, I’m a big fan of neutral colors to set the stage for fun prints and bright colors. You don’t want the room to be overwhelming or overstimulating for kids, so a great way to balance it out is to keep the foundation of the room neutral, such as white walls while adding vibrant colors. (If you want to, that is!)

15. City or Nature Hangings

Does your playroom look more like a shared living room instead of a dedicated play space? One of the best ways to combine the two purposes is to keep the color scheme consistent with your existing home decor and choose wall decor that could work for both areas.

Things like city, nature, or travel-themed wall hangings are youthful enough for a children’s area without looking too kiddish for a main living area.

If you are looking for more style ideas, get inspired by these mood boards below:

whimsical playroom
bohemian playroom
preppy playroom

Even if you don’t have a new playroom to decorate, you can use these playroom design ideas for a child’s room, a spare room turned into a play area, or a basement playroom.

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playroom wall decor ideas
playroom wall decor ideas


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