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  1. We had this exact same experience. We filled a storage unit and cleared everything but the essential and the house was sold in hours at asking price. Such great tips.

  2. These are fantastic tips! There is so much here to think about that most home owners never do. No wonder you were able to sell it so quickly!

  3. I’ve never thought about the possibility of seeling so fast or above market value! That is so amazing. If we ever sell our house, I’ll be using these tips.

    • Thank you! And I hear ya! We are now in the buying process again and have yet to find something that feels like “me”!

  4. I’m bookmarking this. We don’t currently have plans to sell our home, but your success is something I definitely want to emulate if we ever do sell.

  5. I think in the end it was the serious hard work and time you put in to making your house look incredible that sold it! I’m not surprised in the slightest. Seeing your listing photos made ME want to check it out, so it’s not a shock that it got snatched up so quickly. And congratulations! I can’t wait to hear more about your move, new home, and what you’ll be creating in that space!

  6. Congratulations on selling your house so quickly! We staged our house too and it was the best money spent ever. We sold ours on the first showing which was a huge relief!

  7. congrats on selling so quickly! we are currently looking to rent and paint is definitely one of the things that turns us off from many listings we’ve visited. amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do.

    Joy at The Joyous Living

    • I totally agree. It’s the cheapest and easiest change, but sometimes it’s hard to look past really bad colors!

    • Thank you! Thankfully the actual selling part was not as much of a headache as I thought it would be. Good luck on your search!

  8. This is so impressive! I’m so bad at home decor. I know what I think looks good but I’m not so great at achieving it myself. I am totally pinning this for when I ever buy a house and need to sell it haha!

  9. SO many great actionable tips! We moved in to our place last year and it wasn’t staged, but I would definitely stage when we sell! Saving this post, because I have a feeling we will need the refresher when that time comes!

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