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  1. We have Eataly in Toronto but I haven’t tried it yet. I would love to see Chicago, it looks like a beautiful city to visit and these fun places to hang out for coffee or a bite to eat! Thanks for sharing this❤️

  2. Isn’t it fun how when you travel somewhere, you basically just eat and drink your way through the place? Haha! I now want to eat ALL THE THINGS thanks to this post. Mostly Shake Shack, which I miss desperately. The closest one to me is like 2.5 hours away so I don’t get it often. Congrats on your first Nordstrom experience! We have one in my city, but it’s like 40 mins away and I just don’t like spending ridiculous amounts of money on clothing, so typically I avoid it unless I really need new Topshop jeans haha! Glad you had a good time in Chicago!

  3. I have never been to Chicago but it’s on my travel list! Eataly looks so yummy and your black and white jacket is so cute! I can’t wait to visit Chitown sometime soon

    • Aw thank you! I love it. It’s old and from H&M. I’m linking to their scarves right here because I had a quick look and it looks like they have some other large scarves too!

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