Fashion For Over 50: Chic & Sophisticated Inspo

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Be your own person and don’t be dictated by anyone. You should wear what you like and what makes you feel well about yourself. Style is all about Confidence…if you are confident, you will look amazing!

I’m excited to introduce you to Jeanne today! We’ve followed each other on Instagram for years now and what originally drew me to her was her style and all the inspo she gave me! I knew she had to be in this series because I think you’ll love her chic and sophisticated looks and her inspiration for fashion for over 50 just as much as I do!

Fashion For Over 50

Before getting into fashion, Jeanne worked in teaching & publishing. She then took a part-time job at Anthropologie, met the CEO, and wrote a proposal for a job as a personal stylist. She got permission to give out business cards and started her own personal styling business on the side.

Since then, her business & love of fashion has only grown! She’s taught at Rhode Island School of Design and takes people on Fashion Tours of Boston’s Newbury Street. Not only that, but she’s been profiled by Boston Globe Style Section as A Local Trendsetter! Her expertise involves wardrobe styling, personal shopping, and leading fashion seminars for groups of businesswomen and colleges.

fashion for over 50
day at the beach when her children were young- how chic is this beach look?!

Honestly, my style hasn’t changed much over the years. I’ve always liked a minimalist look with something unexpected. I describe my style as classic with attitude…always with a little edge. My sisters and I went to a girl’s school and had to wear uniforms. We always tweaked fashion, never wanting to look like everybody else.

For this fashion over 50 post, I had Jeanne send over some of her favorite outfit pictures + why she likes them so we can get some inspo from her!

fashion for over 50

“This picture best expresses my idea of sophisticated city chic. It was taken in the Financial District of Boston. The beautiful leopard bag was gifted from Cherie James Collection. The rest of the outfit was closet shopped. The wine velvet pumps were originally from Primark for $18. I love mixing high and low.”

This is probably one of my favorite outfits & photos of Jeanne. This outfit combo just screams chic and I would totally wear it myself. I love that she added a touch of velvet!

I love mixing high and low. My favorite stores are Bloomingdale’s, Zara, COS, Anthropologie, H&M and I even like mixing in Primark. I love shopping in my closet and have kept a lot of my good investment pieces. Thrift and consignment shopping also add a fun element.

fashion for over50

This is an example of shopping on a shoestring…the leopard pleated skirt is from Zara, the gold ribbed sweater is worn backwards and unzippered to wear as a cardigan from Primark. The white leather heels are from Topshop. I’m wearing my black quilted iPad case as a clutch.

How stinkin’ creative is this whole look? I love that she is wearing her sweater in a totally different way (I’ve done something similar here). I also love that she used her iPad case as a clutch. That’s the epitome of maximizing your wardrobe! I get two things from this: instead of buying something new for an event, look to see what you already have. And when you do buy something (even something as “random” as an iPad case), ask yourself if you can wear it multiple ways!

Spend more money on good investment pieces and accessories (classics are timeless) and buy your trends at less expensive stores

fashion for over50

“This was photographed on Boston Harbor near where I live. I love the unique white Missoni dress which was purchased from Tjmaxx. I dressed it down with my trusty closet shopped soft black leather belt (worn backwards) from Club Monaco. Another mix of high and low.”

I have always loved a chic, edgy, classic look. However, I don’t wear my skirts as short as I did in my 20’s…there is nothing worse than someone trying too hard to look young. I have 3 daughters and we wear a lot of the same styles, but I always want to keep my look at a sophisticated level.

Though I’ve done some similar styling tricks that Jeanne has done, sometimes it just helps to see someone around your age wearing it to get a feel for if you can actually pull it off or not! And if Jeanne is showing us anything, it’s that yes, you can!

Any takeaways from this fashion for over 50 post? Whether you’re actually over 50 or not!

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