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We’re Finally in the House! Now What?

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It’s so not like me to miss my regular posting and newsletter schedule, but I’ve got a good reason: We finally moved! I know it’s dramatic to say I thought it was never going to happen, but when you’re going through the situation, it’s exactly what you think.

There were many times when I felt like I was living Groundhog Day. I woke up and it felt like a repeat of the previous day. And actually sometimes in the process, there were times when we were moving backward. I wrote about some things that happened during the home-building experience here, and there’s plenty more I didn’t share, but no need to go through it all again.

Because being able to say we’re in the house (even if it’s not done) is a monumental moment! And though moving into an unfinished house is not ideal, it was the ideal choice for our family.

house build progress

Now we’re settling and decompressing and starting to unpack things we’ve had boxed up for over a year. As a home decorator enthusiast, I’ve been dreaming and planning how I wanted to decorate and style things for years now. But lots of things are going to have to happen first!

We have officially been in our house for only a few days. Here’s a little peek at where we’re at now as well as the things I’d like to get done:

1. Cabinets and Kitchen

Let’s start with the biggest one. Do you see something missing in the kitchen? Ding ding, you got it – cabinets! Our kitchen, pantry, and mudroom/laundry cabinets are on their way. Ish. Kitchen cabinets and countertops should be installed in about a month, and the rest of the cabinets haven’t been ordered yet, because, well, budget. Right now we are making storage work with whatever tables and bookshelves we have on hand.

The plumbers have not installed our kitchen sink or dishwasher either, so we are using the bathtub or bathroom for water and washing dishes. Since cabinets are still a ways off, we are going to use a utility sink as our main kitchen sink.

Our gas oven isn’t hooked up yet so we’ve been trying to cook meals on a griddle. It’s completely first-world problems, but the kitchen is a tad inconvenient which makes daily life a little difficult, but we knew what we were getting into. Thankfully, we don’t have to live this way for long, and just getting running water and a working oven will make it feel way better.

2. Ceiling Treatments

Ceiling treatments are not a must, of course. But this is where you get to let your style shine! In some rooms, I want to do beams and in some, I want to do crown molding. Because it’s not a necessity, it falls lower on the to-do list.

3. Wall Treatments

Just like ceiling treatments, wall treatments help a room shine! And just like ceiling treatments, it’s not functional so down the list it goes.

In the boys’ bedrooms, I want to do a beadboard and wallpaper combo as well as wall planks to fit their vintage, rustic styles. In a few rooms, like the primary bedroom and my office, I want wall molding as these will be my main picture areas. When it happens, it will be fun to see it come together!

4. Refinish Sunroom Bookcase

house build progress

Ever since we knew we wanted a sunroom we knew we wanted it to be a cozy reading room as well. And what does a reading room need? Yes, books, but in this case, I’m talking about a bookcase!

We thought we’d do some built-ins initially, but then we found this cool solid bookcase at a second-hand store for $135. What a steal! Sure, we’ve got to refinish it (I’m thinking sage green), but it’s dramatically cheaper than any other option out there. And well, when you’re 15 months into the home-building process and feel like you’re bleeding money, cheaper sounds really nice!

5. Landscaping, Driveway, Exterior Finishing Touches

house build progress

Our landscaping situation is bleak. And by bleak, I mean nonexistent. Our front yard is a mud pit and we need almost everything – from clearing to leveling to concrete to plants…

This project is in the works, but I’m not sure when it will get completed. Our exterior is also missing stone, lighting, and the finishing touches. To see what it’s going to look like, check out this: Our European Exterior Custom Build Update

6. Basement

house build progress

Our basement is unfinished, but currently in the works so that’s nice. It would be great to have this done by Christmas as we are hosting this year, but it’s not up to us. Just hoping everyone shows up when they plan to!

7. Primary Suite Finishing Touches

It’s workable, thankfully, but it’s a little chaotic! We need our closet system up so we have a place to hang our clothes, doorknobs on, bathtub installed, and the faucet for the other vanity installed, among other things.

8. Stairs

We have no stair treads and no stair railing. So yeah, this is top of our list! Even if it made it to the bottom of this one. 😉

9. Fireplace

unfinished arched fireplace great room

The framing is there, but we are waiting on the stucco crew to turn it into something really special!

Woah. This is a long list. It seems like there are a million little things and there are others not mentioned because it would make this post even longer.

The trim is missing in this place, we’re awaiting furniture for this room, the door for these rooms never showed up, the curtains are the wrong size for the ceiling, the entryway light is too big for the front door swing, the window in this room needs to get switched out, the light went missing for the bathroom, etc, etc, etc. And there are other things I’m sure I’m forgetting!

house build progress
unpacking look 😉

It seems overwhelming, especially when you list it all off like that, but it’s truly one step at a time. And these little and even big things don’t stop you from enjoying a home. I can say this and mean it: There is no other place I’d rather be right now!

To catch up on the progress part, keep reading: It’s the Final Countdown: Home Build Update


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