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Easy Tips On What to Wear for Fall Family Pictures

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It’s that time of year again! Fall is upon us which means the annual family picture session for the Christmas card isn’t too far behind (if you haven’t already taken yours).

Back when I did photography, getting asked what to wear for fall family pictures was a very common question! And rightfully so. Not only do you want everyone looking their best, but you want pictures you can be proud of! And let’s be real, you’re maybe trying to impress a couple of people too 😉

Gone are the days where everyone is wearing a matching white t-shirt and denim. Now are the days where you should mix and match and have some fun with it! Don’t stress though, because figuring out what to wear for fall family pictures is actually really easy once you get the formula down!

What to Wear for Fall Family Pictures

At the end of the day, style and rules are meant to be broken, so take everything I say with a grain of salt and do whatever you want when it comes to it!

1. Have a color theme

Having 2-3 colors to center everyone’s look around is a great way to have everyone in your photo look cohesive. Too few colors and you run the risk of boring and bland (white t-shirt kind of thing). Too many and you run the risk of your eye not knowing where to look and the photo feeling “messy”.

Don’t think that choosing a couple of main colors means you can only wear those head to toe. Neutrals are a free pass and help to balance out the look!

what to wear for fall family pictures
I chose red and blue as my main colors accented with neutrals (white & brown)

Now if you were really into art and had a creative eye, you could try to find the right colors that are all harmonious on the color wheel or whatnot. I’m not that creative and don’t want to reinvent the wheel (hehe), so instead, here are some great color palette ideas below for a great starting point!

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fall color palettes

It helps to have some or all wearing a common thread (or color) that is tying everybody together.

fall family pictures
all wearing red somewhere
fall family pictures
Titus & I are wearing colors that tie into Will’s top

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If you’re really lost on where to start, you can begin by taking a favorite piece of clothing and plan everyone else around you. Hey, mama’s got to feel confident! 😉

2. Don’t forget a pattern

Too many solid colors and the photo can just fade off into the background…you need a pattern that ties all the colors together to make your photo go from okay to great! Since this is a family photo, you want it to be classic, so sticking to prints like stripes and plaid are a good idea. Is everyone doing plaid? Sure, but it’s fall, so who cares!

3. layer, layer, layer!

Whether it’s a fashion post, or now a family fashion post, layering is always something I’m telling people to do. It just elevates the look and takes your outfit up a thousand notches! Adding a pattern is going to take your look from okay to great, and layering is what’s going to take your photo from great to amazing! Easy layering ideas: guys wearing sweaters over plaid shirts, girls wearing vests and cardigans, girls wearing skirts over leggings, etc.

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4. Include at least one texture

Texture adds depth and you don’t have to go crazy…at least one will do! If you’re not a faux fur type of person, don’t worry, not all texture has to be huggable! A cable knit sweater (for a guy or a girl) is a great texture to have!

5. Consider accessories

Ah, the finishing touches! If you don’t have these they won’t hurt the photo, but they can add to it! Guys can wear bowties, hats, or suspenders. Girls can wear jewelry, hats, or scarves. A red lip counts as an accessory in my book!

Optional idea but not make it or break it:
Switch up the bottoms. Instead of everyone wearing blue jeans, maybe the guys could wear jeans or khakis, the girls could wear black jeans, leggings, or dresses, etc. I don’t always do this, but it does add some interest!

fall family pictures

It’s really not that hard, right? No reason to stress! Pick colors off a palette if you have no idea where to begin and take it from there!

Just know that at the end of the day your outfit doesn’t matter all that much. It’s about the love that you can feel in your photo. Okay, that was really cheesy so I’ll try that again. Your outfits do matter a little. How you dress your family does have an outcome on the final photo, but it definitely doesn’t matter as much as what’s in the photo- genuine love, affection, and smiles. That’s what you (and people) will remember!

fall family pictures
fall family pictures

Happy planning and an even happier fall! I’m about to go get my first cup of apple cider 🙂

And hey, send me a family picture if this guide helped you out! Maybe I’ll do a part 2 and your picture can make it in that post!

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Photos taken last year by Nat Finley Photography, photos taken this year by my sister + edited by me.

fall family pictures


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