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What’s on My Designer Wishlist

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I have a love/hate relationship with designer items. On one hand, personally, it seems ridiculous to pay more than you have to just to have a status symbol slung on your arm or worn on your feet.

At times I think how wasteful it can be (for myself) to spend x amount on one material item. Whenever I debate a more expensive purchase, I think about all the other things I could buy with that money.

It’s wild that there are some purses out there that cost as much as a car. I mean, you can’t drive a purse, can you? A designer purse doesn’t make your life more convenient or make you any money, right?

It’s crazy to me that sometimes we will spend thousands of dollars on one pair of shoes in the name of “investing”. (If you want to invest, why not try real estate?)

Because it just takes one kid and one permanent marker to potentially ruin your “investment” forever.

BUT then, on the other hand, designer items are just so so pretty. And most of the time (most, not all), they are better quality too. And I think it’s only natural to want what’s considered high-end in your favorite industry.

If you were a professional interior decorator or home design enthusiast, you would probably be eyeing that 6k+ Eames Lounge chair or want to design your homes in a high-end or boutique-style instead of going to Target.

(No shade to Target furniture, of course!)

There’s just something about owning and wearing a luxury brand that makes you feel luxurious and classy. And sometimes, it feels really good to reward yourself over an accomplished goal or celebrate a milestone with a designer item you’ve been eyeing for years. Besides the price tag, it’s the same idea of treating yourself to a fancy dinner after graduating from college or celebrating another year around the sun.

And I’ll admit- anytime I’ve gotten the dupe of something, I still wanted the “real” thing. There’s just pride of ownership that comes with owning the original instead of having a closet full of copies.

Because even if it looks the exact same and the average eye wouldn’t be able to tell, YOU still know.

But just because you can afford something doesn’t mean you always should. And if you do buy something, when is enough enough? Because designers will always be pumping out new styles and designs. When does it end?

Obviously, I’m not against buying designer items, but this complex internal battle is why I only have a few designer items in my closet. I mean, going through this battle in my head every time I debate a purchase really sucks the joy out of shopping haha.

But it doesn’t mean I haven’t been eyeing plenty of things for years!

Since I have the dupes of most of these already, I can almost guarantee that these would be a well-loved item in my wardrobe, should they ever make it there.

Who knows if these items will ever make it from my online cart to my closet, but I can admire them anyway.

Here’s what’s on my designer wishlist!

Designer Wish List

1. Chanel Lambskin Ballet Flats//$1000+

chanel ballet flats

Is there anything more iconic than these flats? Is there anything that says Parisian fashion more?

Whether it’s with a pair of straight-leg jeans or a wrap dress, these flats instantly add that chic and timeless touch. One way you can be sure they will never go out of style is the fact that they were created in 1957. The style is 65 years old and yet, they’re just as beautiful today.

In an effort to be more exclusive, you can’t purchase new Chanel products online anymore. If you want to get your hands on these flats, you either have to find an in-store boutique or shop used online from places like Fashionphile or TheRealReal.

When I tried these on in-store this year, they were currently retailing for around 1k. However, depending on the quality you’re after, you could find a used pair ranging from $400-$900+.

2. Goyard Saint Louis Tote Bag//$1200-$2500+

goyard tote bag

No surprise that there are many French brands on my designer wish list! The pattern from Goyard is refreshing and not one you really see a lot (at least where I’m from).

In fact, many people won’t recognize it and if you like “flying under the radar”, it’s a good brand for you.

A tote bag is just an extremely practical item to have. I love having a similar style of this bag because it goes well with all of my casual outfits. It works as a “mom” bag and even a travel bag. Plus, you’re more apt to actually use it because the exterior can just be wiped down should you get anything on it.

To purchase new, you will once again have to find a boutique unless you score a new one used online. But it can happen!

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3. Hermes Oran Sandal//$660

hermes oran sandal

If I’m going to buy anything on this list, it will probably be these sandals. After having the dupe and wearing them constantly, I would feel good purchasing these sandals. Because this is one instance where I believe that yes, the quality and times you wear them justify the cost! Plus, if I added up how much I’ve spent chasing Oran sandal dupes over the years, well, I’d probably already be halfway there.

The style is simple yet elevated. They’re high-end but not in your face. The cut-out “logo” is subtle, one of those “IYKYK” types of situations. You could truly wear them with everything, from jeans to dresses.

They’re $660 brand new on the website, but if they don’t ship to you or you’re unable to purchase, you can get them used on sites like Fashionphile.

4. Chanel Double Flap Quilted Lambskin//$4500-$8000+

chanel double flap bag

Being the most expensive item on my designer wishlist, I’d have a really hard time stomaching a purchase like this. But isn’t she lovely?? Isn’t she wonderfullll?

Some designer items are so out there, leaving you scratching your head and wondering how you’d ever actually wear them. But this is certainly one you’d never struggle to match in your wardrobe. Classic style. Classic color. Classic brand. Classic everything.

In the words of Rebecca Bloomwood from Confessions of a Shopaholic, “It would make my haircut look more expensive.”

Chanel bags are just getting more and more expensive every year (adding to their urgency and exclusivity business model plus plain ol’ inflation), but a bag like this would make even your $10 t-shirt look like a million bucks.

I just know I couldn’t stop at one double flap though because the beige one looks just as dreamy.

5. Chanel Slingback Pumps//$1000+

chanel slingback pumps

Just like the ballet flats, Chanel cap-toe shoes are iconic. The block heel offers a little bit of height to elevate your look, without looking too dressy or out of place.

I hesitate because though they’re pretty to look at, I’m not sure how often I would actually reach for them, outside of taking pictures.

One way to know is to see how often you reach for the inspired style (if you have it). Unlike the Hermes Oran dupe sandals, I don’t reach for my slingbacks all that much. This is potentially a good indicator that I wouldn’t wear these all that much either.

Unlike a carry-all tote bag, slingback pumps don’t really fit in my lifestyle of work-from-home-mom-of-two. Before dropping a sizable amount of cash on a designer item (or any item really), it’s important to see if it fits in your current lifestyle or not. For someone that works out of the home, they just might!

6. Loewe Basket Bag//$490+

Loewe straw bag

If you want a go-to summer bag, then you’ve probably already had your eyes on this cult favorite Loewe basket bag.

Whether you’re going to the beach or around town, it works for both. And surprisingly, it’d make a cute early fall bag too, as it adds some nice texture to your outfit. Straw bag + cashmere sweater = chef’s kiss!

Because it’s natural and organic, you can feel confident it won’t go out of style. Not to mention the neutral colors would match everything!

Depending on the size, you could find a new one for as low as $490. For a designer item that’s also practical with a price you can actually stomach, you can’t get much better than this.

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Do our designer wishlists overlap at all?

But it’s important to know that designer items aren’t the only way to look expensive. Learn the tricks of the trade in this next post!

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