where to shop based on your clothing style

Where to Shop Based on Your Clothing Style (20+ Styles Included!)

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There is nothing more overwhelming than scrolling through online retailer page after online retailer page and not finding outfits that meet your clothing style. Since shopping for new clothes is supposed to be fun, I wanted to save you the stress of searching with this thorough list of where to shop based on your clothing style! Whether you have a classy or hipster fashion style, below you will find a clothing label that has everything you need for your wardrobe.

If your style is….vintage, retro

vintage daisy dress

If you love quirky prints, 70’s inspired silhouettes, feminine florals, and clothes that remind you of a past time, then you may have a vintage and retro style.

If your style is….preppy

If your go-to outfit consists of oxfords and a school-boy blazer, then you probably have a preppy style.

If your style is….sporty/athleisure

leggings outfit

Do you prefer to live in yoga pants and comfy-chic sneakers? If leggings are on your body 24/7 and you can’t imagine wearing something that doesn’t stretch, then you may resonate with a sporty and athleisure style the best.

If your style is….chic, classic

If you care about the wardrobe staples more than you care about the trends, then a classic style is for you.

If your style is…Parisian

If you love stripes and your favorite way to dress is in jeans and a trench coat, then you may love the Parisian style the most.

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If your style is….feminine

summer dress from Old Navy

If you like simple dressing that consists of sundresses, jeans, and pretty blouses, then you may have a feminine style.

If your style is….casual streetwear

If you like to wear denim cutoffs with a floral top or vans with a sundress, you may resonate with a casual streetwear style the most.

If your style is….current, trendy


If you like to always be wearing the newest clothes and styles that are popular, then you probably have a trendy clothing style.

If your style is….bohemian, hippie, carefree

If palazzo pants, crochet tops, Aztec-printed skirts, and maxi dresses make up the majority of your wardrobe, then you probably have a bohemian style.

If your style is….urban

Are you most comfortable in ripped jeans? Sneakers? Oversized graphic tees? If you mentally answered yes, then you may have an urban style.

If your style is….artsy

If you prefer to dress in a way that is unique, eclectic, and free, then you may have an artsy style.

If your style is….earthy, natural

If organic materials and muted colors make up the majority of your wardrobe, then an earthy and natural style is for you.

If your style is….romantic, prairie chic

If the fact that cottagecore becoming an acceptable and trendy style made you happy, then you probably have a prairie chic fashion aesthetic.

If your style is….grunge, goth

If the thought of wearing anything romantic or feminine makes your stomach turn, then you probably resonate with a goth and grunge style.

If your style is….simple, minimalistic 

If you just like to be simple and understated without a definite look or an overflowing wardrobe, then a minimalist style is for you.

If your style is….hipster

hipster outfit

If your comfort outfit is an oversized flannel with converse and ripped jeans, then you may resonate with a hipster style.

If your style is….high-end, elegant

If you can’t remember the last time you wore ripped jeans and you don’t think pearls are old-fashioned but timeless, then a high-end and elegant style may be for you.

If your style is…professional, formal

professional outfit

If looking polished and put-together is your job (maybe quite literally), then you may have a professional style.

If your style is…casual chic

Do you like dressing somewhere in the middle? If you like to be a little bit chic and a little bit comfortable, then a casual-chic style is for you.

If your style is…business casual

If your favorite outfit is a pair of polished jeans with a blazer and heels, then you may resonate with a business casual aesthetic the most.

If your style is…outdoorsy

If you don’t even own a pair of heels and you’d much rather wear your Patagonia or Columbia gear than anything else, then you probably have an outdoorsy style.

Still not sure where to shop based on your clothing style? Head to one of these retailers that carry a large range of styles:


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Deciding where to shop based on your clothing style is no easy feat. Most people don’t know where to start with their search, but thankfully, this list has got you covered.

Knowing the right places to shop is important for your overall style. If you’ve got your personal style down, now it’s time to get your signature look. Find out how!

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