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7 Glaring Reasons Why You Have Nothing to Wear (And How to Fix It!)

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You swing open your closet doors to look for something to wear. After several minutes of rummaging through your giant collection of clothes, you end up flailing your arms in exasperation and crying out, “I have nothing to wear!”

Then you realize that you still have a couple of unopened shopping bags in one corner, so you rush to open them. You find brand new tops and skirts, still with price tags on them. But you toss them aside, not wanting to wear them at all.

Did I just describe you?

You are not alone. This is a problem that a lot of women go through. Despite having a closet that can rival a mini boutique, you still can’t find anything to wear. Let me help you unravel this mystery for you. Here are 7 reasons why you have nothing to wear and how to fix it!

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1. You Are Totally Uninspired

Your emotional and mental state have an effect on your getting ready process. Maybe you’ve been under the weather the past few days or you’ve got too much on your plate.

Putting on clothes requires creative thinking at times. If you are burdened by something negative that is happening in your life, your mind just cannot function properly.

HOW TO FIX IT: Get to the root of your funk. Are you bored? Sad? Stressed? A little down? Catch up with a friend or a family member to help boost your spirits! Peruse blogs, magazines, and Pinterest to find some new outfit inspiration.

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2. Cheapskate Purchases

Maybe your frugal personality tends to lean more towards cheap, and you suddenly realized you’ve never purchased clothes of good quality. You’re known as the bargain shopper and you only buy clothes when they’re on sale.

I’m not against saving a buck or two or being thrifty, but sometimes sale items just aren’t all that great. (There’s a reason they’re not selling!) Maybe your cheapskate purchases have a blah design or cut. Or maybe they don’t flatter your figure and you just bought them because they were cheap.

But now that you’re trying them on, you realize the sleeves show your arms (which you usually try to hide), or the style of shirt is making your neck look shorter, or you are suddenly hating this mini skirt you bought that you’d never wear in a million years.

HOW TO FIX IT: There are many affordable pieces of clothing that would make you look great. Don’t be deceived by clearance sales. You deserve to wear clothes that are worth more than a so-so shirt made out of cheap fabric. Include clothes in your monthly or quarterly budgeting. Invest in wardrobe staples. Shop less but buy better.

3. You Are a Clothes Hoarder

You’re the type who keeps clothes that you bought when you were 16. Now that you’re 35, isn’t it time to clear out your closet of things you haven’t worn in years? Maybe they have sentimental value or you find them pretty. But at the end of the day, they’re just clothes that you don’t actually like all that much.

One big mistake most women make is the large number of clothes that take up residence in their wardrobe. How can you find something to wear when you’re looking at a mountain of clothes from different decades? That outdated low-rise jeans or bauble necklaces take up valuable space, but you keep them because “They might come back in style.”

You should only keep something because you like it and wear it. Not because you think you need to keep it just in case it comes back in style so you can look trendy.

HOW TO FIX IT: Take a day out to sort your closet. Pick clothing items that you haven’t worn in the last year, bag them up, and donate them. Or sell them if they are still in great condition. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find about 60% of your closet has been cleared up! And now you have more room for the new stuff you’ll actually like and wear.

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4. You Have No Personal, Unique Style

Ever since you can remember, you’ve just been copying how others dress. Or you buy clothes that are pretty, but only pretty on the hanger, and you’re not thrilled with how they look on you. This is because you haven’t discovered your personal style.

Not knowing your personal style could be why every time you open your closet to get dressed, you’re not excited. And when you put on your clothes, you hate the way you look. Why? You’re not comfortable in them. You feel that they don’t represent your personality at all.

HOW TO FIX IT: Go to Pinterest and browse through fashion and apparel, and you’re bound to find a style that you will fall in love with. Also, find your body type. Are you pear-shaped? Apple-shaped? Then search for ideas online on how to dress according to your body type or take my fashion course where all of this information is in one spot for you. Your transformation will be dramatic.

5. Your Closet Lacks Variety

Perhaps as a stay-at-home mom for several years now, your closet is only filled with casual items, such as joggers and leggings. Of course, you purchase these because they fit your current lifestyle. And that’s great! It’s important to dress for your current life, don’t get me wrong, but these casual wardrobes tend not to have a fancier dress, a good pair of jeans, or something really nice to wear.

But now that you’re suddenly back in the corporate jungle or have an upcoming wedding to go to, you are stressing out. All you have are sweats and t-shirts!

HOW TO FIX IT: Invest in a few pieces that are staples, even if you don’t wear them all the time, like a classic black blazer. You never know how your life will turn out. Don’t keep a mindset that your current lifestyle will be your permanent one. Invest in a few varieties of clothing for different types of occasions. Just don’t fill your wardrobe with these occasional pieces!

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6. Too Much Variety

Let’s say you like to think of yourself as someone that’s pretty fashionable and has a good handle on style. So your closet is filled to the brim with unique, stylish, and chic pieces. But there are too many of them! This can easily be overwhelming.

Looking at a thousand different styles can make you feel lost. Too many choices and you will always be left undecided. You need to streamline!

HOW TO FIX IT: Spend time sorting through the items in your closet, keeping the wardrobe basics, and streamlining the rest. Have too many statement pieces you can’t let go of? Try basing them on your feelings. Only keep those that really excite you. The ones that make you feel meh or so-so are the mediocre ones. Donate them. Once you clear out a lot of your pieces, you will see your closet with fresh eyes and it will be fun to dress up all over again!

7. You Keep Purchasing the Same Things

You open your closet and you have three of the same kind of sweater, only in different colors. You have 6 basic t-shirts, but they’re all white. Or the only print you’ve ever entertained in your life is floral.

You’ve been buying the same kind of clothes and style throughout the years because they look nice on you. Over time, you’d naturally get tired of the redundancy and the monotony. No wonder you’ve got nothing to wear, you’ve quite literally had nothing new in your closet for a long time now!

HOW TO FIX IT: I think it’s important that the majority of your wardrobe be filled with versatile, staple pieces that you love, however, try stepping out of your comfort zone a little! Explore other styles. It is absolutely impossible that there are no other styles that look great on you. Add a couple of new, trendier pieces here and there to spice up your wardrobe. When out shopping, try on something that is “not you,” and I think you’d be surprised how a lot of other designs and styles can actually look better than you’d think!

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Evaluate your wardrobe step-by-step, and soon you’ll feel excited to get dressed in the morning because you’ll know exactly what to wear!

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