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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! How special that God knows us and cares for us so intimately and desires good for us. I love that verse Isaiah 55:8.

  2. I especially like how you said this: “If you believe in yourself, then you will always feel like a failure because something you did wasn’t working out somehow. You don’t want to trust and believe in yourself. You want to trust and believe in God, specifically trust Him with your dreams and that He knows best.” Exactly! If you are like me, your dreams change constantly and you end up continually chasing new ideas. But God doesn’t change. He already knows the very best thing, and will bring it to completion if we let Him, no matter how long it takes. Good writing!

  3. This post really hit home. I have been dreaming of publishing my work since I was a small child. And now, that dream is no longer a reality. I just wish God would make things happen for me: but I know that, in the end, my life is in His control. He knows what is best, and how pure my heart is, how pure my motives and desires. Maybe that is why my life is taking a different path.

    • Your words are spoken from the heart and so true. It’s so hard to trust God when He’s taking us down a path that we don’t think we should be on. It’s hard to remember that in the end His plans are always best, even if they don’t look like it to us. I’m sorry that your dream is not working out, but take heart that this is not the end and God hasn’t forgotten you! It could be that one day you’ll look back and see that this different path you’re on is actually what you were wanting all along. I’m thankful this had an impact and thank you for reading xoxo

  4. I have had a miserable life. Is that God’s dream for me? OR does he want me to push past my depression and fight while using the natural abilities I have? Who in the Bible has not had to FIGHT to take the land? A lot of us make choices that have consequences AND/OR we lie to ourselves and tell ourselves that we have the potential to do things that God NEVER created us to be able to do? You cannot be a singer if you suck at it, but you can be a great leader if you have those skills. It’s important to find someone who sees your potential and help you identify your God given talents and gifts, and we must be honest with ourselves and others about those capabilities. If i choose to do drugs and have 5 kids out of the confines of marriage, and I wind up having to take care of them all on my own…will I obtain my dream? I probably still could, but it will take a lot of work, discipline and dedication (which most of us lack). Yes the dream may look a lot different, but that’s life…that’s the law of probability for ya…that’s just math. This life is probably about building character and God cares more about your character and about you helping/serving/loving others than serving your self. So, if that requires TEARING DOWN your dream than God will suffer that to happen. It’s also a combination of luck and who you know; it’s how hard you are willing to work. Combine that with faith, with sweat, with tears, AND God’s will and ask yourself this….How can I serve others like Jesus did? How many celebrities feel empty after obtaining fortune and fame at the end of the day? Why? Because life is about loving others and serving God. I find that a lot of my misery comes from my own choices, and YES the choices of others affected my life both negatively and positively…that’s just the way it is…we are all connected no matter how we slice it. However; it is up to me to face my dark side. If you break something you get to see what’s in it and once you see what it is actually made of, you then have the choice to face the demons on the inside of it OR you can go around the mountain over and over and over again like the Israelites in the wilderness, and if you never learn the lesson, than you can let it eat you up. WE have the power and dominion over this earth and WE can create an empire; Jesus only moves when he sees us move. “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.” I really think that we expect God to do everything..we have more power over the outcome of our destiny than we think! So, make a plan, make a move, don’t be selfish, face yourself, take responsibility for your consequences and MOVE towards your DREAM. GOD will support you every step of the way IF you do it for the right reasons…you will sow what you reap….which means you will reap SOMETHING. NO it may not work out like you thought and maybe if it did that dream would CORRUPT you! BUT….FAITH without WORKS is DEAD my friends. I’m saying all of this because this is where I am at right now. I am fighting depression, I am fighting poverty, I am fighting lack but I kNOW that this is not my final destination nor will I accept it. I will take responsibility for my life and make lemons out of lemonade whilst I keep a light on in my soul and a blue bird in my heart. We must give God something to work with….he excepts us to run the planet ppl! He gave us the dominion remember? So, don’t just settle for mediocrity.; you just don’t know how things will turn out until you try. Do you thin all of those famous actors just waited to get famous? NO! They went out there, they failed OVER and OVER, they networked, and if they didn’t get what they wanted they re-evaluated and tweaked and went out for yet another rejection sandwich. Please walk with people that will lift you up and not tear you down or negatively influence your perspective. SOO no, I don’t agree with the tone of this message in it’s made me depressed; however, I do agree with portions of it. When I read it; I actually got discouraged even though a lot of it was true…I’m just tired of people (in general…not this article necessarily) making God out to be the one that never delivers. No, David and Job and Paul didn’t get all that they asked for, but there was a heck of a lot they DID get! You may be right! It may never happen like we want it to, but it’s about the journey and not the destination. It’s about what you learn on the journey that God cares most about and it’s about building character and loving others right? We will reap the results of that journey and of our own actions at the end. PEACE!

    • Wow, thank you for sharing this! I think you are right that we need to work and make things happen. I also agree it may never happen like we want it to, but God is always working in our hearts and lives.

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