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10 No-Fail Outfit Formulas

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Wouldn’t it be great to have go-to outfits on the days when you just can’t even? To have a list of no-fail outfit combos that you know will look good no matter what? Knowing the classic combos to a no-fail outfit could be the difference between whether your day starts off frantic and stressed not knowing what to wear or smooth sailing because you already know the combos that work well for your style and lifestyle! Just pick one of the outfit formulas below for a no-fail outfit combo!

10 No-Fail Outfit Formulas

1. White button-down + jeans
Combining two classic style essentials, this outfit is a no-fail go-to that will never steer you wrong. With a few little tweaks, this can be a great nighttime look or even a professional look by swapping the jeans for a pencil skirt or trousers. In short, it’s so easy to customize this outfit formula depending on your needs and lifestyle! These leopard print heels also make it less professional and more playful! If you want to switch it up a bit, you can always tie the front of the shirt or add a silk scarf.

white button down outfit

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2. Denim + denim
I’m all about that Canadian tuxedo. Say what you want about it, but it’s a classic casual outfit combination and therefore a no-fail outfit! You can wear it as is or use it as a foundation for layering and adding prints to it. Leopard print is a classic pattern to pair with denim, but stripes work perfectly as well!

denim on denim

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3. Chambray + white
If your denim on denim outfit from before is a little bit too casual for your needs, then a white blazer will instantly class up your look. This is a great way to add a little flair to your outfit, as well as a touch of elevation. The color palette also stays neutral and classic, keeping this outfit a no-brainer and making styling and accessorizing a walk in the park!

denim on denim and white blazer

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4. Chambray + black
If a full blue denim outfit just isn’t your thing, then this is the look for you! If there are two things that are easy to style, it’s chambray and black. The contrast in this look is great and makes it a nice starting point for adding layers or prints. Plus, there’s no need to stress about whether your denim washes match or not!

chambray shirt and black skinny jeans

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5. Striped shirt + jeans
Classic, not boring! A great striped tee is going to come in handy in your wardrobe in more ways than you know! Striped shirts and jeans are both Parisian staples, so you can ensure that this look is timeless and effortlessly chic. You can wear the striped shirt and jeans on their own, but feel free to add a few more things to this look to elevate it. Want to know what those few things are? Read this post!

striped shirt and jeans

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6. Striped shirt + leopard print
Throwing on this leopard print scarf is a great way to make an outfit just a little more interesting. As you may have heard in recent years, leopard is considered a neutral! Its classic, varying shape allows it to be mixed and matched with essentially every color and pattern, so you really can’t go wrong here. If you’re new to pattern mixing, go for a more narrow striped pattern, like the tee below.

striped shirt and leopard print scarf

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7. Motorcycle jacket + white shirt + dark jeans
Every wardrobe needs a couple of great jackets. Included in that roundup of great jackets, I think every wardrobe should have would be a leather/motorcycle jacket. This piece has been considered a wardrobe staple for decades and still adds such a cool and edgy quality to an otherwise simple outfit. The right outerwear is really going to set your outfit apart and add that special layer! 

motorcycle jacket and skinny jeans

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8. Casual tee + jeans + statement necklace
When in doubt, keep it simple! A great piece of statement-making jewelry can take your look from boring to interesting and stylish in an instant. For tips on what type of necklace to wear with each neckline, check out my post on the topic! This doesn’t have to just be for necklaces either – a beautiful pair of chandelier earrings will also add a great pop of sparkle.

casual tee and statement necklace

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9. Blazer + jeans
Blazers are one of my all-time favorite clothing items because they are so easy to throw on over anything. Even an outfit as simple as a basic t-shirt and jeans can be taken to smart casual with just a stylish blazer. One outerwear option that’s hot at the moment is the oversized blazer, giving you that slightly androgynous and high-fashion look that street style dreams are made of.

blazer and skinny jeans

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10. Just add a scarf
It’s that simple, really! Just add a scarf to any of the outfits already shown as a great no-fail outfit formula. Although a silk scarf is great for adding a bit of luxury to your look, the scarf doesn’t have to be silk. Any thin and drape-able scarf will work perfectly! Add this accessory to your neck, belt look, bag, or even tie around your head and knot under your chin for that old Hollywood/European look.

scarf outfit ideas
scarf outfit ideas

Don’t you just love to have some outfit formulas to be your go-to that you know will look good and don’t take much thought? I know I do! It sure does make life easier. Having these formulas in place will make getting dressed so much simpler and even makes it easier to come up with your own outfit creations. Take a look around your wardrobe and see what outfit formulas you can come up with or how you can elevate these no-fail combos even further!

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