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Everything You Need To Get Started With Your 2023 Capsule Wardrobe

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Since we are still settling into 2023, it’s not too late to plan your 2023 capsule wardrobe. (Though it’s never too late!) If this is the first year you’ve thought about a capsule wardrobe, you may be wondering what a 2023 capsule wardrobe looks like. To be honest, the answer doesn’t change much from year to year. In a nutshell, the answer is always versatile pieces. Straight-leg jeans, a basic white tee, a little black dress, and a black blazer are among some of the core staples you need in your capsule wardrobe. These closet essentials will provide you with so many outfit opportunities for the entire year. But there are even more benefits! If you want to leave behind your fashion woes in 2022, follow this step-by-step guide to create a capsule wardrobe for 2023.

Why Follow a Capsule Wardrobe?

Do you want to look fashionable with minimal effort? Are you trying to improve your personal style? The best way to achieve those style goals is by creating a capsule wardrobe.

One of the best reasons to have a capsule wardrobe is that having fewer selections of clothing pieces will help you have a more mindful approach to fashion. It will simplify your life and make you more aware and disciplined about the types of new items you purchase.

Tips To Follow When Putting Together a 2023 Capsule Wardrobe

Sort Through Your Existing Closet

Before you get rid of all your clothes, look for classic pieces that you can keep. Sort through the clothes you wear regularly and get rid of pieces you haven’t worn in at least 6 months – and especially years.

During your closet audit, you should also make a list of wardrobe pieces that are missing. Perhaps your closet doesn’t have a classic tote bag or ankle boots – take note of this and make a shopping list to fill in the gaps.

Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

The most important thing when creating a capsule collection is focusing on a few good quality clothes, rather than stuffing your wardrobe with a ton of new pieces. The fewer clothes you have, the more likely you will wear them.

Though a lot of people hesitate at this stage because they think that if they have fewer clothes they’ll run out of things to wear, but the opposite is actually true. You’ll have even more outfit ideas.

Because the truth is, you can get a lot of wear from one single item, like an organic cotton white t-shirt. This piece will stand the test of time and help you build different outfits, but it’s hard to think of different outfits when your wardrobe is full of not-well-thought-out pieces.

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The other main benefit of focusing on a few high-quality pieces is that you don’t have to worry about constantly replacing your clothes after a few wears like what you usually have to do with cheap clothing.

Top tip: Generally, a capsule wardrobe consists of 10-37 pieces. It’s okay to have 50 pieces as long as they are high quality and timeless.

Timeless Pieces

We may be biased, but filling your wardrobe with classic styles is the best way of creating a stylish wardrobe. Though social media always hypes trendy pieces, it’s not a good idea to have a wardrobe full of fad clothes. Not only because it doesn’t align with the purpose of capsule wardrobes, but the excitement these clothing items bring is usually fleeting, leaving you wanting more.

Of course, there is no harm in experimenting with a few trends. Who knows? Maybe the trend is something you can wear for a long time. However, always remember that a solid capsule wardrobe should have more classics than trend-led pieces. Stick to the basics like a classic pair of jeans, white sneakers, and a blazer.

Neutral Colors

We’re not against a fun accent color here and there, but it’s best to keep the color palette of your wardrobe neutral. This will make styling your clothes easy because neutrals work together so perfectly. A white tee and black jeans? Perfect! A beige trench coat and white jeans? Chic! The styling opportunities with neutral colors are endless.

And then as you build your wardrobe color palette, you can work in an accent color based on your personal style and skin tone to add a little bit of life to your outfits.

Keep in Mind Your Existing Personal Style

Creating a capsule wardrobe includes filling your closet with pieces that suit your style. Doing the opposite would defeat the purpose of having a capsule wardrobe, as this will make creating outfits difficult and confusing.

Whether your personal style is casual, formal, or playful – concentrate on pieces that work for your personality, lifestyle, and body type. Ultimately, your capsule wardrobe should reflect your style.

A 2023 Capsule wardrobe

2023 capsule wardrobe

Though your own capsule wardrobe will be dependent on your style, skin tone, body type, and even climate, it’s helpful to know what pieces you could start with!

Slip Dress: This is the perfect piece to have when curating your capsule wardrobe. A slip dress can work for many different occasions. It can be dressed up with a pair of heels for a date or dressed down with sneakers for a casual outing.

Black Coat: A black coat can help you build so many stylish outfits during the colder months of fall and winter. Plus, it pairs well with pretty much everything in your closet.

White Shirt: This is one of the building blocks of a capsule wardrobe. It instantly elevates any outfit by offering a chic and refined finish. Team it up with a great pair of jeans for a timeless style.

Denim Jacket: One of the most dependable wardrobe essentials – a denim jacket exudes a relaxed vibe. It will inject a street-style touch to a formal piece like a slip dress. And, of course, a denim jacket pairs well with other laid-back pieces like a basic tee and shorts.

Wool Coat: A trusted wool coat is a lifelong investment that you will always keep using. Best yet, the right wool coat is so polished that it doesn’t need much styling. Camel is one of the best color choices, but taupe or cream can work too if that suits your skin tone better. Wear it over a white button-down shirt and straight-leg jeans, and you’ve got yourself a classic look.

Trench Coat: This is a great option for spring, fall, and winter. You can easily layer it over a sweater or a cardigan to add some extra interest and Parisian flair to your outfit.

Straight-Leg Jeans: These timeless jeans will complete any outfit you can think of. From a t-shirt and cardigan to an evening top and blazer – the styling opportunities are endless!

White Jeans: You honestly can’t go wrong with white jeans; they make an outfit look fresh and well-put together. Pair them with white minimalistic sneakers and a sweater for a chic everyday look.

Skinny Jeans: Even though Gen Z canceled skinny jeans on Tiktok, they are a great piece to have in a capsule wardrobe. Even if they’re not popular, they are versatile. Dress them up with knee-high boots and you’ve got yourself a cool fall look.

Basic White Tee: Every woman needs a basic white tee. You can always rely on a basic tee to help you create different looks. It truly is a closet hero.

Little Black Dress: This dress is a popular choice for a lot of fashionable women for a good reason – you can wear it many times during party season. Essentially, once you buy an LBD you don’t need to buy a new dress every time you get a party invite. This will save you so much money.

Black Blazer: A black blazer will get you through a business meeting to happy hour with ease. Or you can throw it on over a simple top and pair of jeans for brunch. This outerwear is just the piece to make all your outfits feel polished!

Leather Jacket: A leather jacket will take you miles – and not just on the back of a motorcycle. It’s a great piece to wear over a little black dress, a white tee, or a sweater. This jacket will add an instant cool factor to your outfit.

Heeled Sandals: Your capsule wardrobe is not complete without one trusty pair of heeled sandals. They add instant elegance to any look, especially when the heeled sandals are in neutral hues.

White Sneakers: A pair of minimalistic sneakers are a wardrobe must-have. They are the perfect balance of practical and chic. Dress them up with a slip dress or throw them on with your everyday jeans.

Everyday Earrings: Even though these may seem small enough to go without, they are staples. Chic everyday earrings make a major impact on an outfit. They help to elevate an outfit from boring to elegant.

Tote Bag: A classy structured bag is a great wardrobe piece. But if you only could get one bag, then don’t forget to add a wear-with-everything tote bag to your capsule wardrobe. From work to running errands, the size and style make it extremely versatile. Opt for neutrals like black, white, grey, or beige.

Cashmere Sweater: Simplify getting dressed up by updating your closet with a cashmere sweater. It has a polished yet relaxed fit that makes it a must-have and can be worn in spring, fall, and winter.

Ankle Boots: These boots can help you create a range of classic looks. From jeans and ankle boots to a spring wrap dress and boots, you certainly won’t be stuck trying to find ways to wear your boots.

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Though this guide has everything you need to get started with your 2023 capsule wardrobe, believe it or not, this guide is just the tip of the iceberg, I mean, the wardrobe you could have.

If last year you were struggling to create the best outfits, check out my eBook, How to Build a Wardrobe From Scratch to help you simplify and enhance your style! Your closet will be so put together that having nothing to wear will remain a 2022 problem. 😉


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