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New Ways to Style Your Basics | 15 White T-Shirt Outfit Ideas

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The new year symbolizes a fresh start and what better time is there than now to look at new ways to wear what you have? If the cold weather is zapping your inspiration and a post-holiday budget is limiting you from freshening up your wardrobe, you may find yourself getting tired of wearing the “same old” wardrobe basics.

Basics are a staple and they’ll always be needed, but sometimes they can feel boring because you fall into a rut of wearing the same things in the same ways. So I’m going to be taking the top wardrobe basics and showing you new ways to wear them in this limited series! Let this inspire you to use what you have, try new styling, and create new outfits. First up: The basic tee/your favorite classic white t-shirt.

1. T-Shirt Over a Dress

t-shirt (sold out, similar) | dress | sneakers

Style hack to try: Belt a dress, put on a t-shirt, and then tuck your t-shirt under the belt for an effortless, casual tuck. If you use a skinny belt, then it’s almost undetectable and the end result is an effortlessly undone look.

This is great if your wardrobe is short on skirts and you want to “fake it” or you just feel like being creative. Have a slip dress but not a slip skirt? With this hack, now you have both!

2. T-Shirt Under a Dress

t-shirt (sold out, similar) | dress | flats (similar)

Using those same pieces, you can now get a completely different look. Wearing a shirt under a cami-style dress is not only fun and quirky but it’s a great way to maximize the usefulness of both of these pieces.

Layering like this is great for a mild climate, like fall or spring, and it allows you to wear your summer pieces like sleeveless dresses even if it’s too cold outside. (Plus, it offers more skin coverage too!)

3. T-Shirt With a Suit Set

t-shirt (sold out, similar) | blazer | pants | shoes (similar)

Polished and chic is the look you get when you mix something casual like a t-shirt with your dress pants and blazer.

Depending on what you’re going for, this outfit accomplishes several things: You can use the t-shirt to dress down your work outfit or you can use the tailored dress pants to dress up your t-shirt.

4. T-Shirt With Joggers and Blazer

t-shirt (sold out, similar) | joggers (similar) | shoes | blazer (similar) | bag

Comfortable yet casual chic- this outfit checks all the boxes! Casual joggers paired with a casual basic tee get a major upgrade with stylish loafers and a chic blazer.

By mixing these wardrobe pieces, this ideal-for-fall look reads fashionable meets model-off-duty.

5. T-Shirt Knotted and Tucked Under

t-shirt (sold out, similar) | pants | scarf

Want a fun yet flirty look for spring or summer? You can turn your t-shirt into a cropped top by knotting the ends and tucking it under. To keep the chic aesthetic, pair this shirt style with high-waisted bottoms and a chic belt.

And if you have a silk scarf, you can recreate this just-for-looks belt too! Just simply snake it through the front loops and tie it in front.

6. T-Shirt Under a Button-Down

t-shirt (sold out, similar) | jeans | button-down (similar)

Layering is the name of the fashion game. Wear a button-down shirt over your t-shirt for an interesting look.

Leave a few buttons undone so you can add a necklace for interest and to keep it from looking stuffy. Tuck in both tops into high-waisted pants for a streamlined look.

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7. T-Shirt With Shades of Cream

t-shirt (sold out, similar) | pants | loafers | coat (similar)

Want to make your t-shirt look more expensive? Mixing shades of white, cream, and beige in an outfit is an easy yet luxurious way to update your look. Of course, the long coat doesn’t hurt either!

Copy this outfit for an elevated look in fall and winter. You can bring some interest and texture into your look through your shoes and handbag.

8. T-Shirt Under Oversized Button-Down

t-shirt (sold out, similar) | jeans | sandals (similar) | button-down (similar)

Okay, so you’ve worn your t-shirt under a buttoned-up button-down (try saying that 5 times fast), and now it’s time to wear it with an oversized and open button-down. Both styling ideas give completely different looks.

This style idea is great for spring, summer, or early fall. It looks casual yet chic, pulled together without trying too hard.

9. T-Shirt With Tied Sweater Around Shoulder

t-shirt (sold out, similar) | jeans | sweater | flats (similar)

Tying a sweater over your shirt is a great way to elevate your look and add a chic touch. Plus, if you need a layer later, you’ve got one nearby. Style and function!

Bonus points for a print like stripes to add a pop of interest, yet anything you have in your wardrobe can work.

10. T-Shirt Under Silk Scarf Worn as a Top

t-shirt (sold out, similar) | pants | scarf (similar) | bag

Want a stylish summer outfit or something to wear on holiday? Try wearing a silk scarf over your t-shirt!

You can get the same idea of this stylish warm weather outfit idea, wearing a scarf as a shirt, without having to bare it all.

11. T-Shirt Under Sweater Vest

t-shirt (sold out, similar) | pants (similar) | shoes | sweater vest (similar)

Come fall and winter, it’s sweater season. And that includes sweater vests. The go-to way to wear a sweater vest is with a long-sleeved shirt or button-down underneath, and though those are great ways, try something different by wearing a simple t-shirt underneath instead.

It’s casual and simple, yet depending on how you style the rest of your look, it’s polished too!

12. T-Shirt With Suspenders

t-shirt (sold out, similar) | jeans | flats (similar) | suspenders

Okay, so you may not have a pair of suspenders laying around, but it’s certainly a new way to wear a t-shirt! Chanel has a pair of suspenders for women and I was inspired by the masculine meets feminine style.

Even if you don’t have suspenders, how else could you use your “costume” pieces for a day-to-day look? Do you have a silk scarf from a 1950’s costume? Wear it around your neck or wrist. Fringed earrings from a bohemian costume? Throw them on. A long pearl necklace from a flapper costume? Loop it around your neck. If you want to freshen up your wardrobe basics, pair them with unconventional things.

13. T-Shirt Under Collar Sweater

t-shirt (sold out, similar) | jeans | sweater

This simple layering tip adds just enough interest to an outfit to make it look as if you put in some effort. Plus, it’s practical, because it adds a useful layer of warmth in the cooler weather.

This is a great everyday look for spring, fall, and winter.

14. T-Shirt With Shorts and Boots

t-shirt (sold out, similar) | shorts (similar) | boots | bag

This unexpected outfit pairing reads preppy fall chic. The gloves were a last-minute addition, inspired by one of Demi Lovato’s music videos from 2008.

Want to create a fresh and stylish look? Mix different pieces from the different seasons into your outfit.

15. T-Shirt With a Side Tuck

t-shirt (sold out, similar) | jeans | boots

Last but not least, here’s one of the simplest ways to style your t-shirt and make it feel a little bit new: the tuck!

Whether it’s a front tuck, side tuck, half tuck, or full tuck, this extremely easy styling tip can make your outfit feel just a little bit cooler. The perfect way to take it up a notch? Layer your necklaces and throw on some hoops.

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These 15 white t-shirt outfit ideas are just the beginning when it comes to new ways to style your basics.

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