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6 Best Ballet Flats for Travel (Your Feet Will Thank You)

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Having a large collection of high heels is nice until you have to travel long distances. One thing that you need in your shoe closet is a solid pair of comfortable footwear for your travel needs! If you are skeptical that you won’t find a pair of comfy flats that are both fashionable and practical — you are not the only one.

When most people think of comfortable footwear – the first words that come to mind are “boring” or “ugly.” However, there are a ton of stylish flats. Specifically, a pair of ballet flats will give you great support! They have a classic style and the best part is that they are perfect for long days.

You may find a cute pair of flats only to find out they are a shoe that will give you foot pain. So when shopping for the best ballet flats for travel, it is important to look for one with good arch support and a cushioned insole.

Secondly, comfortable ballet flats should be durable enough for everyday wear. Thirdly, the best flats should not require you to “break them in.” According to experts, a pair of comfortable flats should be easy to slip in when you first wear them.

If you need help finding the best ballet flats for travel, we have the best flat shoes that will tick all your boxes. Whether you need comfortable travel shoes for walking on the cobblestone streets of Paris or simple driving shoes, below you will find the best ballet flats for travel.

1. Tory Burch Minnie Travel Ballet Flat

Say “hello” to your new favorite flats. They are the perfect versatile option for all your fashion needs. You can dress them up for special occasions with a dress and dress them down with skinny jeans.

And in terms of comfort, these ballet flats are the best option for long travels. They have a 4.7/5-star rating for a good reason. The shoes have a soft leather upper that is gentle on the skin.

Another important feature of these classic ballet flats is the super comfortable foam cushioning. Additionally, they have soft napa leather in the inner lining for extra comfort. Also, it has a rubber sole for added flexibility.

It arrives in different colors as well! You can either choose a royal tan or a “perfect black.”

Even though the ballet flats are pricey, they are worth the investment. Buying cheap ballet flats frequently may seem like an affordable option, but they don’t last very long, so you will always buy a new pair. Over time, you will find that you’ve spent over $100 on multiple flats.

Plus, low-quality ballet flats tend to leave the feet with blisters.

What women love about these ballet flats:Perfect travel shoes. I needed a cute, stylish, versatile shoe to take when traveling, and these are perfect! I got the brown one which goes with everything – jeans, pants, skirts. They are comfortable and were able to wear them all day without pain…

2. Women’s Allbirds Tree Breezers

This shoe brand is well known for its sustainable sneakers, but did you know they have comfortable cute flats? The Allbirds Tree Breezer ballet flats are an excellent choice for traveling.

The sweet foam soles made from sustainably grown sugar cane make them comfortable flat shoes for everyday wear. And with the silky smooth and cozy in-sole, you will feel like you are wearing house shoes.

These comfy shoes come in limited edition colors like lilac and red. However, if you prefer neutral colors, there are classic colors too.

What women love about these ballets flats: “I love them. These ballet flats are so comfortable! I have bunions on both feet, yet the flats soothingly hug my feet. They stay on, but my bunions don’t feel a thing. I bought basic black, which goes with everything. I’ll be bringing them along whenever I travel.

3. Hush Puppies Chaste Ballet

You can always depend on Hush Puppies to offer a good pair of flats. The rubber outsole on these chaste ballet flats provides extra traction and durability. Thanks to the lightweight materials, these ballet flats are great shoes for all-day comfort.

This supportive shoe also boasts a cushioned triangle footbed that conforms to the way you walk. It is also the perfect shoe because it has a wide fit and slim fit option.

What women love about these ballet flats: “I’ve wanted true ballet flats forever but have extra wide feet. These are so nice. Comfortable, flexible ballet flats French women would love.”

4. Sam Edelman Felicia Ballet Flat

These Sam Edelman ballet flats are not just nice shoes to look at — they are also the best ballet travel flats for walking. Trust me, you will not want to take them off!

The shoe has a rounded toe will ensure that your toes won’t be squashed. Plus, these pair of shoes have a padded leather insole that keeps you light on your feet. They are also a great option because of the classic look of the flats. You can reach for these shoes all-year-round without feeling like you are wearing unfashionable footwear.

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What women love about these flats: “I love the Felicia flat. It is my most worn shoe by a long shot. It conforms to my foot and is easy to match with any outfit (and they’re lightweight, so great for travel!) I also love the extended sizing!! I have lost count of how many pairs I have bought. Probably 3-4 each of black and light tan.

5. Cole Haan Cloudfeel All-Day Ballet Flat

This Cole Haan ballet flat combines style, practicality, and comfort. As the name suggests, these comfortable dressy flats will offer you a cloud-like experience when traveling. This will be music to your ears especially if you’ve had bad travel experiences with uncomfortable shoes.

The ballet flats feature a good quality rubber outsole for traction. So you don’t need to worry about slipping. It also boasts a dainty bow that gives the dress shoe a chic touch.

What women love about these flats:The flats combine the best of all worlds—support for my injured back with rubber soles that provide the security I need (having had a bad slip-and-fall off a bus ramp a while ago) and the lovely feminine design that I want when wearing dresses and skirts.

6. Grace Piper Black Leather

A pair of Clarks is what you need to add to your shoe collection. The Grace piper ballet flats, in particular, are a good option.

It has a small heel which means that you will not have a hard time walking in them during your travels. Additionally, the cushion plus technology offers targeted cushioning, meaning that you can walk comfortably longer.

What women love about these flats:I was looking for a new pair of black flats to wear to work. These are, by far, the most comfortable pair of flats I’ve ever owned. Where most flats tend to start rubbing at my heel and ankles, these are buttery smooth, and never hurt my feet. I went back and bought them in navy, too. I’d highly recommend these for anyone looking for a pair of classic-looking comfortable flats.

Whenever you are traveling, you will need the best ballet travel flats to keep you looking fashion-forward and of course, comfortable. And one of these six picks will do just exactly that!

Now that you’ve found the best travel flats, it’s time to find a travel purse to keep your belongings secure.

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