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Best Travel Purses for Europe That Check Off All Your Boxes

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Now that travel restrictions to Europe have been lifted — that holiday you planned for 2020 no longer has to be a distant memory. It is the perfect time to cancel that staycation and invest in some stylish and practical purses for your next trip to Europe. Dust off that old travel purse and stock up on some brand-new bags to celebrate the borders finally opening again.

Picking the best travel purse for your Europe trip is crucial. Choose a bag that doesn’t have enough space, and you will be left holding your sunscreen, travel documents, and portable phone charger in your hand all day. Pick a purse that has a lack of security features and, you will have your essentials stolen by annoying pickpockets.

To find a good travel purse you will need to consider the following factors while shopping:


During international travel, you will need a purse that has plenty of room to easily fit all of your important things like your mobile phone, passport, wallet, hotel keys, snacks, sunglasses, etc.

The best travel handbags have useful features like a large main compartment, credit card slots, side pockets, and multiple organization pockets to help you store your valuable items. It allows you to have quick and easy access to your cash, ID, and passports while you stand in line at the airport or trying to hurriedly get money to buy museum tickets.


Heavy purses with uncomfortable shoulder straps can strain your back and are very hard to carry. You need to think about getting a lightweight travel purse with an adjustable shoulder strap for maximum travel convenience. As a general rule of thumb, your travel purse should not weigh more than 10% of your body weight. So when you are looking for the ideal lightweight travel purse, search for one that weighs far less than that.


If you would like to travel carefree without worrying about your valuables getting stolen, consider looking for an anti-theft purse. The best travel purses for Europe should have anti-theft features to ward off pickpockets. Safety features like a lock security hook, slash-proof straps, RFID blocking technology is what your travel purse needs.


Are you a fashionista that doesn’t want to compromise your style for a reliable travel purse? opt for a bag that will look good with your vacation outfits.

A stylish crossbody bag, for example, will not only allow you to easily go hands-free while you eat gelato and snap photos — but it will be the perfect accessory for any vacation look.

Whether you are traveling to Milan or Greece– there is a myriad of the best travel purses for Europe. We scoured through Amazon and handpicked 6 travel-friendly purses that range from sophisticated waterproof bags to sleek anti-theft bags. Scroll on to find the perfect travel purse to meet all your travel needs!

Best Travel Purses For Theft Protection

Pickpocketing is a common problem that tourists encounter during their Europe trip. Every year thousands of tourists fall victim to this crime. Tourist attractions such as Trevi Fountain in Italy, and the Eiffel Tower in Paris are prime pickpocketing spots.

I’m sure you do not want to have your vacation ruined by spending most of your time trying to cancel your credit cards, finding alternative ways to access your money, or replacing your passports. Luckily, Travelon and Pacsafe have made it easy to protect yourself from becoming a pickpocketing victim. These brands have a high four-star rating on Amazon, so you can be assured that you will have the best travel purses for Europe.

Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Slim Dbl Zip Crossbody Bag, Black, 9 x 10.5 x

A Travelon bag is a great option for your upcoming getaway. This best-selling, anti-theft travel purse has a classic slim design, slash-proof fabric on the side, and bottom panels. It also features a cut-proof adjustable strap that will let you roam around villages and cities hands-free with ease.

You can relax your grip on your purse and enjoy carefree security because your personal items will be secured by the interior pockets that feature RFID blocking slots. And the lockable zippers are guaranteed to keep your important items away from pickpockets.

Boasting an impressive 4.6 rating, this anti-theft Travelon bag arrives in a variety of colors: purple, blue, nutmeg — as well as fun patterns like flower print and geo tile that will inject some whimsical personality into your vacation outfits. Did we mention that this bag also fits a water bottle? it has a mesh zippered pocket in the front that allows you to carry small beverages.

What women are saying: “I was going to Rome on a business trip and I was a bit suspicious of all the stories of pickpocketing there, so I decided to be proactive and get this purse. This was one smart purchase!! This purse is sturdy and holds so much! I put a GoPro with a grip, a portable battery for my iPhone, a WIFI hotspot in it and I still had room for more! The clips used to secure the zippers are brilliant. It is comfortable and nice-looking, and the way it is designed with two zippered pouches outside, and once inside is great. Nothing can replace being aware of your surroundings; in a crowded place like Rome you can’t help but be bumped and get pickpocketed, but this purse gave me the confidence I would not be a victim. This is now my go-to travel purse.

Pacsafe Women’s Daysafe Anti-Theft Slim Crossbody Bag

Can’t wait to take strolls between coffee shops, boutiques, and tourist attractions? to truly make sure you have a fun time — you’re going to need Pacasafe’s anti-theft bag to keep all your personal belongings from getting stolen. It has a near-perfect rating on Amazon for a reason: It is the best purse to give you peace of mind while you enjoy exploring Europe’s most walkable cities. Another added bonus of this crossbody bag is that it comes with slash guards built into the most vulnerable areas that are targeted by pickpockets.

What women are saying: “This little bag kept my stuff secure on a trip to Europe – we visited a ton of pickpocket-y destinations. It looks like a regular bag, but the zipper locks are great and the anti-slash material gave me some extra peace of mind (although I didn’t see anyone’s purses being slashed anyway). Nothing broke and the extra compartments are great for holding wallets, passports, etc. I’ll definitely keep this bag for future trips.

Best waterproof Travel purses

Does your international trip involve going to European countries with unpredictable weather? then you will want to invest in some water-resistant purses to keep your valuable items from getting wet.

Baggallini Water Resistant Crossbody Purse

Retailing at an affordable price of $48.00, this lightweight and water-resistant bag boasts an RFID-protected pouch. This means that your travel documents and credit cards are safe from hackers trying to swipe your personal information remotely. Alongside the great security features are plenty of interior pockets to house your essentials.

What women are saying: “Love Baggalini, this is my 2nd purse from them and I’ll always buy their purses. The blue color is so lovely and just what I was looking for. Perfect for not just travel but every day busy life. Love the size of this purse, not to big and not too small, all the pockets and compartments help keep me organized and things easy to find. Straps are adjustable and very comfortable cross body or on one shoulder. The removable RFID pouch works great as a tiny purse. I will put phone chapstick and cards in there when I’m hiking or just don’t want to carry a purse around. If you have a lot of stuff to carry maybe go with a larger baggalini, but for me this one is perfect!

The Best Lightweight travel purses

Planning on spending long days on your feet, exploring towns and villages? I suggest that you get the perfect bag that isn’t too heavy to carry.

SG SUGU Lunar Lightweight Medium Dome Crossbody Bag Shoulder Bag with Tassel

This pretty and lightweight Deluxecity bag comes in different color options in one or two tones — pink, yellow, and red. The faux leather material and the gold hardware adds a luxe finish to this practical yet stylish bag. This pick weighs 0.55 pounds and boasts a crossbody design — making it the ideal travel bag.

What women are saying: “The crossbody bag was advertised as being lightweight and it is just that. This was not too big and not too small with plenty of space on the inside of the bag. On the inside, there is a small open pocket on one side and a zippered pocket on the other with more than enough depth in between. Plus, there is a long zippered pocket on one side on the outside and another deeper pocket on the other outside area. The color I purchased has a light color on the inside of the bag which makes it easier to see when you don’t have much light. Very pleased with the purchase and it seems to be well made. The price was extremely reasonable also.

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The Best Stylish Everyday Travel Purse

A fancy trip to Europe deserves an expensive-looking travel purse to accompany you around the stylish streets.

Jeniulet Leather Top Handle Satchel Shoulder Tote Bag

Your everyday travel purse doesn’t have to be boring and basic. This insanely chic tote bag can take you from the airport, hotel, to your favorite tourist attractions. And since it’s only under $30, how could you say no? Made from PU leather with polyester lining, the tote bag is durable and fashionable. Another great feature is the main compartments: a middle zipper pocket and two small side pockets which are big enough to hold small items like a cell phone, wallet, and an iPad mini. So, if you are looking for a travel purse for everyday use, this tote bag has got you covered.

What women are saying: ‘Nice size handbag to carry around but still plenty of room to separate everything you carry. Nice colour, navy blue with pretty little attachment. I will possibly buy another in a different colour. Really well made, a five star ? buy, I love it ?.

The Best Travel Purse for Organisation

For all the organised travellers that like to keep their essentials perfectly arranged, a travel purse with multiple compartments is an excellent choice!

Dagne Dover Epic Crossbody Bag

If organization is a priority for you, this sleek crossbody bag from Dagne will be a good choice. It has a roomy interior and features three card slots.

Do you happen to be a lip gloss addict as well? then you are going to love the two lip gloss holders!

What women are saying: “I love this bag, it’s perfect for being on-the-go. It’s the perfect size, not too big and can hold the essentials. I love the loops for chapstick/lipgloss/etc., and I often use the clips of the straps to also hold certain things like my mask.

Finding the best travel purses for Europe can be tricky — not because there are zero options available, but because there are many. However, with our top picks, you are guaranteed to find the best travel companion.

On top of having the perfect travel purse, a travel duffel bag is a vacay must-have as well!

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Best travel Purses for Europe


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