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Exploring the Art Deco District in Miami

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Whether you’re leaving to go on a cruise from Miami or you’re visiting but don’t have a lot of time to spare, what should you do? Go to the Art Deco District, of course!

Also known as the Architectural District, The Art Deco District is in the south beach neighborhood with over 900 historic buildings in this area. Fun fact: Gianni Versace used to live here!

It’s about a 15-minute drive to/from the cruise port, so it’s a great area to check out and have a mini-adventure before embarking on your bigger adventure!

Get there early and you’ll beat the crowds, of course. There are tons of local cafes for you to have breakfast at too. Or if you “like what you know”, there are well-known names like Starbucks as well.

In just our few short hours there we still managed to pack in a bunch of photos (but are you even surprised?) and hopefully, they give you a glimpse into what the Art Deco district is like.

Colorful buildings. Interesting details. Cute decor…you name it! Think retro and fabulous. But enough talking from me. I want the pictures to do the talking!

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Miami was the start and end of our cruise journey and I’ve still got more travel content headed your way! In the meantime, check out our adventures in Half Moon Cay and Nassau!

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